What Happened To Alysha Del Valle And Does She Have A Boyfriend Or Husband?

Always full of life and very high-spirited, Alysha Del Valle is an American reporter and TV anchor who is renowned for being very bubbly and enthusiastic in her approach to news delivery. Over the years, she has become quite prominent in California especially in Los Angeles, the city in which she works as a traffic reporter for a TV station.

Having worked in several radio and TV media outfits in California over the years, Alysha Del Valle is now attached to NBC4 otherwise known as WRC-TV, an NBC owned-and-operated television station licensed to the American capital city of Washington, District of Columbia.

Alysha Del Valle Biography & Age

Alysha Del Valle was born on the 27th day of July in 1972. Her birthplace has been identified as Los Angeles, the city in California which is considered to be the center of America’s film and television industry. Even though she is clearly an American woman, it is noteworthy that Alysha Del Valle also has Mexican roots because she was born into a Mexican-American household.

The identity of her father has been revealed to be Leo Valle and her mother’s name has been revealed as Linda Perez Valle. Alysha has a sister, identified only as Julie, with whom she grew up in Los Angeles. The family shares a strong bond. Alysha has often explained that her father and mother helped her become more appreciative of her Mexican background by always teaching her about the cultures in Mexico. As she grew up, she became very proud of her Mexican heritage, never missing the yearly celebration of Mexican Independence Day.

Growing up, Alysha Del Valle was described as a very bubbly person. She loved to talk and this often got her in trouble because she could not stop talking in class even when the teacher was around. But, she was very smart and usually came top of her class. In fact, according to sources, she graduated top of her class at her high school and consequently got an academic scholarship to study at the University of Southern California, a private university which is located in Los Angeles.

Alysha had always wanted to become a journalist. She knew that she had the skills and was blessed with the gift of smooth talking and this informed the choice of what she studied in school. She studied Communications at the University of Southern California and graduated in 1994 with a BA Honors degree in Communications. Following her graduation, she proceeded to pursue a career in journalism.

Her Journalism Career

Alysha Del Valle has worked with both radio and TV in the course of her career. She started out by landing a job with Fox 11 News also known as KTTV, a television station in Los Angeles. At first, she worked on the Assignment Desk at the station but later grew through the ranks and started covering some local human-interest stories from the field. This really boosted her confidence because of the experiences she had.

Alysha soon left Fox 11 News and landed a job with KIIS FM, a commercial FM radio station which is licensed to Los Angeles. At KIIS FM, Alysha had her own segment called On The Streets with Alysha, where she covered local and national news.

Alysha Del Valle
Alysha Del Valle on TV

When she left KIIS FM, Alysha picked up a job at ABC7, an ABC owned-and-operated television station licensed to Los Angeles. At ABC7, Alysha worked as the traffic reporter who gave traffic updates every morning. She became very popular at the station.

In 2017, she joined NBC4, an NBC owned-and-operated television station licensed to the American capital city of Washington DC. She now works as a traffic reporter for the station’s Eye Witness program.

Alysha Del Valle’s Husband

Alysha Del Valle is not a married woman yet. Also, the information found on her Facebook page shows that she is single. However, she has a daughter called Rainee Castillo. Alysha had Rainee Castillo from a previous relationship with a man called Ray Castillo Jr.

The media personality and her mother are very close. In fact, they very often share photos of each other on their social media pages, showering each other with loving words. Rainee, who lives in Los Angeles, is also very close to her grandmother.

At the moment, it is safe to say that Alysha Del Valle is single. With time, more information will emerge on who her significant other is.

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What Happened To Her?

While working at ABC7, Alysha became very popular with fans of the show who always tuned in to watch her do her job. However, sometime around 2017, she suddenly disappeared for a while and fans were concerned about what may have happened to her. Some speculated that she may have been sacked from the station. However, information soon emerged that she had only switched networks from ABC7 to NBC4.

Alysha Del Valle continues to work and live with her family in Los Angeles. Nothing has happened to her.

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