Net Worth:
$650 Million
Salary:$285 million
Income Sources:Boxing, Endorsement Deals, Brand Sponsorships, Several Businesses such as Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, a Strip Club Known as Girl Collection, His Promotional Company Called Mayweather Promotions, His Online Store - The Money Team, and Investments in Commercial Real Estate
Age/Date of Birth:
February 24, 1977
In Feet, Inches: 5' 8"
In Meters: 1.72m
Last Updated:

Floyd Mayweather is a retired American pro boxer and current boxing promoter. Mayweather made most of his money from his highly publicized bout against Manny Pacquiao. The world-renowned boxing champ is known for being braggadocios about making more money than most of us would ever make in a lifetime. His net worth is estimated at $650 million as of 2020.

His Early Life

Born Floyd Joy Sinclair, Floyd Mayweather, has always been his passionate about boxing since childhood. He never for once considered pursuing anything else in life. Mayweather attended Ottawa Hills High School but dropped out before graduating. Coming from a poor family, the boxer recalls growing up in a one-bedroom house with no electricity.

His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a welterweight contender, still remembered for fighting Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Leonard. Two of his uncles, Roger Mayweather and Jeff Mayweather, are world-renowned professional boxers, with the former winning two world championships and fighting a number of Hall of Famers including Pernell Whitaker, Julio Cesar Chavez, and Kotsya Tszyu.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Record

Mayweather is an undefeated professional boxer and a five-division world champion, with 12 world titles and four different lineal championships under his belt. He’s also a two-time Fighter of the year, published on Ring Magazine.

In 2007, he won BWAA award (Boxing Writers Association of America) and Best Fighter ESPY Award as the Fighter of the year in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Spike TV recently honoured him with ‘The Best Award Ever,’ in 2015. He is currently, rated as the 7th greatest pound-for-pound fighter of all time and the greatest in the welterweight category.

Take a look at his professional boxing record below:

50–0, Conor McGregor, TKO, 10, Aug 26 2017
49–0, Andre Berto, UD, 12, Sep 12 2015
48–0, Manny Pacquiao, UD, 12, May 2 2015
47–0, Marcos Maidana, UD, 12, Sep 13 2014
46–0, Marcos Maidana, MD, 12, May 3 2014
45–0, Canelo Álvarez, MD, 12, Sep 14 2013
44–0, Robert Guerrero, UD, 12, May 4 2013
43–0, Miguel Cotto, UD, 12, May 5 2012
42-0, Victor Ortiz, KO, 4 (12) 2:59, Sep 17 2011
41-0, Shane Mosley, UD, 12, May 1 2010
40-0, Juan Manuel Márquez, UD, 12, Sep 19 2009
39–0,  Ricky Hatton, TKO, 10 (12) 1:35, Dec 8 2007
38–0, Oscar De La Hoya, SD, 12, May 5 2007
37–0, Carlos Baldomir, UD, 12, Nov 4 2006
36–0, Zab Judah, UD, 12, Apr 8 2006
35–0, Sharmba Mitchell, TKO, 6 (12) 2:06, Nov 19 2005
34–0, Arturo Gatti, RTD, 6 (12) 3:00, Jun 25 2005
33–0, Henry Bruseles, TKO, 8 (12) 2:55, Jan 22 2005
32–0, DeMarcus Corley, UD, 12, May 22 2004
31–0, Phillip N’dou, TKO, 7 (12) 1:08, Nov 1 2003
30–0, Victoriano Sosa, UD, 12, Apr 19 2003
29–0, José Luis Castillo, UD, 12, Dec 7 2002
28–0, José Luis Castillo, UD, 12   Apr 20 2002
27–0, Jesús Chávez, RTD, 9 (12), 3:00, Nov 10 2001
26–0, Carlos Hernández, UD, 12, May 26 2001
25–0, Diego Corrales, TKO, 10 (12) 2:19, Jan 20 2001
24–0, Emanuel Augustus, TKO, 9 (10) 1:06, Oct 21 2000
23–0, Gregorio Vargas, UD, 12, Mar 18 2000
22–0, Carlos Gerena, RTD, 7 (12) 3:00, Sep 11, 1999
21–0, Justin Juuko, KO, 9 (12) 1:20, May 22 1999
20–0, Carlos Rios, UD, 12, Feb 17 1999
19–0, Angel Manfredy, TKO, 2 (12) 2:47,Dec 19 1998
18–0, Genaro Hernández, RTD, 8 (12) 3:00, Oct 3 1998
17–0, Tony Pep, UD, 10, Jun 14 1998
16–0, Gustavo Cuello, UD, 10, Apr 18 1998
15–0, Miguel Melo, TKO, 3 (10) 2:30, Mar 23 1998
14–0, Sam Girard, KO, 2 (10) 2:47, Feb 28 1998
13–0, Hector Arroyo, TKO, 5 (10) 1:21, Jan 9 1998
12–0, Angelo Nuñez, TKO, 3 (8) 2:42, Nov 20 1997
11–0, Felipe Garcia, KO, 6 (8) 2:56, Oct 14 1997
10–0, Louie Leija, TKO, 2 (10) 2:33, Sep 6 1997
9–0, Jesús Chávez, KO, 5 (6) 2:02, Jul 12 1997
8–0, Larry O’Shields, UD, 6, Jun 14 1997
7–0, Tony Duran, TKO, 1 (6) 1:12, May 9 1997
6–0, Bobby Giepert, TKO, 1 (6) 1:30, Apr 12 1997
5–0, Kino Rodriguez, TKO, 1 (6) 1:44, Mar 12 1997
4–0, Edgar Ayala, TKO, 2 (4) 1:39, Feb 1 1997
3–0, Jerry Cooper, TKO,1 (4) 1:39, Jan 18 1997
2–0, Reggie Sanders, UD, 4, Nov 30 1996
1–0, Roberto Apodaca, TKO, 2 (4) 0:37, Oct 11 1996

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Mayweather is the WBA, WBC and Ring champion. He also boasts of being the WBC Super and WBA and Ring Junior middleweight champion, as well.

Profile Summary 
First Name: Floyd
Last Name:Mayweather
Estimated Net Worth:
$650 Million
Salary:$285 million
Source of Wealth:Boxing, Endorsement Deals, Brand Sponsorships, Several Businesses such as Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, a Strip Club Known as Girl Collection, His Promotional Company Called Mayweather Promotions, His Online Store - The Money Team, and Investments in Commercial Real Estate
Last Updated:
Also Known As:
Pretty Boy, Money, TBE (The Best Ever)
Famous For:Retiring With an Undefeated Record of 50 Matches, Being One of Only 3 Athletes In The World To Earn More Than $1 Billion in His Career, Among The Most Lucrative Pay-Per-View Attractions Of All Time, In Any Sport, His Lavish Lifestyle
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Dropped Out of Ottawa Hills High School
Educational Qualifications:
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
February 24, 1977
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Birth Place:
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
African American
Country of Residence:
United States of America
Physical Attributes
In Feet, Inches: 5' 8"
In Meters: 1.72m
In Kilograms: 67.8kg
In Pounds: 149.5lbs
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Chest – 40 inches,
Arms / Biceps – 14.5 inches, Waist – 31 inches
Marital Status:
Family and Relatives
Floyd Mayweather, Sr.
Mother:Deborah Sinclair
Koraun Mayweather (Born: January 29, 2000), Iyanna Mayweather (Born: May 20, 2000), Zion Shamaree Mayweather (Born: March 28, 2001), Jirah Mayweather (Borrn: 25th June 2004)
Siblings:Fannie Orr (Sister), Justin Jones (Brother), Deltricia Tawanna Howard (Sister)
Other Relatives:
Jeff Mayweather (Uncle), Roger Mayweather (Uncle)

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Floyd Mayweather As the Highest Paid Athlete

Mayweather shattered the athletic world as the highest-paid athlete for the years 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 as ranked by Forbes.

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First I want to congratulate every other athlete on this list and second I am honored to have accomplished such record breaking numbers. No disrespect to anyone but I did these numbers really in 5 years due to a couple of layoffs and with NO endorsements. I never wanted an endorsement deal from anyone because my vision was always to be my own boss and have no obligations to anyone. So I started my own promotion company and own brand (TMT) in which we are continuing to grow and soon will be the endorsers. You can say what you want about Floyd Mayweather but the numbers and accolades don’t lie. This is truly about hard work and dedication and knowing your worth. @mayweatherpromotions @themoneyteam

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In 2007, after pulling away from Bob Arum’s Top Rank he founded his own boxing promotion agency, the Mayweather promotions,

So far, the biggest cash stream the boxer has ever received was in his 2015 bout with Pacquiao. He was guaranteed a cool $25 million just for showing, and a further pay per view disbursement that should have brought in another $25 million. This, mind you, goes without mentioning the share he took from the $600 million fight purse when he won.

Floyd Mayweather

What Was Floyd Mayweather’s Earnings After Fighting Manny Pacquiao?

No one knows the exact amount he made from his fight against Pacquiao, but going by the figures, the boxer must have left for home with nothing less than $240 million.

According to ESPN’s Dan Rafael, his last fight, against Berto, was to make him at least $32 million whether or NOT he won. Floyd won and made home with twice the cash promised.

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His Endorsement Deals

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All Factory, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

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The King of the Money team, unlike most athletes, isn’t too excited about endorsement deals. To ward off potential partners, Money upped his endorsement pay to a whopping minimum amount of $1 million. But It didn’t scare brands like Burger King and Swiss watchmaker Hublot who gladly hired the pro boxer. Reebok also came along but was angered after Mayweather took to Instagram to flaunt his Nike collections. Money gladly walked away from the deal.

His Cars, House, and Private Jets

With a net worth of $650 million, Mayweather goes by the self-proclaimed nickname Money Mayweather and prides himself as the leader of The Money Team (TMT). Mayweather is known for his lavish lifestyle. He has a collection of luxury cars worth over $20 million– they include a rare Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a $3.5 million Bugatti Veyron a Bugatti Chiron and a host of others.

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Today, Rolls Royce was the choice.

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He owns two private jets named Air Mayweather 1 and 2. His Instagram profile is awash with photos of his expensive toys and even briefcases filled with money. Money in 2015 paid $7.7 million in cash for an ultra-modern mansion in Miami. His other real estate holding includes a $2.5 million house at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Los Angeles as well as a $1.5 million crib in Sunny Isles beach. Mayweather owns two diamond wrist watches priced at over $1 million each.

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Motivation Photo Credit: @moneyyaya

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How Tall is Mayweather?

Mayweather stands 5 ft 8 in tall with a reach of 72 in, the American weighs 151 lbs or 68kg. The boxer does not have a confirmed girlfriend, but there have been rumours that he could be dating British reality star, Abigail Clarke. As to the question of whether he is married or not, the answer is no as at the time of this writing

Instagram and Social Media

Mayweather’s official Instagram can be followed here: floydmayweather, he’s got a total of 23.5 million followers as at the time of this writing.

Your Questions Answered

The boxing champion has never lost a fight. He fought a total number of 50 fights during his career and emerged winner in all.

Floyd Mayweather has retired three times from boxing. The first time was on December 8, 2007, after his victory over British fighter Ricky Hatton. The second time was on September 12, 2015, after he outclassed Andre Berto and the third time was in 2017 after his fight with Conor McGregor.

Floyd is one of only 3 athletes in the world to earn more than $1 billion in his career. However, his current net worth is estimated at $650 million.

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