Joji Net Worth: How Much Money Filthy Frank Has Made In His Career

Be it comedy or music, Japanese-born sensation, Joji, has proven that he has an abundance of talent and has accumulated a net worth of $8 million in the process. Also known as Filthy Frank, Joji first shot to YouTube stardom in the early 2010s thanks to his shocking, offensive, filthy and crude sense of humor. His act attracted a legion of fans globally and he grew to become the meme lord of the internet.

Sadly, Joji’s viral fame also brought with it several health issues and he felt stuck creatively. He thus sought a new and challenging venture and set his eyes on the music industry. It is a few years into the journey and Joji has seamlessly transformed from an internet star to a budding musician. His brand of hypnotic R & B music has taken with fans and he now has several chart-topping works to his credit.

Sources of Joji’s $8 Million Net Worth

He Made Millions from His Defunct YouTube Channels

Joji may not want anything to do with his viral YouTube persona these days but there is no escaping the fact that this is where he initially found success and fortune. The Japanese-Australian star first utilized YouTube as a means of gaining some traction for his music. Along the way though, he started posting comic videos of himself, and soon the personas of Filthy Frank and Pink Guy were born.

Both characters had a penchant for doing the most outlandish things. They also inspired several meme-worthy moments that would remain evergreen. In the six years that Joji actively dedicated to his YouTube career (2011-2017); his three channels, Dizasta Music, TVFilthyFrank, and TooDamnFilthy, accumulated 13.1 million subscribers and his content was viewed a whopping 2.4 billion times. It is estimated that YouTube pays creators from $3 to $5 per 1000 views. If you crunch the numbers, it means that Joji’s net worth gained about $7.2 million to $12 million from his YouTube channel alone.

Given such figures, there is no arguing the fact that Joji was successful as a YouTuber. It, therefore, came as a shock when he quit without much fanfare in 2017. In subsequent interviews, the Japanese-Australian revealed that his humor had changed over time. He also made it known that there was not much progress and that he felt stuck in his career to the extent of resorting to drinking to be able to get through each day on set.

His Music Has Been Streamed More Than Half a Billion Times

Ever since quitting his YouTube career, Joji has made a comeback as a musician and has also succeeded at it. Interestingly, music was his first love while he was growing up and he taught himself how to produce beats at a young age. He subsequently took to creating his own music and even created his YouTube channel as a vehicle to promote it. As we all know, his comic talents later overshadowed everything but he continued making comical music on the side. Using the alias Pink Guy, Joji dropped several bodies of work including the full-length album, Pink Season, which made it to No. 70 on the Billboard 200.

Joji would discontinue his Pink Guy music the same time he quit YouTube and has now reinvented himself as a serious musician. Propagating an eclectic blend of trap, folk, electronic, and R & B music, the former YouTuber has dropped two successful albums: Ballads 1 and Nectar. Ballads 1 topped the Billboards R and B/Hip-Hop charts (making Joji the first Asian-born artist to achieve such a feat) and reached No.3 on the Billboard 200 Albums charts. It spurned hit singles such as “Yeah Right” and “Slow Dancing in the Dark”, selling as much as 560,000 copies.

Joji’s second album, Nectar, also did well. It reached No. 3 on the Billboard Albums Chart and charted in the top 5 in countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It also spurned several hit singles including “Sanctuary”, “Gimme Love”, and “Run”. Overall, it is estimated that Joji’s music has been streamed about half a billion times on Spotify. The streaming giants reportedly pay $3.18 per 1000 streams meaning that music streams alone have contributed about $1.9 million to Joji’s net worth.

Joji Has Produced Tracks for Several Musicians

Another potential money-spinner for Joji is music production. The former YouTuber fell in love with Lil Wayne’s 2008 hit track, “A Milli”, as a kid and aspired to reproduce the distinctive sound. This motivated him to start trying his hands at production and he has sustained it to date.

Joji served as the ghost producer for label mate, Keith Ape, and hopes to produce clean and crisp pop songs in the future. The average salary for a music producer is about $50,986 and he would be earning something in this region for his work.

A Recap of How Filthy Frank Made His Money

  • YouTube earnings ($7.2 million – $12 million est.)
  • Music ($1.9 million)
  • Music Production (N/A)

Joji may be a multi-millionaire now but it wasn’t always so. As a young lad growing up in Australia, he didn’t have much to his name and only got to make his first few thousands of dollars following the takeoff of his YouTube channel in 2008.

From then on, the young man witnessed a steady rise in his net worth as his subscriber base as well as views numbers increased. By 2015, his subscriber base had grown to millions while viewership numbers have reached billions, translating into much revenue for the young man.

The increase would sustain until 2017 when Joji called time on his YouTube career. His quitting YouTube has not negatively affected his net worth though as his burgeoning music career has added a few million to his wealth.

The Singer Lives in Brooklyn and Owns a Dodge Stealth

Joji spent his formative years in parts of Japan and Australia but he has since relocated to the United States, specifically New York, to pursue his music career. The famed YouTuber presently makes his home in Brooklyn although there are no specific details of the kind of digs he occupies. The most that Filthy Frank has shared of his home life is that he is a morning person as well as a big lover of cereals. One can therefore expect that there will be a wide variety lying around in his kitchen.

Joji with his dodge stealth: Image Source

With regards to wheels, Joji is the owner of a pink 1991-1993 dodge stealth twin turbo. The car has a customized pink steering wheel and it was featured on the cover art of his very first album, Pink Season.


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