These Facts Will Tell You More About Amy Johnston’s Love Life and Prove Her Success as an Actress

Being an actor is no longer about knowing how to sing and dance. The modern era has broadened the scope of prowess one has to attain before he or she can be called a veteran in the entertainment world, giving room for people to develop and hone their crafts. To such benefits, the likes of Amy Johnston were able to find their way into the entertainment industry.

Amy Johnston is an actress, stunt woman, and martial artist who has received credits for her roles in movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Suicide Squad and Deadpool, where she displayed her skills with grace. Martial arts have been part of her life since childhood but with time, she took a leap into the entertainment industry by becoming a Hollywood stunt performer and for over a decade, Johnston’s acting roles have attracted people’s interest to her personal life, especially with regards to the entertainer’s love life as well as career success.

Amy Johnston’s Acting Career Was Boosted By The Martial Arts Styles She Learned From Her Dad

Born in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, on February 5, 1990, Amy Johnston is the daughter of David Johnston known as one of the world’s kickboxing champions. Amy’s passion for martial arts was built with the help of her father who started coaching her from when she was still young and very impressionable. However, she only took the arts seriously from the age of six. The emerging movie star learned all her dad’s “progressive” martial arts styles which include a mixture of Kenpo, kung fu, taekwondo, arnis, and kickboxing.

Growing fonder with martial craft, she began to look at taking her newly found love to a professional level. Amy Johnston has even mentioned the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan among her sources of inspiration. Going more professional, the LA native tried to distinguish her skills by committing herself to more training and blending different styles that feel right for her. Besides, taking her imbibed skills in martial arts to the big screen contributed to distinguishing her as one of the best martial artists in the movie industry.

She Played Her Debut Lead On the Set Of Lady BloodFight

After she had undergone much training with her dad, the martial artist left her home Van Nuys and found her way to Hollywood at age 18. Her intention for the move was to look for work either in stunt or acting, thus, she was lucky to join the movie world in 2009.

As expected, the beautiful entertainer paid her dues on the way up the success ladder before she began receiving the lead roles. Facing the ups and downs of life as a struggling actress, her debut lead role eventually came to pass in 2016 when she came out successful in an audition for the movie Lady BloodFight where she gave expression to the character of Jane.

Her Movie Credit is Fast Becoming a Long Trail

Amy Johnston has a good number of film credits as a stunt specialist, appearing as a stuntwoman in films like Blonde Squad, Iron Man 3, DBZ: Light of Hope, and Raze. She equally did a stunt on the sets of Deadpool 1&2, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Suicide Squad. Her other movie credits include the 2016 Female Fight Squad as Rebecca, Bec, or Bex. She joined the cast of Accident Man in 2018 portraying the character of Jane The Ripper. Before the year ran out, Amy Johnston breathed life into the role of Jessica on the set of Breaking Barbi.

In television, Amy appeared in the TV sitcoms Pair of Kings, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Lucifer, Light of Hope, and Dragon Ball Z. Her short film credits include the likes of Kung Fu Femmes 4 and Angering the Gods. The series Super Power Beat Down even had her in a single episode playing the role of Harley Quinn. Amy’s work in the entertainment industry gave her the opportunity of sharing the screen with legends like James Hong and Ryan Ochoa.

Among Amy Johnston’s most recent movie projects is Paloma’s Flight – a movie released in September 2019 where she appeared as the lead character. The film was directed by Lee Stanley – a five-time Emmy award-winning director and follows the life of Paloma Ramirez – a photo-journalist who lost her spouse, a United States Navy Seal in a raid gone wrong in Afghanistan. Despite Paloma’s loss, she still went ahead to fulfill their life-long dream which involves capturing the spirit of the people as well as the adventures of exotic Mexico.

She Has Forged Other Career Paths Apart From Acting

Amy Johnston’s skills as a martial artist did not just end with the movies. The famed actress has taken her admirable prowess to social media platforms and has been quite busy with some YouTube projects involving her stunt videos. This has led to the accumulation of over 13k subscribers on the channel and still counting. Amy has also gained popularity on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The celeb entertainer can boast of over 5k following on Twitter and over 61k following on Instagram.

In recent times, she went to work with a movie production team Thousand Pounds Action Company which specializes in martial arts action films. She is equally an author with one publication to her credit. Her book, How to Stunt in Hollywood chronicles all the interviews she carried out on many Hollywood stunt stars with the aim of training young people who have dreams of becoming a stunt person in the movies.

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Amy Johnston’s Is Enjoying An Enduring Relationship With Zac Morris

Amy Johnston and her boyfriend Zac – Image Source

Questions about Amy Johnston’s private life have recently dominated the media. Amy is not yet married but she is on her way to becoming a wife to her long-time boyfriend, Zac Morris. Though it is not clear when the two first met, they got engaged on November 10, 2017. The actress announced the news about her engagement on her Instagram page with a picture showing Zac kissing her ring finger

However, it has been deduced from another Instagram post that surfaced when Amy was celebrating her 10-year anniversary with Morris that their dalliance took-off in 2009. The month following her engagement, the actress went to spend some time at her fiancé’s place and as usual, she posted pictures of them spending quality time together. Meanwhile, the couple is yet to give updates about their relationship status.

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