Cameron Diaz is an American former fashion model, actress, and producer. Every aspiring Hollywood actress prays to have a career as swift as Cameron’s. Starting out as an instantly successful fashion model, Diaz took Hollywood by storm with her first ever acting role and has been at the top of her game ever since. She is the second-highest grossing domestic box office actress with over $3 billion domestic gross and over $7 billion worldwide gross. The rom-com staple has an estimated net worth of $150 million. Here’s her success story.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth: How She Began

Cameron Michelle Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego California. The daughter of an oil company foreman, it is safe to say Cameron’s childhood was as far from penury. She grew up in Long Beach where she attended Los Cerritos Elementary School, and later Long Beach Polytechnic High School. At the later, she was school mates with rapper Snoop Dogg.

Cameron, at the age of 16, began a career as a fashion model and signed with Elite Management. A natural in front of the camera, her modelling career became an instant success. Just months into the business and Diaz was already travelling round the world for modelling gigs. Globetrotting from Sydney to Paris, Morocco and Japan, Diaz represented luxury giants like Levi’s and Calvin Klein as well as beverage makers Coca-Cola. At the age of 17, she was selected to grace the covers of the July 1990 issue of the teen magazine “Seventeen”. At this point, Cameron had technically earned enough paycheck to grant her independence even before adulthood.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Cameron Diaz Net Worth: Instant Hollywood Success

Having earned her stripes in the modelling world, Cameron, at the suggestion of an agent at Elite Management looked to conquer new grounds in Hollywood and my! did she… Cameron, without prior acting experienced auditioned and won a lead role in upcoming 1994 movie “The Mask” which also starred Jim Carrey. She was just 21 years old at the time. The movie would go on to be her first of many box office hits as it became the highest-grossing movie of the year with $351.6 million earned against a budget of $23 million.

After her impressive and much acclaimed acting debut, Diaz honed her acting with appearances in small films like  The Last Supper (1996) and She’s the One (1996). She made the return to mainstream movies in 1997 with “My Best Friend’s Wedding” which matched the success of her debut with $299.3 million gross earnings from $38 million budget. Her third try at mainstream landed her a Golden Globe nod for best actress. It was the lead/title role in 1998 movie “There’s Something About Mary” which grossed $369.9 million from $28 million and earned her $2 million.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Cameron Diaz Net Worth: More Box Office Hits!

Cameron continued to be a box office darling with more hits and critical acclaim in movies such as Being John Malkovich (1999). For 2000 action comedy film Charlie’s Angels which grossed $264.1 million against $90 million budget, Diaz received $12 million. Subsequently, Cameron earned $10 million for Vanilla Sky (2001), $17.5 million for Gangs of New York (2002), $15 million for The Sweetest Thing (2002), and $20 million for the sequel of Charlies Angel’s entitled Full Throttle. The later paycheck made her the third actress in Hollywood to earn $20 million for a single role.

Her box office successes earned her her debut appearance on Forbes list of highest paid actresses in 2005 with $13 million earned. The following year, in 2006 she featured on the list with a $15 million pretax paycheck. Diaz made headlines in June 2008 when she appeared on the top paid actress list with earnings of $50 million. Most of the money came from the upfront pay she received for her role in “What Happens” in Vegas opposite Ashton Kutcher as well as he voice role in Shrek, both of which were commercial smash hits.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Cameron debuted the voicing role of Princess Fiona in Shrek since its firstinstalmentt in 2001. For her role, she receives a minimum of $10 million. Shrek is the highest grossing animation franchise and the 13th highest grossing franchise of all time. As of 2016, it has made over $3.5 billion from 5 films.

Cameron continues to demand top dollar for her roles. Between 2009 and 2016 she earned over $150 million. She has a her fair share of flops, nonetheless, the hits easily makes them insignificant.

In addition to her acting endeavors, Cameron earns frequently from endorsing luxury brands like Swiss manufacturing company, Tag Heuer and a plethora of others. She has also penned a handful of books that have made the NYT best seller list.