Where Is Arnelle Simpson (O.J Simpson’s Daughter) Now?

Very few are likely not to know the name, O.J Simpson. Those who are not familiar with him during his career as a sportsman should know him from what was described as the trial of the decade. His daughter Arnelle Simpson was one of the prominent faces during the investigation and trial for the murder of his wife.

Arnelle’s father, O.J, is one of the most notable personalities in American history. His fame comes from two of the things Americans are most passionate about – Football and Murder Trials. He was initially acquitted of the murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, but a civil trial later held him responsible for both deaths.

O.J has remained in the media, both in news and entertainment since then. As much as his story and personality continue to fascinate people, it leaves them wondering what’s up with his oldest child and daughter, Arnelle Simpson.

Arnelle Simpson Lives Quietly In Fresno, California

Born on the 4th of December, 1968, Arnelle is the first child of O.J Simpson and his first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley. Although she primarily makes the news in relation to her father, Arnelle has occasionally made the news for a few other reasons. She once made the news for a rumoured relationship with Tupac Shakur, and another with Shaquille O’Neal in 1995.

Other than the rumours, she has managed to keep out of the media and stay out of the limelight. Following her return to the limelight in 2017, she has since disappeared, and she is believed to be living life out of media attention in Fresno, California.

The last time she made a public appearance was in July 2017 during her father’s parole hearing where she addressed the board ahead of their decision, which ultimately handed O.J back his freedom.

What She Does for a Living Remains Uncertain

For someone who has relentlessly avoided the spotlight, it is not difficult to see why it has been impossible for people to keep up with Arnelle Simpson. What she does for a living has been a mystery, but it is said that has had a difficult time building a career because of all the controversies surrounding her father’s murder trial and incarceration.

According to what has been reported in some quarters, Arnelle took up the responsibility of raising her half-siblings after the murder of their mother Nicole Brown and the subsequent imprisonment of O.J. While at that, she reportedly worked for a rapper named Hash at some point.

Reports have it that she also produced some fashion shows. That aside, it is known that she produced several documentaries in support of her fathers. One of the most notable was titled O.J.: Trial of the Century. In addition to that, she was seen in docu-films like O.J. Simpson Chasing Freedom and O.J.: Made in America. The latter was a successful effort that among other awards, received a Primetime Emmy and an Academy Award.

Disregarding the foregoing, Arnelle Simpson took charge of her father’s estate as the caretaker.

Arnelle Reportedly Squandered Her Father’s Wealth 

While Arnelle stood by her father all through his struggle with the law, it doesn’t mean the relationship between them is perfect. Based on what we gathered, the father and daughter had their relationship tested by a financial problem. The former was reportedly unhappy with the latter or mismanaging his fortune.

As stated earlier, Arnelle Simpson became the caretaker of O.J. Simpson’s estate after his incarceration, and she failed to manage it properly. Several sources have it that O.J.’s Florida mansion had about $3,000 a month mortgage. That wasn’t supposed to be a problem as the former American footballer had an NFL pension that paid $25,000 per month. Still, Arnelle failed to meet up with payments and lost the mansion.

Even though Arnelle blamed O.J.’s legal fees for the financial misfortune, it is claimed that her spending habit did much of the damage. According to reports, she wouldn’t stop shopping and relentlessly spent money on her friends.

How Much Is She Worth Now?

Arnelle Simpson
Arnelle Simpson and her father, O.J Simpson

Although she hasn’t been known for any particular profession, Arnelle Simpson has always enjoyed a comfortable life as the daughter of a superstar NFL player. Before the trial (in 1992), her father O.J was worth over $10 million.

However, his divorce and the trial caused a major depletion in his net worth, and he is believed to be worth only $3 million now. As for Arnelle, her net worth is unknown.

Arnelle Simpson and Her Father are on Good Terms

There are several reasons why the daughter of a celebrity shares and retains the popularity of their parent. For some, it is the decision to join their parent’s profession and continue in their legacy. Rarely would you find a celebrity daughter who is famous because she decided to stand by her father against an accusation of murder, yet that is Arnelle’s Simpson story.

Although the relationship between O.J. and Arnelle broke down over the years after his sentencing, with accusations of Arnelle’s mismanagement of his estate, Arnelle was present to provide an emotional testimony for O.J. Simpson during his parole hearing in 2017. There are no reasons to suspect that the father and daughter are not on good terms. Considering how Arnelle supported O.J., it makes sense that the latter has forgiven her for squandering his wealth.

Very little was known of Arnelle Simpson until she became a prominent face in her father’s trial in 1994. She lived a relatively quiet life away from the media until she became the leading light that stood for O.J. Simpson against a nation that mostly considered him guilty of killing his wife. During the trial, Arnelle gave testimonies in support of her father, most of which were emotional and were considered to have played a significant role in acquitting her father of the heinous crime he was accused of.

She provided the necessary support for her father during the trial; after the trial, she also helped correct his public image, encouraging him to publish a book titled If I Did It in 2007.

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