What Is Taylor Swift’s Net Worth & How Much Does She Make Per Concert?

As far as popular and globally beloved musicians go, she is one many will easily recognize. Her career has been a series of controversies, from personal relationships to professional ones, yet, it hasn’t been enough for Taylor Swift’s net worth to dwindle beyond the point of admiration as she still records millions of sales in albums and listeners on streaming platforms.

Taylor Swift has been one of history’s most successful musician, recording multiple awards from the Grammys and the Billboard Music Awards, and with such career presence, she has built a massive net worth that places her among the top end of the richest musicians working today.

Take a look at Taylor Swift’s net worth along with how much she makes per concert.

What Is Taylor Swift’s Net Worth?

In ascertaining the net worth of the pop singer, one should look no further than the report of the leading financial magazine, Forbes, who reports that Taylor Swift has a net worth of $360 million. It is a significant net worth for the Pennsylvania-born singer who has been in the industry since she was 14 years of age.

Her net worth has come primarily from her career as a musician, where she has sold over 50 million albums and has recorded sales of over 150 million singles, a fact that makes her one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

Aside from the millions of dollars she has earned from album and singles sales, Taylor is also one of the world’s high-ranking earners when it comes to music concerts. She currently holds the record for the highest-grossing US tour in history, grossing over $260 million. The figure has been an exceptional increase from her first tour, the Fearless Tour, which grossed just over $53.6 million. Since she began touring, T. Swift has grossed over $687 million in concert tours across the United States alone, placing her well above other artists like U2, Kenny Chesney, and Luke Bryan in that time period. The tour is just one of a series of tours she has embarked upon since she began her career, all of which she has earned several millions of dollars in.

Aside from the income she has earned directly through her music, Taylor Swift’s net worth has also come through the popularity and influence she wields over her demography. This influence has earned her several brand endorsements and ambassadorship with brands like Keds, CoverGirl, Apple, Diet Coke, and a few others.

She has over 100 million followers across social media, which makes her one of the most-followed personalities on social media, a status that comes with huge revenue from ads.

Swift’s wealth also comes from some of her business deals and real estate investments, one of which is a property portfolio worth an estimated $86 million. She has also crafted lucrative deals with Spotify, which has not only benefited her bank account but also other artists.

However, Taylor Swift isn’t all about amassing the money for the sake of it. She is equally committed to spending a considerable sum on charity works such as donations to her hometown library, NYC Schools, Joyful Heart Foundation, Tennessee Equality Project, and a few others.

How Much Does She Make Per Concert?

Taylor Swift's Net Worth
Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour at NRG Stadium on Sept. 29, 2018, in Houston, Texas

With a considerable percentage of Taylor Swift’s net worth coming from her tours and concerts, it serves to know how much exactly she maker per concert, especially when she holds records like the highest-grossing US tour in history.

To determine how much she makes per concert, we should understand how artists income per concert is calculated. For on-off shows or concerts, artists often negotiate for 60% of the gross revenue of the show while they tend to go for less (like 50%) for multiple shows and concert tours.

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Thus, in the case of Taylor Swift, using her most successful concert tour to date as a determinant of how much she makes per concert, The Reputation Tour earned an average of $7 million per show in gross revenue, earned from the sale of an average of 54 thousand tickets for each show.

With 50 or 60% of each show’s gross revenue guaranteed to be paid to Taylor, it is safe to say that she earns about $3 to $4 million per concert. Of course, she still has to pay agents, lawyers, and managers but at such averages, Taylor Swift is rolling in dough at each concert appearance.


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