Aren Marcus Jackson – 6 Things About Tia Maria Torres Husband

There are so many celebrities who have been convicted for felonies. While some are rightfully convicted, others are convicted for the crimes they know nothing about. However, the likes of Aren Marcus Jackson falls under the former category. Aren is an American convicted felon, famously known as the husband of the reality TV star, Tia Maria Torres. Tia is renowned for being the star of the Animal Planet show, Pit Bulls & Parolees.

The couple has a unique love story and their relationship began back in the ’80s. Despite Aren’s constant run-ins with the law, the couple has continued to fight to keep the flames of their relationship burning. Here, we have gathered six lesser-known facts about Tia Torres’ husband. Find out all you need to know about him below.

6 Things about Tia Maria Torres Husband – Aren Marcus Jackson

Aren Marcus Jackson
Aren Marcus Jackson and Tia (Image Source)

1. Aren Marcus Jackson Has a Troubled Childhood

Jackson was born and raised in the United States; however, there is a dearth of information regarding his birthday, month and year. According to sources, Tia Torres’ husband had a tumultuous childhood and was said to be a very stubborn child. He has been having constant loggerheads with the law since his childhood and it never stopped even in his adult age. Aren has been arrested for different crimes in the past including attempted murder, possession of illegal firearms, violating parole, stealing cars, and burglary, among many other things.

2. His Educational Background

Aren Marcus Jackson might have attended high school but there is no much information available regarding that. Looking at his long history of battling with the law, it is not known if he also attended college. More so, there is no information as regards his career or what he does for a living. He came into the limelight through his short-lived marriage with the Animal Planet star, Tia Maria Torres.

3. He Got Hitched to Tia Maria Torres in 2006

When you are in love they say, nothing else matters most. So is the story of Aren Marcus Jackson and Tia Maria Torres, who met each other during the late ‘80s. As the story goes, Tia was trying to track down the owner of a lost dog and it turns out the owner was Aren. At the time, Aren was serving a sentence in a California prison. Afterward, the pair became pen pals which culminated into a distance relationship.

Soon after Aren was released in the year 2006, the couple sealed their love with a nuptial bond in the same year. However, little did they know that their love couldn’t stand the test of time as Aren was yet again arrested for alleged involvement in an auto burglary in 2007.

4. He was Convicted of Multiple Felonies in 2007

While their marriage soared, Jackson also had a fall out with the law in the year 2007.  He was allegedly convicted of 11 felonies including theft, unlawful taking of a vehicle, second-degree burglary, and attempted murder. Even though he pleaded not guilty to all eleven count charges, he was found guilty by a court and was sentenced to serve 15 years and 8 months in a California prison. According to reports, his prison sentence will end in 2022.

5. Aren Marcus Jackson’s Daughter and Children

Although there are no much details regarding Aren Marcus Jackson’s relationship with Tia Torres, it is quite imperative to note that these two have a daughter named Mariah Torres. There is no much information about Mariah, including when and where she was born. However, it is known that she is also involved in the family’s Pit Bull facility where she helps her mom and other siblings.

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Prior to their marriage, Tia already had a daughter named Tania from her previous relationship. More so, she adopted a set of twin named Kanani and Keli’I Chock from Hawaii. All her children are involved in running their ranch and also stars in the Animal Planet show, Pit Bulls & Parolees. While her daughters are involved in the main operation of the business, the twins bring comic relief to the ranch. The twins’ ability to work with the most difficult dogs makes them even more unique and valuable.

6. Tia Torres Once Said that She and Aren are Divorced

Aren Marcus Jackson
Tia Torres (Image Source)

While it is no news that Tia Maria Torres is the better half of Aren Marcus Jackson, the reality TV star recently revealed that she and Aren are no longer together. She made this revelation via a post she uploaded on Facebook saying that she and Aren went their separate ways over 10 years ago. However, since their divorce is still unofficial, we are yet to confirm if this is true or not.

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