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Many modern motivational speakers now preach that the one road to success in life is to “follow your passion”. If you have never given a thought to the sagacious line, the story of Aaron Kyro will certainly make you do so.

Aaron has built an ebullient profile in nearly three decades as a globally famed skateboarding expert. He got interested in the sport even before he was 10 and his passion and zeal for it have never reduced since then. Having always believed that skateboarding can be a source of great positive influence on young people, he has persistently strived to popularize it. The desire to do this took him through a long murky road in search of sponsorship.

After years of several rejections in the course of his search, Aaron Kyro eventually had the needed breakthrough via YouTube. Today, he has amassed considerable fans and fortune via the sport. Get to know more of Aaron here and probably learn one or two lessons from his life and career.

Aaron Kyro Bio & Age

Aaron was born on September 10, 1983, in Denver, Colorado in the United States of America. But he was raised in Montana which is also where his interest in skateboarding was inflamed while he was in grade 4. This interest continued and got so strong that, after graduating from high school, Kyro decided to devote all his time and life to the sport. Nonetheless, he was plagued by the fact that not too many people shared this interest with him. So, he wanted to popularize skateboarding at any cost.

The next question was how to go about achieving this tall aim of popularizing his beloved sport. To enable him to achieve this aim, Aaron Kyro attended college for a year just so that he could learn how to edit videos. This is because he intended using videos to pitch his intention to would-be sponsors. Eventually, he started making videos of himself, showcasing his skills on a skateboard which he took to anyone who could be interested in it.

Amid several rejections, Aaron eventually caught the attention of a few after a lot of hard work. His efforts paid off, particularly when the authorities of the city of Red Lodge Montana awarded him the sum of $35,000 from donors to enable him to build a skate park for people in his community.

Apart from this though, Aaron Kyro’s efforts were met with no notable success until 2005 when YouTube became a thing. Apparently, at his wits’ end but determined to succeed, Aaron just uploaded one of his skateboarding videos on YouTube. To his surprise, the video began to receive hundreds of views and eventually went viral. Many skaters around the world, saw the video and began to contact Aaron in order to collaborate with him in furthering his unique interest in skateboarding.

His Skateboarding Career

Aaron Kyro is specifically a skateboarding tutor. Although he actually does the sport, there is no record of him getting involved in any skateboarding competition or of winning an award in the sport. But, there are several channels he uses to teach skateboarding skills.

Aaron is the founder of the first skateboarding school ever. His skateboarding school named Braille Skateboarding University operates mainly online. As already said, his principal outlet is his YouTube Channel named Braille Skateboarding (formerly self-titled) which now has over 4 million subscribers at the time of publishing this report. His Braille Skateboarding University is also available on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Apart from teaching skateboarding online, Aaron also writes books on the subject. Since 2013, he has been publishing volumes of a book entitled Skateboarding Made Simple.

What is His Net Worth?

Aaron Kyro is reported to be worth an estimated amount of $3 million by early 2019. He made his wealth from ad revenues on his social media pages, from the sale of his books, and from selling skateboarding kits which are available on his Braille Skateboarding official website.

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Who is Aaron Kyro’s Wife?

Aaron Kyro married wife
Aaron Kyro and his wife Danielle: Image source

Many fans of Aaron Kyro are wondering if the skateboarder is married. The answer is yes. He is married to his high school girlfriend Danielle. A common interest brought the duo together although that was not skateboarding. Rather, their shared interest is in Scientology. He is said to have met his wife, Danielle at a Scientology class which both of them took while in high school. They fell for each other, started dating and eventually got married in 2010. They now live in San Francisco, California.

Apart from his affair with Danielle Kyro, Aaron has no media reports of any other romance. Also, there is no information available as to whether their union has produced any kid so far.

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