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Ever seen the documentary series titled Life Below Zero? The series exhibits the people living in Alaska below Zero conditions, bringing to light their daily struggles as they depend solely on themselves and what they have to survive. The documentary series premiered on National Geographic Channel on May 19, 2013, and has gained much popularity, thus, bringing the likes of Andy Bassich and his wife Kate Rorke Bassich to the limelight.

Who is Andy Bassich and How Old is He?

Andy Bassich was born in Alaska, the United States in 1959. He holds American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Andy graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 1976 where he learned carpentry and cabinet making which has helped him extensively.

Due to the harsh weather conditions, Andy and his family resort to hunting and farming in order to sustain themselves. Apparently, there are no abundant details about his family, parents, siblings, and childhood history.

During the beginning of 2009 summer, Bassich’s house was swept away by a flood from the Yukon River. The devastating flood took away all that he had including his property, houses, and his tools. After the flood, Andy moved to Washington D.C. where he stayed for a while before heading back to the Alaskan bush. At the time, he was approached by the BBC to start off the documentary series called Life Below Zero.

Bassich came into the limelight following his appearance on the documentary series. The show was first aired on the National Geographic Channel in 2013 and has completed more than four seasons to date. Through the show, Andy and other stars including Sue Aikens, Jessie Homes, and Agnes Hailstone showed the world the various struggles they face in order to make ends meet.

Andy Bassich stayed in the Yukon River for about two years before he later moved into the Alaskan Bush to start a new life. When he first got there, he started using the raw materials available to him to make an abode for himself. He also began a survival and dog mushing school having over 26 sled dogs. Andy grows and harvests all he eats, as well as, hunts and brews all that he drinks. Additionally, the man taught himself everything important for his survival including making his own bullets, solar chamber, knives, and building.

Who Is His Wife?

andy bassich
Bassich with his ex-wife Kate (Image Source)

Andy Bassich married his long-term girlfriend named Kate Rorke who adopted his last name after their wedding. Kate was born in the United States in 1956. She developed a keen interest in carrying out research and after her education; she went to Alaska where she stayed for twelve years carrying out a research. Andy met Kate in Dawson City, Alaska a long time ago. After several years of successful relationship, the couple tied the knot in 2003.

The couple starred in the documentary series together from 2013 to 2016. Andy’s lifestyle was a good fit for Kate who loves adventures. Due to the freezing nature of Alaska, the couple spends most of their mornings taking hot drinks and during the day, Andy would gather firewood as well as water from the Yukon River which he uses to generate power during the night.

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Divorce from Kate Rorke Bassich

Andy and his amazing wife Kate had a blissful marriage for over a decade. They hoped for growing old together and was certain it would be their fate until their relationship began to deteriorate.

According to Kate, she had been experiencing lots of emotional and verbal abuse from her husband and it got to the point where she could not take it anymore. Kate was left with no option but to file for a divorce which saw the duo go their separate ways in 2016.

After the divorce, Kate quit her job on the Life Below Zero show and moved to British Columbia in Canada to stay with her youngest daughter. As per their children, it’s not clear how many children she had with Andy. They haven’t revealed any information about their children yet.

Meanwhile, there has been no news about these two moving on to have any form of romantic relationships. While Kate is in Canada, Andy, on the other hand, is struggling to survive the cold of Alaska.

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