What Is Dennis Rodman’s Net Worth and Does He Have Spouse Or Kids?

Net Worth:
$500 Thousand
Salary:He earned a salary of about $27 million all through his career
Income Sources:Professional basketball and wrestling career, meadia appearances, book sales
Age/Date of Birth:
May 13, 1961
6 ft 7 in or 201 cm
Last Updated:

Dennis Rodman is an American retired professional basketball player, wrestler, actor, and TV personality. The best rebounding forward in NBA history, Rodman won the NBA championship title 5 times.

Rodman earned almost $30 million from playing in the NBA for 14 years and millions more from endorsement deals. However, he couldn’t manage to get a grip on his finances as a result of his personal struggles, chiefly, alcohol, and substance abuse.

By 2012, he was broke and unable to pay $800,000 in child support. Dennis now earns from irregular entertainment gigs. However, his constant run-ins with the law continue to bite chunks off his earnings. Justrichest estimates he is worth somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million.

His Background and Early Life

Dennis Keith Rodman was born on May 13, 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey, and raised in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Rodman had a troubled childhood and struggled with low self-esteem. In high school, Rodman sought to become an athlete like his two sisters but was never considered athletic. He earned only a little playing time on the school’s basketball team which forced him to quit. He turned to football but was cut for his 5 ft 6 in height.

After graduating from South Oak Cliff High School in 1979, Rodman’s future was highly uncertain. In order to make ends meet, he began working a series of odd jobs including as a janitor at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

Dennis Rodman Net Worth

However, Rodman still had his eyes on basketball. When he wasn’t cleaning floors at the airport, he’d play at local basketball courts. Soon a family friend got him noticed by the head coach of Cooke County Junior College in Gainesville, Texas who granted him the chance to play in the school’s team. However, Rodman managed just one semester at the school before being dropped due to poor academic grades.

Luckily for Rodman, Southeastern Oklahoma State had their eyes on him and invited him over. He played 3 successful seasons with the side. Rodman’s dreams to play in the NBA came true after he emerged as the MVP at Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, attracting the attention of NBA’s Detroit Pistons who later selected him as the 3rd pick in the second round of the 1986 NBA draft.

Analysis of His NBA Career Earnings and Net Worth 

Dennis Rodman Made Over $27 Million Playing in the NBA

Rodman spent 5 seasons with the Detroit Pistons during which he won the NBA championship title back-to-back in 1989 and 1990. He was also named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year for 1990 and 1991.

With 3 years and almost $12 million remaining on his contract, he requested a trade and was sent to San Antonio Spurs. For his years with the Pistons, Rodman earned over $4.5 million in salary alone. His No. 10 was retired by the Detroit Pistons. He played 2 seasons with the Spurs earning over $5 million in salary.

Dennis Rodman Net Worth

Rodman in 1995 joined the Chicago Bulls where his teammates included scoring champ Michael Jordan and Scott Pippen. With the Bulls, Rodman won three back-to-back NBA titles from 1996 – 1998. He earned about $16 million in salary with the Bulls. Rodman was released by the Bulls in 1999. He then spent the rest of the season with the LA Lakers where he received $1 million playing 23 games. He joined the Dallas Mavericks in 2000 but was cut due to his erratic behavior, ending his NBA career.

What He Earned Per Year Playing In the League

  • 1987-87 (Detroit Pistons) – $75,000
  • 1987-88 (Detroit Pistons) – $160,000
  • 1990-91 (Detroit Pistons) – $880,000
  • 1991-92 (Detroit Pistons) – $1,075,000
  • 1992-93 (Detroit Pistons) – $2,350,000
  • 1993-94 (San Antonio Spurs) – $2,450,000
  • 1994-95 (San Antonio Spurs) – $2,500,000
  • 1995-96 (Chicago Bulls) – $2,500,000
  • 1996-97 (Chicago Bulls) – $9,000,000
  • 1997-98 (Chicago Bulls) – $4,600,000
  • 1998-99 (Los Angeles Lakers) – $1,000,000
  • 1999-00 (Dallas Mavericks) – $441,176

He Also Made Money Playing in Other Leagues

Dennis Rodman attempted to return to the NBA after he left but it failed to work out, so he tried his luck at other leagues. From 2003 to 2004, he played for the Long Beach Jam of the NBA G Leauge. Also in 2004, he took his talents to Mexico where he played for Fuerza Regia, a team that competes in the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional (LNBP).

Rodman didn’t stay long there as he soon joined the Orange County Crush which played in the American Basketball Association. His stay here lasted from 2004 to 2005. In the latter year, he took his trade to Helsinki, Finland, and played for Torpan Pojat. That same year, Rodman returned to the United States and joined the Tijuana Dragons, a team that was also part of the American Basketball Association.

The last time he was associated with any professional basketball team was in 2006 when he played for a British basketball team, the Brighton Bears in Brighton, Sussex. Whatever he made from all of these teams, it was nothing compared to what he earned in the NBA.

Awards and Highlights of His Career

  • No. 10 retired by Detroit Pistons
  • 7-time NBA rebounding champion (1992–1998)
  • 7-time NBA All-Defensive First Team (1989–1993, 1995, 1996)
  • 5-time NBA champion (1989, 1990, 1996–1998)
  • 2-time NBA All-Star (1990 and 1992)
  • 2-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year (1990 and 1991)
  • 2-time All-NBA Third Team (1992 and 1995)
  • NBA All-Defensive Second Team (1994)
  • ABA champion (2004)

Dennis Rodman Has Published at Least 6 Books and They’ve All Contributed to His Wealth

At the peak of his career in 1993, Rodman’s personal life was plagued by substance abuse which was exacerbated by his first divorce from Annie Bakes. These events culminated in a suicide attempt: Rodman was found sleeping in his car with a loaded gun, ready to shoot himself, however, he was rescued by beloved NBA reporter Craig Sager.

After the suicidal attempt, Rodman emerged with a new “bad boy” image and became notorious for numerous controversial antics. All of these make an interesting story so he took to writing. The former professional basketballer wrote about his suicidal experience in his “Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story” which was adapted into a TV movie. While promoting the book, Rodman dressed in a wedding gown, wore makeup, and identified as a bisexual.

Now, what he has been able to earn from his books is not known but no one should doubt it was worth it. Below is a list of his books:

  • Rebound: The Dennis Rodman Story (1994)
  • Bad as I Wanna Be (1996)
  • Walk on the Wild Side (1997)
  • Words from the Worm: An Unauthorized Trip Through the Mind of Dennis Rodman (1997)
  • I Should Be Dead by Now (2005)
  • Dennis the Wild Bull (2013)

He Became a Wrestler at Some Point and Has Earned from Various Media Appearances

Besides his amazing rebounding skills on the court, Rodman was known for his frequent clashes with opponents, referees, and even cameramen. After being fined $20,000 and suspended for 6 games in the 1996/1997 season for headbutting a referee, Rodman launched a wrestling career, appearing in the WCW. Three games into the 1998 NBA final, Rodman left his teammates in bewilderment after he left them to fight in the WCW alongside Hulk Hogan. He retired from pro wrestling in 2000.

In addition to wrestling, Rodman also launched an acting career starring in lead roles in Double Team (1997) and Simon Sez (1999). He also launched a talk show titled The Rodman World Tour, It had him interview guests from his bed.

Most of these gigs were in an effort to earn some money as his erratic behavior often took its toll on his finances. After retirement, he appeared in several TV shows. He won the $222,000 prize money from the 2004 edition of Celebrity Mole. He also participated in Celebrity Apprentice, becoming friends with Donald Trump.

When the gigs didn’t seem to be lucrative enough, Rodman attempted to make an NBA comeback but it proved futile. However, he played in the semi-professional men’s basketball minor league before retiring in 2006.

He Was Never Paid for Any Diplomatic Mission to North Korea

Rodman’s controversial antics are unending. He is friends with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un whom he visited in 2013, becoming the first American to do so.

It has been held in some quarters that his 2017’s visit to North Korea was an official diplomatic mission sanctioned by the United States government. Even though he has a relationship with both Donald Trump and Kim, there was no evidence he visited the Asian country for diplomatic reasons.

So, any report that suggests he made money from a diplomatic mission to North Korea is simply false and misleading. Even Rodman stated several times that he only visited the country to promote sports.

A Breakdown of How Dennis Rodman Lost His Money 

The worm’s net worth is estimated to be below $1 million. For someone that earned more than $27 million from his NBA career and has multiple streams of income, it is difficult for many to comprehend how the total value of his wealth is below $1 million when he was making that much in the 2000s from appearances and TV shows alone.

While it has been concluded in certain quarters that he’s worth that little because he continues to blow off money as fast as he makes them, below are highlights of how he actually lost most of his wealth.

He Was Duped By a Bogus Financial Adviser

The Hall of Famer was one of the athletes duped by Peggy Ann Fulford who falsely claimed to have Harvard degrees. When it emerged that Rodman was in financial troubles despite his multiple work engagements, Peggy blamed it on his spending habit and took control of his bank accounts.

It was later discovered that Peggy is a fraudster who had been living lavishly on people’s money. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2018.

Child/Spousal Support, Fines, and Legal Issues

Sometime in 2012, Dennis was dragged to court for owing child and spousal support that amounted to $860,376. His run-in with the law also milked his wealth: the former basketball player once paid $2,000 for drunk driving.

In 1992, he was fined $68,000 for skipping pre-season camp and a few years later, precisely in 1996, he was fined $200,000 for headbutting a referee.

That’s not all, he bagged a $20,000 fine for fighting another referee and yet another $20,000 fine for abandoning his team at the 1998 NBA finals to participate in a wrestling match.

Strip Clubs, Drugs, and Alcohol

Dennis Rodman enjoyed living “as bad as he wanna be” and that had him spend several thousands of dollars frequenting strip clubs. It has also been claimed that he was an alcoholic and drug user.

Strip clubs, drugs, and alcohol. No one needs to be told that a combination of the three is a recipe for financial disaster.

Dennis Rodman Has Had Three Failed Marriages

Annie Bakes

  • Date of Birth: February 26, 1965
  • Occupation: Adult Model
  • Duration of Marriage: (1992 – 1993)
  • No of Children With Rodman: 1 (Alexis Rodman)

Because of his flamboyant style and fashion sense, many have speculated that Dennis Rodman is gay. However, he revealed in his book, Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story, that he is bisexual.

Rodman dated Annie Bakes, a former adult model from 1986 till 1993. While they were together, she moved in with him and later had his daughter in 1988. Despite having issues as a couple, the two got married in 1992 but got divorced in 1993.

Annie had claimed that Rodman forced her to have abortions and cheated on her repeatedly. She reportedly found out that she contracted STD from him in 1993. They had a big fight, she filed for divorce and the union became history.

 Carmen Electra

  • Date of Birth: April 20, 1972
  • Occupation: Actress, Model, Singer, and Media Personality
  • Duration of Marriage: (1998 – 1999)
  • No of Children With Rodman: Nil

Dennis Rodman had a highly publicized relationship with Carmen Elektra. Before Carmen, the former basketballer was reported to have had an affair with Jeanie Buss when she was an executive of the lakers. He was also in a very publicized relationship with Madonna in 1994. However, their relationship was short-lived with Rodman claiming Madonna wanted to have his child and the tabloids claiming Madonna was causing a negative impact on his 1994 NBA playoff performances.

After this, in 1997, he had another short-lived fling with actress Vivica Fox. Later that same 1997, he began to date Stacy Yarbrough, a stripper he met at ‘Scores Strip’. Even though their relationship was also short-lived, many claimed he was very serious about her.

The next year, Dennis Rodman met and fell in love with actress Carmen Electra. Their steamy relationship was not favoured by many including Rodman’s agent who was known to commonly refer to Carmen Electra as a ‘gold digger’. Despite the lack of support for their hot and heavy relationship, the two still married. After less than half a year together as a married couple, they got divorced in 1999.

 Michelle Moyer

  • Date of Birth: Sometime in 1967
  • Occupation: Undetermined
  • Duration of Marriage: (2003 – 2012)
  • No of Children With Rodman: 2 (DJ Rodman and Trinity Rodman)

Two years after his divorce from his second wife, Rodman had a short relationship with Jenna Jameson, a pornographic actress. Later, in 2003, he was rumored to have dated Jaimyse Haft. Shortly after this, He was reportedly in a relationship with an English model named Alicia Douvall.

Meanwhile, from 1999 to 2012, Dennis Rodman was in an on-off-relationship with Michelle Moyer who would become his third wife. The pair got married in 2003 on his 43rd birthday. The marriage was officially dissolved in 2012 after several problems which included Rodman physically abusing Moyer and getting arrested.

Meet His Children

Alexis Rodman

  • Date of Birth: Sometime in 1988
  • Occupation: Undetermined
  • Mother: Annie Bakes
Dennis and his daughter Alexi Rodman
Dennis and his daughter Alexi Rodman

The sports star has a total of three children; he had his first, a daughter named Alexi in 1988 with his then-girlfriend, Annie Bakes, who later became his wife. After Dennis and Annie parted ways, the latter revealed that their daughter was receiving counseling for anger management traced to her father’s behavior.

Based on what Annie related, Alexi was also mad at her because she left Dennis. All of this happened when Alexi was a kid, she is now an adult and must have grown used to the way things are.

Dennis Thayne “D J” Rodman Jr

  • Date of Birth: April 25, 2001
  • Occupation: Basketball Player
  • Mother: Michelle Moyer

The only son of the former NBA star, Thayne is looking towards playing in the NBA like his father. Rodman Jr. has been playing as a small forward for the Cougars’ of Washington State University which competes in the Pac-12 Conference of NCAA Division 1 since 2019.

From what we gathered, he played high school basketball at JSerra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano, California, and at Corona del Mar High School in Newport Beach, California.

Trinity Rodman

  • Date of Birth: Sometime in 2001
  • Occupation: Soccer Player
  • Mother: Michelle Moyer

The youngest child of Dennis Rodman is also an athlete. She has played for the under-20 US Women’s National Team but is best known as a forward for Washington State. In January 2021, she made the news as one of the players available for selection in the year’s National Women’s Soccer League draft.

Profile Summary
First Name:Dennis
Last Name: Rodman
Estimated Net Worth:
$500 Thousand
Salary:He earned a salary of about $27 million all through his career
<strongSource of Wealth:Professional basketball and wrestling career, meadia appearances, book sales
Last Updated:
Also Known As:
The Worm, Dennis the Menace
Retired professional basketball player
Famous For:His fierce defensive and rebounding abilities
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Cooke County College, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Educational Qualifications:
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
May 13, 1961
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Birth Place:
Trenton, New Jersey, United States
Country of Residence:
Physical Attributes
6 ft 7 in or 201 cm
110 kg or 242.5 lbs
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Black (Natural)
Other Body Measurements:
Chest – 45 in or 114cm, Arms / Biceps – 16 in or 41 cm, Waist – 36 in or 91 cm
Marital Status:
Annie Bakes (married 1992 and divorced after 82 days), Carmen Electra (m. 1998-1999), Michelle Moyer (m. 2003- 2012)
Family and Relatives
Philander Rodman, Jr.
Mother:Shirley Rodman
Alexis Caitlyn, Dennis Jr., Trinity
Other Relatives:
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