Who Is Andy Bassich? – Truths About His Ex-Wife, Abuse Allegations And Divorce From Kate Rorke

Ever seen the documentary series titled Life Below Zero commenced airing on May 19, 2013, Andy Bassich, who is the notable face behind the documentary has drawn a lot of attention to himself. The television sensation has lived in the Alaskan wilderness for over a decade exploring the region and showcasing the lifestyle of people living in the cold Alaskan region. The documentary also goes on to show the extremely harsh conditions and the struggles the Alaskan people go through to survive. The severe weather conditions and dangers Bassich has endured place him on the list of the bravest men in history. However, due to his somewhat private life, many outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts have little or no knowledge about his background and how he got to be where he’s today.

Andy Bassich’s Early Life Prepared Him For A Bright Future In Alaska

The birth details of the Life Below Zero star are in a way sketchy due to the multiple accounts available online. Some accounts place the location of Andy’s birth as Alaska while some others say he was born in Washington D.C. We cannot speak to the authenticity of any of these reports but what we do know is that the acclaimed musher was born in 1959 somewhere in the United States of America.

The outdoor specialist is relatively educated at least up to high school level. He is believed to have attended the prestigious John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien, Washington D.C. It was while at high school that he picked up both carpentry and cabinet making skills. Andy’s family experienced a lot of financial difficulties throughout his development phase. He was affected in no small way by his family’s plight as it prevented him from proceeding to college.

In a bid to support himself and his family, Bassich took up work as a carpenter. He also learned how to hunt as a teenager which was a plus for his survival skills. The television personality decided to relocate to Alaska in pursuit of greener pastures. He did all manner of menial jobs in order to survive. Andy began working as a musher shortly after he arrived in Alaska.

Sadly, disaster struck in the summer of 2009 as the Yukon River overflooded its banks. The devastating flood swept away Bassich’s properties including his house and some of his valuables. The tragedy forced him to move to Washington D.C for a while and when he eventually returned to Alaska, he was approached by the showrunners of Life Below Zero to feature as the host of the documentary series.

His appearance on the popular television show propelled Andy into the limelight. The television documentary, since its inception on National Geographic Channel on May 19, 2013, has run for 14 seasons. The show has also received a lot of acclaim and recognition including a Primetime Emmy Award. The documentary series features on its cast list the likes of Sue Aikens, Chip Hailstone, Agnes Hailstone, Jessie Holmes, Erik Salitan, and Glenn Villeneuve.

Bassich relocated from the Yukon River axis into the Alaskan wilderness where he constructed his own house using locally sourced raw materials. Andy also started a dog mushing school that has about 30 sled dogs. The skilled musher grows his foods, hunts his meat, and brews his own drink. He is also credited to have taught himself basic survivor skills including how to make bullets, knives, and build solar chambers.

Andy Bassich’s Ex-Wife Met Him As A Tourist In Alaska

andy bassich
Bassich with his ex-wife Kate (Image Source)

Bassich met his wife, Kate Rorke, for the first time in the Alaska wilderness in 2003. Kate visited the region as a tourist and encountered Andy during his time as captain of a riverboat. It was love at first sight for the duo who swiftly cemented the relationship. Not much is known about Rorke’s background except that she was born in 1956 in the United States of America. Kate’s love for the outdoors and wildlife research led her to embark on a journey to Alaska where her path crossed with Andy.

Part of the attraction for Kate was Andy’s resourcefulness in the face of adversity. She couldn’t say no to the thrills of adventures that awaited her upon marrying the musher. The lovebirds tied the nuptial knot at a private ceremony in Alaska in the presence of friends and family. The couple both starred in Life Below Zero which launched them into stardom.

The union between Bassich and Rorke produced two lovely daughters. However, not much is known about them except that the youngest daughter resides in British Columbia, Canada.

What Caused The Annulment Of The Musher’s Marriage To His Wife

Andy and his amazing wife Kate had a blissful marriage for over a decade. They hoped to grow old together and were certain it would be their fate until their relationship began to deteriorate. Fans of the celebrity couple got the news of the impending divorce on one of the episodes of Life Below Zero which was aired in 2015. Neither Kate nor Andy gave reasons as to what prompted the divorce leaving many of their fans in the dark. The divorce was finalized sometime in 2016.

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After a lot of inquisition, Kate broke the silence over the matter. She claimed that all through her marriage she had endured both physical and emotional abuse from the hands of her ex-husband. She went further to state that she opted for an annulment of their marriage after she couldn’t take it anymore. Fans of Life Below Zero were disappointed that the showrunners kept him on the documentary with all these happening at the background. However, Andy Bassich has not come out openly to deny or confirm if the allegations leveled against him by Kate are true or unfounded. Kate has decided against pressing charges against her ex-husband but after the divorce was settled, Rorke quit her role on Life Below Zero and relocated to British Columbia, Canada.

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