Alice Kim – Bio, Cheating Accusations and Facts About Nicolas Cage’s Ex-Wife

Alice Kim was an ordinary girl living a simple life and working as a waitress before she became popular as a result of her marriage to Hollywood actor and filmmaker, Nicolas Cage. The 20 years age difference between them caused a lot of ripples as many people, including Alice’s mother, believed that she was too young to be with a man who is twice her age. But that was not enough reason to dampen their love so, they went ahead and tied the knot in 2004, the same year they met.

Twelve years down the line with a son to show for it, the couple’s marriage sadly packed up as a result of alleged unfaithfulness on Alice Kim’s part.

Early Life

Alice Kim was born on December 27, 1983, as Alice Yung Kim. Though of Korean descent, she was raised in the United States of America. Even though her marriage to Nicholas Cage brought her into the limelight, a lot of information about her has remained in the dark and this includes her educational and family background.

Prior to coming in contact with her future husband, Alice Kim worked as a waitress at a Korean restaurant known as Le Prive in Los Angeles. In the course of doing her job, in February 2004, she was asked to serve Cage who had come to the restaurant and that was how they met. The fact that Nicholas Cage was 20 years her senior notwithstanding, the duo started dating shortly afterwards and even though Kim’s mother was not comfortable with the wide age gap, the obvious love they shared made her consent to the relationship.

Barely two months later, they got engaged before subsequently tying the knot on July 30, 2004, at a private ranch in Northern California. Alice Kim and the actor decided to seal their union earlier than expected in order for her to travel to South Africa with him as he was filming Lord of War over there. The following year, the couple welcomed a son named Kal-El after the fictional superhero Superman, on the 3rd of October 2005.

In 2007, Alice Kim appeared briefly in some films starring her husband, including the science fiction action thriller Next and horror film Grindhouse.

Cheating Accusations

Unfortunately, their union crashed, leading to their separation in January 2016 and eventual divorce later in the same year. It was later revealed that the split was as a result of a cheating scandal on the part of Alice. According to the information, which was published by, Alice Kim was cheating on her husband publicly for sometime before their separation, especially all through the period Cage was at the Cannes film festival.

The source who spoke to the media house said that Alice had been spotted on a regular basis in Nevada with her lover and was even caught kissing him once. The allegations eventually made its way to Nicolas Cage through one of his business associates whose name was not mentioned and soon after, the actor, in a bid to hear her own side of the story, interrogated her and today, the rest is history.

Even though the couple’s marriage lasted just twelve years, Alice Kim is still Nicolas Cage’s longest partner in his string of unsuccessful marriages.

Alice Was The Third Woman Nicolas Cage Got Married To

Even though Alice’s marriage to Nicolas Cage was the first time of getting married, it was the actor’s third time. Cage was first married to Patricia Arquette, an award-winning actress, from 1995 to 2001. In 2002, he got married to singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, who is the only child of Elvis Presley and about 15 weeks later, they filed for divorce which was finalized on May 16, 2004.

Alice Kim
Alice Kim and her ex-husband, Nicolas Cage Image Source

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Life After Divorce

Though no longer married, Alice Kim and her ex-husband still keep in touch. In June 2019, The Leaving Las Vegas actor was seen taking his son Kal-El and ex-wife Alice Kim to the Magic Apple in Los Angeles where he bought a magic book and a deck of cards for Kal-El.

Meanwhile, since their marriage ended, there has been no indication that Alice has gotten into a relationship as she has not been seen with anyone, at least not publicly. However, Cage has been involved with other women and even got married to a lady named Erika Koike in Las Vegas, in March 2019, though the union lasted only four days.

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