Unveiling Stan Cadwallader’s Net Worth And The Time He Spent With Jim Nabors

Stan Cadwallader is an American celebrity who came under the spotlight following his marriage to the famous comedian and actor named Jim Nabors. While his partner Nabors was most notable for his top-notch performances on comedy shows and appearances on popular television series, including Andy Griffith’s television show, among others, Stan plied his trade as a noble firefighter.

Though his career is not one to bring media attention, Stan did save a lot of lives as a fireman. For this, he is still celebrated, even after the passing of Nebors in 2017 following a series of health challenges. Here’s how he got famous.

Stan Cadwallader’s Life Before Fame 

Stan Cadwallader was born in the United States in the year 1948. He was born to American parents in Honolulu, Hawaii, and completed his basic education, as well as his high education in Hawaii. Stan is an American national who is of white ethnicity. He is a very private person, hence, nothing much is known about his early life and childhood experiences; as well as family and educational backgrounds.

One thing that can be confirmed about him, however, is his inclination to help people which is the reason for his choice of career in the fire department where he put in his best for many years before retirement.

Cadwallader began his career as a firefighter at the Honolulu fire department. There, he worked for several years before meeting his partner Jim Nabors who changed his life entirely. Following their meeting, Stan Cadwallader didn’t take so long before making his way into the limelight.

Despite his relationship with a celebrated actor, Stan managed to still keep a low profile. In view of this, there is no much information available to the public with regards to Stan’s career. In the years that followed the time he spent with Nabors, the media’s focus was so much on his relationship with the Hollywood actor than anything else.

How He met Jim Nabors and Came to the Limelight

It’s an already known fact that Stan Cadwallader is gay. As aforementioned, he was married to the iconic American comic star Jim Nabors until the actor’s death in 2017.

The couple apparently met each other in 1975 and at the time; Stan Cadwallader was still working as a fireman. The actual circumstances surrounding their meeting are not quite clear but at first, the pair started off as business associates, and later on; they kicked off their romantic relationship. However, they had to keep their relationship away from the public eye because same-sex marriage was greatly antagonized in the United States and across the world at the time.

For this reason, the couple was together for over thirty-eight years before getting hitched in January 2013.

His Married Life With a Hollywood Star

In recent years, after gay marriage was legalized in the United States, the pair got the opportunity of coming out to make their relationship official. This was after more than thirty years of being in a relationship they couldn’t boast of in public. Despite the challenges, Stan and Jim’s love for each other prevailed and sustained their relationship for more than three decades.

Stan Cadwallader
Cadwallader’s partner Jim Nabors

Just one month after the ban on gay marriage was lifted, the couple went to Washington where they had their wedding in January 2013. This period also saw an increase of same-sex lovers who have been waiting patiently for the law to relax its take on such relationships. Stan and his partner had their wedding which was attended by a few of their friends at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel situated in Seattle, Hawaii.

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After taking their wedding vows, Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors continued to enjoy a blissful married life until 2017 when his partner passed away. Prior to their marriage, Nabors underwent a liver transplant after he was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2012. Fortunately, the open-heart surgery was successful but Nabor’s health continued to deteriorate to the point of no return. A union that endured many decades of trials and tribulations, as well as happy days, came to an end following the actor’s death.

Did Jim Nabors Have a Relationship With Rock Hudson?

Before Stan and Jim hooked up, there were rumors that the actor dated and even married a fellow actor named Rock Hudson. What debunked the claims was the fact that the two were just casual friends and the rumor spread in the early ’70s when gay marriage wasn’t even legal in the States. So, there was no way they would have legally married.

The origin of the rumor was later found to be from some young homosexuals who were playing around by sending fake wedding invitations, inviting people to the wedding ceremony of Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors. Though it was meant as a joke, some people didn’t catch the drill on time, thus, the rumor went viral.

How Much is Cadwallader Worth Now?

Stan Cadwallader has earned some decent amount of money both from his firefighting career and other endeavors. The celebrity has been enjoying a decent lifestyle; however, it is presumed that most of his money came from his partner whose net worth at the time of his demise was estimated at $25 million.

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Stan, on the other hand, is now said to have an estimated net worth of $15 million which he mostly acquired as a result of Nabors’ death. Without a doubt, Stan Cadwallader inherited a greater part of Jim’s wealth as they didn’t have kids of their own.

Stan Cadwallader’s Life After the Passing on of Jim Nabors

Sadly, on 30th November 2017, Stan Cadwallader lost his lifelong partner who passed on in their abode in Honolulu. He died at the age of 87, leaving his slew of fans to mourn his death. Meanwhile, at the center of it all is his bereaved partner who was the most affected. Stan was still married to the actor at the time of his death and since they didn’t have any children, he was left to mourn him alone.

Since Jim Nabors passed on, Stan Cadwallader has slipped back into oblivion, away from the spotlight. The much we can confirm says he still resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he lives in luxury. This doesn’t come as a surprise since he inherited most of the $25 million fortune his partner left behind.

Jim Nabors will be greatly missed by his numerous fans around the world; nevertheless, his legacy will continue to live in the hearts of his loved ones.

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