Ed Sheeran Vs Taylor Swift: Who Has A Higher Net Worth?

They are two musicians who have been a staple in the pop culture scene for many years now, as such, it’s understandable that people compare Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s net worth out of curiosity. These fellas are some of the biggest stars in the industry and happen to be very close friends. In a way, Taylor Swift helped get the British singer’s career going when she brought him on her The Red Tour to serve as one of the opening acts. Since then, the pair have collaborated on several projects, which have kept both their careers soaring high.

Although they are both still in their 20s, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have already amassed a fortune for themselves through their careers as singers and songwriters. Both artistes have picked several Grammy Awards, with 10 of the coveted trophy going to Taylor and four for Ed Sheeran. We know they are famous and have given us some of the best pop musical numbers in the world, but who has the higher net worth between them?

Appraising Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s Net Worth

Ed Sheeran’s Net Worth
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Ed Sheeran went from being a struggling artist to a global phenomenon all within the span of a few short years and he’s not even 30 yet. The Shape of You singer has four studio albums to his name so far and has written songs for some of the biggest stars in the world.

He has earned all kinds of awards and honors for his brilliant artistry including multiple Grammys, Billboard Awards, American Music Awards, Brit Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Juno Awards, and plenty others, not to mention the countless nominations he has received over the course of his career. Ed Sheeran is without a doubt one of the most accomplished musicians in the world and he has a ridiculously fat bank account to show for his hard work and talent.

Within the last year (2018), Ed Sheeran ranked in a whopping $110 million in earnings and was listed as the fifth most-paid celebrity by Forbes. His Divide Tour which began in August 2017 and wrapped up this summer (2019), breaking every tour record in history by grossing over $775.5 million globally.

Although the musician has been facing a number of allegations for plagiarizing some of his songs including Thinking Out Loud and Shape of You which might force him to part away with a good sum of money if proven to be true, Ed Sheeran has denied that there is any truth to these allegations.

The singer has invested millions in real estate across the UK, as well as other ventures. He is estimated to be worth over $160 million as of 2019. He is the 17th richest musician in the United Kingdom.

Taylor Swift’s Net Worth

Taylor Swift
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Despite what the title of her song This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things suggests, Taylor Swift can definitely afford all the nice things in the world.

The long-legged queen of pop recently released her seventh studio album titled Lover, but she started her career at age 15 when she signed with Sony as their youngest ever songwriter. Today, she has 10 Grammys and numerous other awards and achievements under her belt.

In 2018, Taylor shifted allegiances from the label she built her career with, Big Machine Records, to Universal-owned Republic Records. This new deal is said to be more lucrative in the long run for the pop star.

With nearly a decade and a half spent touring, earning sponsorship deals, performing, and investing in real estate options, Taylor Swift can boast of hundreds of millions sitting pretty in the bank.

As of July 2019, Forbes listed Taylor as the highest-paid celebrity in the world as she pulled in $185 million within the past year. The chunk of her income comes from touring. She currently holds the record for the highest-grossing tour in the U.S as she closed her 2018 Reputation Tour with $266.1 million. She also enjoys generous endorsement deals with brands such as Diet Coke, CoverGirl, Keds, Apple, and Capital One. Taylor Swift’s net worth has been pegged to be over $360 million.

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Who Has a Higher Net Worth?

At this juncture, what the figures are saying about Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift’s net worth is quite clear. In this battle, Taylor is winning by $200 million. She currently has a higher net worth than her close pal Ed Sheeran.

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