The Unfiltered Life Of Johnny Fratto, His Death And The Net Worth He Built

Johnny Fratto is one of the greatest legends that won’t be easily forgotten following his excellent contributions on the Howard Stern Show. Although he came from a lineage of mob stars; Johnny never aligned himself to the mobs rather he saw himself as the Paris Hilton of the Mafia. Interestingly, Fratto’s dad Louis Fratto was the head of the mobs in Iowa and his brother Frank Farrell was also a hit man for the mobs.

Additionally, Fratto also guest-starred as an expert for Al Capone in the television series titled Deadliest Weapon. He is also notable for being an entrepreneur and the owner of Beverly Hills Choppers. However, Johnny passed away in 2015 after a long battle with cancer. Read on, as we take a sneak peek on his life, bio, net worth, death, and cause of death below.

Johnny Fratto Bio

Johnny Fratto first came into this world on August 12, 1954; he was born in Des Moines neighborhood in Iowa, the United States to Louis Fratto and his wife. His father Louis was a well-known mafia and the head of the mobs in Iowa. Louis otherwise known as Lew Farrell reigned from the ‘30s to the ‘60s and was the sole distributor of Capone’s Canadian Ace Beer in Iowa. Johnny has a brother named Frank who passed away via plane crash in 1969; he holds an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

Career Achievements

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While there is no information about Fratto’s educational history and background; it is already known that the entrepreneur began his career a long time ago. He founded power bike and bicycle production coy called the Beverly Hills Choppers; the company is situated in Beverly Hills, California. Fratto’s coy has been making strides despite having other competitors such as Orange County Chopper and many others.

Based on his creativity and distinctive business acumen; his coy has risen above competitions since its inception and they have been creating incredible bikes to date. Fratto has been good friends with Paris Hilton, a few years ago; his company gifted a $250 thousand worth of Swarovski Encrusted Motorcycle to the gorgeous Hilton. The bike was powered by six horsepower, two strokes automatic Tecumseh engine, and electric start.

Johnny Fratto also made strides in the American entertainment industry. He founded a production company which has produced popular shows such as Drone Wars, Recipe Hunters, ink Therapy, and Jelly Ballers. He was a regular guest on the popular Howard Stern’s show until the time of his death. While he was there, he also served as a talent manager to Eric Lynch who also appeared on the Howard Stern Show. In 2014, Lynch died of heart attack and Fratto announced his death on Twitter shortly after the radio star passed on. Fratto also founded Johnny Fratto Social Club on Howard Stern’s Fan Network. His thread garnered over eighty thousand posts before his death.

How Much is Johnny Fratto Worth?

The mafia guru was both successful in his business as well as his television career. His company Beverly Hills Chopper has produced customized power bikes for famous celebrities including Nicole Eggert, Adrianne Curry, and Nicole Richie, among others. Fratto’s net worth is said to be running in millions; however, it cannot be ascertained at the moment. He earned his net worth from his company’s sales as well as other business endeavors.

His Wife and Children

Just like his successful television career and entrepreneurship, Johnny was also successful in his love life; he was a father as well as a grandfather before his death. The star married a lady named Jowanke Fratto several years ago and the couple was blessed with five children including three sons – Johnny Fratto Jr, Joey, and Will Fratto as well as two daughters, Alexis and Angela Fratto. Meanwhile, his first son Johnny Fratto Jr has established himself as one of the fast-rising American actors.

Johnny Fratto’s Life and Cause of Death

In 2015, Johnny Fratto’s life was cut short by a life-threatening sickness. While he has lived a good life, Johnny was diagnosed with lung cancer a long time ago and he struggled with the illness for several years before finally giving up the ghost. Interestingly, the star was surrounded by his wife and children at the time of his death. Fratto passed on in a hospital in Los Angeles, California on 5th November 2015.

When the news of his demise broke on the media, millions of fans around showed support to his family at their time of grief. Howard Stern also dedicated an episode of his show to the rare gem, the show detailed Johnny’s contributions since the first time he walked into the show.


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