Conor McGregor’s Net Worth: His Income From Salaries and Endorsements

Sports can be many things to different people; it can be a way to gain discipline, it can be entertainment and it can be a source of wealth. In recent years, the growth of popular sports as transformed many sportsmen and women into millionaires, such as the UFC which has witnessed a rapid growth in global popularity. Conor McGregor’s net worth has benefited from this development, due to his status as one of UFC’s most popular personalities.

The Irish mixed martial artist has made his money from a reputation as a talented fighter and a controversial personality as a shit talker that puts him in the news in repeatedly. We take a look at Conor McGregor’s net worth as well as how much he makes in salaries and endorsements.

Conor McGregor’s Net Worth

Like every mixed martial artist who desired to become a professional, there is no doubt that Conor McGregor hoped to become a successful fighter and climb to the top of the sport. And when he made his professional debut in 2008, in a lightweight division fight against Gary Morris, he proved he had what it took to rise to the top of the sport.

The Irish fighter has fight record over 21 wins from 25 matches, winning 18 of them via knockouts, a fighting record that has earned him a net worth of $110 million to become the richest mixed martial artist in the world.

His net worth has been due to high salaries and endorsements earned from a large fanbase and global popularity that sees his matches command as much as 2.4 million in pay per view buys. His cocky personality as well as his ruthlessness in the octagon has made him a toast of fans of the sport and has helped him to several awards such as Fight of the Night, Knockout of the night, Performance of the Night, which he has won six times, and multiple awards for Fighter of the Year.

Aside from his salary and contract agreement with the UFC, Conor McGregor’s Net Worth has also benefitted from his career as a boxer, which he started with a match with Floyd Mayweather Jr. He also has a whiskey brand, Proper No.12 which has been a success.

Although the Irish fighter called time on his fighting career in March 2019, he remains at the top of wealth rankings for MMA fighters.

His Income From Salaries and Endorsements

Conor McGregor's Net Worth
Conor and Floyd Mayweather during media duties for their fight

Conor McGregor’s MMA career comprises of records such as becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously and combined with his antics outside the ring, he has repeatedly been able to command the highest salaries among his UFC peers.

His last UFC fighter, which was against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 earned him a guaranteed salary of $3 million with proceeds from merchandise, pay per view and other sources fetching him over $50 million total for the fight.

While he undoubtedly earned considerably through UFC fights he headlined, Conor McGregor’s net worth has most primarily benefited from his short-lived career as a boxer. His uber-popular match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. which he lost, fetched him $30 million in guaranteed income with other income sources such as merchandise and pay per view (over 4.3 million, second-most in history) eventually ballooned his income from the fight to $100 million.

Being a popular and influential figure, Conor McGregor has also seen a significant boost in his net worth through endorsement which has fetched him an enviable $15 million in endorsements. The Notorious, as he is often referred to, has signed endorsement deals with brands like Monster Energy Drink, Reebok, Beats by Dre and Burger King.

He has also made money through real estate investments, such as his Las Vegas mansion which fetched him almost $3 million. Aside from his fight with Mayweather, the other major contributor to Conor McGregor’s net worth is his entrepreneurial venture through his whiskey brand, Proper Twelve which has been a huge success since it launched in 2018.

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Observers have attributed Conor McGregor’s decision to call time on his career to the success of the whiskey brand which many are expecting to fetch him millions and solidify his position as the richest MMA fighter in the world.

As for what he spends his money on, Conor owns a fleet of luxury cars from Rolls Royce to Lamborghini to Cadillac and he owns a couple of mansions and pads, which he gifts to his family members. He also donates to charity works like Children’s Medical Research Foundation, Focus Ireland and Simon Community Homeless.


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