What You Didn’t Know About Amelia Heinle and Her Failed Marriages

The Young and the Restless TV show has been in existence since 1973, with several actors and actresses taking on different characters. Amelia Heinle joined the cast in 2005, playing the character of Victoria Newman. The CBS soap opera is just one of the several shows Amelia Heinle has had a chance to express her talents on.

Her role on the show has won her a couple of awards alongside a reputation as one of the prominent members of the American soap opera sphere. In addition, Heinle’s appearance and exceptional performances on the show have raised fans’ curiosity over what her real-life personality actually looks like.

Who Exactly Is Amelia Heinle?

Amelia Heinle is an American actress who gained prominence featuring in several soap operas. She was born on the 17th of March 1973, in Phoenix, Arizona, as Amelia March Heinle.

The first child of her parents, Amelia grew up in Phoenix along with her four siblings who came after her. Her parents, however, relocated the family to New Jersey when she was 15. Aside from her family surname, Amelia has identified with the last names Weatherly and Luckinbill.

Unlike so many actors and actresses who are professionals in the field, Amelia Heinle never grabbed a university degree in acting or any related field. In fact, it is widely believed that the talented actress never went to college, considering the young age at which she began her acting career.

Important But Lesser-known Facts About Heinle’s Acting Career

Heinle officially debuted on the acting scene at the age of 20 with a role on the ABC soap opera, Loving. She joined the cast of the show in 1993, playing the character of Stephanie Brewster until the end of the series in 1995. The same year, Amelia reprised her Loving role in a short series titled The City. Following her role in The City, Heinle’s career witnessed a slowdown. The actress landed no film role until 1997 when she began appearing in the first of many television films that have defined her career as a television actress so far.

Between 1997 and 2001, she appeared in a total of six TV films, with notables like Purgatory and Earth vs. the Spider. After her run of television films ended in 2001, she took a role as Mia Saunders in All My Children, a television series that ran from 2001 to 2004. Notably a daytime television actress, Amelia’s only cross over into primetime television was an appearance in an episode of CSI: Miami as Elizabeth Corbett. Till date, the television actress has starred in a total of thirteen TV projects.

On the side of movies, Amelia hasn’t made as many appearances as she has on television. The Arizona-born actress has to her name, four credits in film with three of them being feature-length. Her most recent film is the 2003 short film, Another Night.

Amelia Heinle’s Big Break and Current Net Worth

The actress landed the role that shot her to the limelight in 2005. That was the year she began starring as Victoria Newman in The Young and the Restless, a popular American soap opera that has been running on the CBS Network since 1973. Heinle replaced Heather Tom who portrayed the younger (teenage) Newman. For her exceptional performance of the ruthless character, Heinle has so far received two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

With over 25 years of experience as a professional actress, it is no surprise that Amelia Heinle has a significant net worth that represents the years she has spent working hard in front of the camera. The actress reportedly earns a monthly revenue of $400 thousand and currently has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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Exploring The Actress’s Unsuccessful Marital Life

Amelia Heinle
Amelia, her former husband, Thad Luckinbill and their children

Unlike her career which has apparently been smooth running, Amelia Heinle’s marital life has not been without issues. The actress’s love life could well be described as unsuccessful, considering the fact that she has already been in and out of two marriages. A closer look at her marital life tells us more.

Amelia Heinle and Michael Weatherly

The television show, Loving, is notable to Amelia for being her debut show onscreen, but it is also significant to the actress for being the show where she met her first husband, Michael Weatherly. Michael who also works as a producer, director and musician is most popular for his starring role on the CBS procedural drama, NCIS from 2003 to 2016.

Amelia and Michael began as co-stars, subsequently became friends, and eventually married in 1995, precisely on the 26th of September. Unfortunately, just like the show where they met, the marriage did not last as the couple divorced in November 1997.

Marriage with Thad Luckinbill

Ten years after her divorce from Weatherly, Heinle decided to give marriage a second try. She, therefore, tied the knot with The Young and Restless co-star, Thaddeus Luckinbill in March 2007. The duo who married and split on the aforementioned show later co-starred in Ghost Whisperer (2009).

Alongside being an actor, Luckinbill is also a American producer. He is a co-founder/owner of the Black Label Media, a production company that has worked on numerous popular films, including The Good Lie (2014) and Demolition (2015). Luckinbill also worked as an executive producer on the popular 2016 romantic musical, La La Land.

Although it has also hit the rocks, Amelia Heinle’s second marriage lasted far longer than the first. It was a ten-year union which unfortunately ended in 2017 after Luckinbill filed for divorce on March 1 of same year, citing irreconcilable differences. As of the time of writing this article, however, the duo is yet to obtain the divorce. They also seem to maintain a cordial relationship as Amelia recently wished Thad a happy birthday on Instagram.

How Many Kids Does The TV Actress Have?

Amelia Heinle has three children from her two marriages. With her first husband, Michael Weatherly, she had a son named August Weatherly. He was born on 10th January 1996.

She later welcomed two other children, a son and a daughter with her second husband, Thad Luckinbill. While the first, Thaddeus Rowe Luckinbill was born on 2nd November 2007, the second, Georgia March Luckinbill was born on 17th December 2009.

Following her two failed marriages, Amelia Heinle has remained single. She appears to be focusing on raising her kids alongside building her career.

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