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For someone born in 1998, Eve Jobs is already richer than over 50% of the entire human population will ever be, and is set to get even richer as she grows older. This is the financial story of one of the children of iconic tech founder, Steve Jobs who birth the Apple revolution. Unlike her sister, Lisa Brennan, who has been represented in many of the biopics about her father, Eve Jobs has had a more quiet and reserved life away from the media but all that seemed ready to change after she clocked 21 years of age in 2019, making her a complete adult.

Considering there is a likelihood of hearing a lot more about her, let’s take a quick look at everything you need to know about the youngest child of the Apple Founder.

Early Life and Career

Eve Jobs was born in 1998, in the month of May to parents, Steve Jobs and to Laurene Powell-Jobs, whom he was married to at the time. She is the last child and daughter of her father, whose other children include her biological siblings, Erin Siena Jobs, and Reed Jobs, and a half-sibling, Lisa Brennan Jobs.

While her half-sibling, who is also the oldest child of her father has been the subject of many controversial incidents involving her father, the rest of the Jobs children have often kept away from the media spotlight. Eve Jobs was raised in California where she attended traditional high school in combination with extra tutoring from the Upper Echelon Academy before heading to Stanford University for her higher education, the same school where her parents met.

Outside of her education, Eve Jobs is an accomplished equestrian, having fallen in love with horse riding as a child. A combination of her own passion and her parents’ support has helped nurture her interest and make her talented enough to compete at various horse racing shows, including the Ecuries d’ Ecaussiness Trophy, which she won in 2015 competing alongside other notable daughters of accomplished men like Destry Spielberg, daughter of Steven Spielberg.

In the same year, she also competed alongside Jennifer Gates, daughter of Bill Gates at the Longines Masters show. The event, which was the second of its kind, lasted four days. When she is not competing as a horse rider or studying in school, through her social media activity on Instagram, Eve Jobs can be seen traveling around the world and having a generally great time with her friends.

What is Eve Jobs Net Worth?

Eve Jobs
Eve Jobs (left) with other daughters of billionaire parents

As mentioned earlier, Eve Jobs is the daughter of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell-Jobs, and those two names place her in the ranks as one of the richest young women in the world. While her exact net worth is currently unknown, her family has a combined net worth of $20.1 billion, which makes her heir to one of the largest wealth dynasty in the world.

Considering she is an ambitious woman with her own personal goals, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if she manages to elevate her family’s wealth to higher heights in the near future.

Who is her boyfriend?

Being a young girl who has spent a considerable part of her life living outside of media spotlight, it would be fair to have zero knowledge of her personal life. However, we have managed to learn that the daughter of the billionaire has a boyfriend, Eugenio Garza Perez, who also shares her interest as an equestrian. Eugenio is a student of the University of Miami and is also a Mexican show jumper.

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Other Facts About Steve Jobs’ Daughter

Her Equestrian interest suggests that Eve Jobs has an affinity for sports and that is further confirmed by the fact she is known to be a fan of California based and NBA royalty team, The Golden State Warriors.

Her father, Steve Jobs once suggested that Eve could one day run his company, Apple or go on to become the President of the United States.

Because of their shared interest in horse riding and racing, Eve Jobs and Jennifer Gates often find themselves competing at the same events, in a way, continuing the rivalry of their respective fathers that defined a generation.

She has her own ranch, which was bought for her by her mother in 2016 for $15 million. The ranch is situated in Wellington, Florida and she often trains and competes with trained equestrian, Missy Clark.

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