Who Is Batdad & What Does He Do For A Living After Divorce From His Wife?

Before Vine went offline, it provided the means for several people to make their name as social media stars. In fact, a considerable number of present-day YouTube stars emigrated from Vine and BatDad is one of the many characters that had extreme popularity in the Vine days. Learn more about the man behind this character including facts about his love life, wealth, and what have you.

Who Is BatDad?

BatDad, which is the character played by a man named Blake Wilson was famous for his adaptation of the iconic comic book character into modern parenting. On Vine, he had over 3 million subscribers and regularly recorded several millions of views for his videos.

Since the cross to YouTube, he hasn’t maintained his grip on fame but he still commands a large presence. The BatDad character came into existence on the 1st of August, 2013 but the man behind the videos, Blake Wilson, was born on the 20th of December 1983. It is said that he was born in Georgia.

Unlike Blake Wilson whose background is mostly unknown and has remained unknown since he became a popular figure in 2013, the public has witnessed everything about the BatDad character.

BatDad started off as a $10 investment made by Blake Wilson during a routine shopping trip with his family. While shopping for toys, he saw the Batman mask and just as soon as he got into the car, he filmed himself playing with his children as BatDad and the decision to upload the amusing video on Vine gave birth to a character and online career that has spanned over five years.

What Does He Do For A Living?

Using the video popularized by Christian Bale, the man who played Batman in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, BatDad became the toast of parents all over the globe and fun-loving adults. The continued uploading of his videos as BatDad quickly earned him over 3.5 million subscribers on Vine.

Following the end of Vine, which many feared would be the end of BatDad, he was able to maintain relevance via other outlets like Facebook and a YouTube channel named BatDad and Family. The channel, which came into existence in September 2013 has gone on to amass over 600 thousand subscribers and has registered several million views. Additionally, he has an Instagram page where he also has videos and has built over 1.4 million followers.

His videos often feature him playing the Batman character in his car while he and his wife go through the basic and challenging tasks of parenting. Not only do his videos make people laugh, but BatDad has further been able to reach the influencer status as his form of parenting has inspired several other people to build a similar relationship with their children.

What Is BatDad’s Net Worth?

With over 600 thousand subscribers on YouTube and several million in views for his uploaded videos, BatDad is most definitely in place to earn some big bucks in advertising revenue from YouTube. Aside from that, the YouTuber has his own merchandise which is sold on his website. A combination of this, along with personal sponsorship and endorsement offers has earned him an estimated net worth of $250,000.

BatDad’s Wife And The Sad Announcement Of Their Divorce 

Being the wife of an internet star can have its downsides but for a long time, it has been a joy for Jen Wilson who is married to Blake Wilson. Not much is known about her outside of her regular participation in the videos made by her husband of their family but she was born on the 16th of November 1982.

BatDad (Blake Wilson) with his son

Although she prefers to keep her life away from social media, she has a social media presence of her own. You will find her @jenjens22 on Instagram where she has managed to amass over 200,000 followers.

Things might still be going alright for BatDad’s social media career but not so much domestically. In March 2019, Blake Wilson confirmed that he and his wife, Jen had separated and were no longer husband and wife. The split, which was announced on social media was met with disappointment on the part of fans who had come to enjoy Jen’s role in some of the videos posted by BatDad.

Regardless, BatDad and his wife are maintaining a cordial relationship as co-parents for their children, four kids named Taylor, Kaya, Sienna, and Ben.

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