The 20 Most Expensive Private Luxury Yachts And Their Owners

The world’s billionaires can pretty much afford anything they want – from the rarest diamonds to private jets, the most luxurious apartments, super-fast cars, and even super motor yachts. They never get tired of adding to their expensive toy collection. But hey, you know what they say; “work hard, play hard”. It is an arguable point that one of the things that qualify you to join the league of top billionaires is the ownership of a super luxury yacht but it’s pretty close.

These floating mansions are absolutely magnificent, having every ultra-modern amenity you can find on land, from helipads to swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, they have it all. The interior designs of most luxury yachts could downplay those of the most luxurious hotels around. More so, apart from housing the owners, most of these luxury vessels have been homes to some very popular people in showbiz, politicians, footballers and the crème de la crème in society.

Most Expensive Private Luxury Yachts and Their Owners

They may rent them out or use them for occasional holiday trips but the fact remains that these billionaires forked out a lot of money to acquire some of the most expensive yachts in the world.

20. Lionheart

20 Most Expensive Yacht And Their Owners
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Price Tag – $150 Million

Owner – Sir Philip Green

Net Worth – $2.2 Billion

The 207-foot behemoth Lionheart is owned by the British billionaire Sir Philip Green. This superyacht was built by the Benetti, a popular Italian ship construction company. The sea beauty has 6 elegantly furnished VIP rooms, as well as a number of private balconies.

Lionheart has housed a good number of celebrities which include the likes of Hollywood actress, Kate Moss, British talent manager, Simon Cowell and football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

19. Aviva

20 Most Expensive Yacht And Their Owners
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Price Tag – $150 Million

Owner – Joe Lewis

Net Worth – $4.8 Billion

The 98 meters long Aviva yacht is the 4th and latest model of the Aviva yachts designed by Raymon Langton for the British billionaire, Joe Lewis. The current Aviva is 10 meters longer than its predecessor Aviva (III) which is 68 meters long. This superyacht contains a standard tennis court and houses notable art pieces like Picasso. The motor yacht was built by boat which was made by Abeking & Rasmussen and its port of registry is the Cayman Islands.

18. Ecstasea

20 Most Expensive Yacht And Their Owners
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Price Tag – $200 Million

Owner – Alshair Fiyaz

Net Worth – $3 Billion

Ecstasea is one of the fastest luxury yachts in the world and it is owned by the Pakistani billionaire, Alshair Fiyaz. He bought it in June 2009 from its original owner, the Russian business magnate, Roman Abramovich.

In 2004, when Ecstasea was built, it held the title of the largest Feadship in history. The entire body of the yacht is made of steel and its length is 85.95 meters with a beam of 11.50 meters which gives it a 585 metric ton dead weight. The gigantic beauty can house up to 14 persons and it has earned numerous design awards for its interior decorations which are breathtaking!

17. Octopus


Price Tag – $200 Million

Owner – Paul Allen

Net Worth – $20.3 Billion ( as at the time of his death in 2018)

Launched officially in 2003, the octopus was custom-built by German shipbuilders Lurssen for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. It measures 126 m and features 41 suites, a cinema, recording studio, basketball court, glass-bottom swimming pool, two helipads and two submarines. Apart from the occasional party its owner hosts on the yacht when he was alive, it is regularly given out to scientific researchers and for rescue missions. The yacht has the capacity to accommodate 26 guests and 57 crew members.

16. The Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Price Tag – $200 Million

Owner – David Geffen

Net Worth – $8.9 Billion

The Rising Sun was designed by Jon Bannenberg and built by Lurssen for its original owner – Oracle’s Larry Ellison. Constructed in 2004, the yacht underwent a revamp in 2007 and in 2010, it was acquired by Hollywood tycoon, David Geffen. The 132 m long floating mansion has 82 rooms spread over its five floors. With extraordinary features, including a basketball court, helipad, cinema with massive plasma TV, wine cellar, gym/spa/sauna, and Jacuzzi bathrooms, this extensive yacht could pass for a modern hotel.

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15. Seven Seas

Seven seas

Price Tag – $200 Million

Owner – Steven Speilberg

Net Worth – $3.6 Billion

Writer, director and business magnate Steven Speilberg needed a yacht for his personal needs so he hired Oceanco to do the construction. The 82 meters long Seven Seas was made with a 2,750 gross ton interior volume for the film maker’s use.

Steve’s yacht features his own personal suite and 6 other suites that can comfortably house up to 12 guests, as well as enough space for 23 crew members. There is also a massive swimming pool, gym, helipad and a movie theatre on the luxurious yacht.

14. Lady Moura

Lady Moura

Price Tag – $210 Million

Owner – Nasser Al-Rashid

Net Worth – $8 Billion

Lady Moura was launched in the early ’90s and is the private property of Nashir Al-Rashid, an advisor to the Saudi royal family and founder of Rashid Engineering. Though little is known about this yacht, it is a fact that the entire vessel was made out of steel and her name found on the stern, port and starboard are all written in 24-karat gold. So, if Rashid could afford pure gold for writing his yacht’s name, then it won’t be wrong to speculate everything inside this yacht would be posh!

13. Al Mirqab

Al Mirquab

Price Tag – $250 Million

Owner – Hamad Bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani

Net Worth – $1.2 Billion

Hamad Bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani is the former prime minister of Qatar and the owner of this luxury yacht designed by Tim Haywood and built-in Wewelsfleth, Germany, by Peters Schiffbau. The 133-meter long yacht can accommodate 24 guests as it contains 10 suites for guests with additional 2 VIP suites for its owner. There is also a movie theatre, indoor pool, outdoor jacuzzi, sun decks and a helipad. More so, this luxury yacht can house 55 crew members on board with their own rooms.

12. Dilbar


Price Tag – $256 Million

Owner – Alisher Usmanov

Net Worth – $15.5 Billion

Russian billionaire investor named his $ 256 million motor yacht after his mother. The yacht built by Germany’s Lurssen can house up to 20 guests and 47 crew members. It features a pool, helipad and a deluxe dining area. Its interiors were designed by the legendary French designer, Alberto Pinto.

11. Pelorus

Pelorus 2

Price Tag – $300 Million

Owner – Samuel Tak Lee

Net Worth – $3.7 Billion

Pelorus was originally owned by Russian billionaire and Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich. However, after his ex-wife acquired the yacht as part of her divorce settlement, she sold it in 2011 to Media tycoon David Geffen but presently, it is owned by the Hong Kong billionaire, Samuel Tak Lee.

The yachts’ interiors designed by Terence Disdale has rooms that can carry 22 guests and 42 crew members. There are two helipads, a large pool, an extensive toy room and a jacuzzi. Back in 2005, Roman offered this yacht to Chelsea footballers, Frank Lampard and John Terry for a period of two weeks as a perk for being Chelsea’s best players in the 04/05 season.

10. Serene


Price Tag – $330 Million

Owner – Mohammed bin Salman

Net Worth – $1.4 Trillion (the royal Saudi family’s net worth)

Built by Italian Fincantieri and having a length of 134 meters, Serene is one of the world’s largest yachts, and it is owned by the crowned Saudi Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. This superyacht has 7 decks with 12 cabins capable of housing 24 guests. Its facilities include a submarine, pool and two helipads. There are 54 crew members on board to ensure smooth sail. In 2014, world’s richest man, Bill Gates borrowed this yacht for a summer treat and paid a whopping $5 million per week.

9. Al Said

Al Said 1

Price Tag – $300 Million

Owner – Qaboos bin Said al Said

Net Worth – $900 Million (as at the time of his death in January 2020)

The yacht’s owner Qaboos bin said was the sultan of Omar and one of the wealthiest royals in the world. His eponymous yacht is one of the world’s longest at 155 meters and can accommodate 70 guests and 174 crew members. It touts every modern amenity you can think of.

8. Radiant


Price Tag – $320 Million

Owner – Abdullah Al Futtaim

Net Worth – $2 Billion

Radiant is one of the most expensive yachts in world and it is the property of another Arab billionaire investor, Abdullah Al Futtaim. It was designed by Tim Heywood and constructed by a world-renowned Lurssen shipyard in 2009. Radiant can accommodate a guest list of 16 and a crew of 44.

7. Dubai


Price Tag – $400 Million

Owner – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Net Worth – $14 Billion

When you’re a Sheikh, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE you have the power to own a luxury yacht named after your city. At 162 meters long, Dubai is the 3rd largest yacht in the world. Dubbed ‘The Floating City’, it boasts of a pool, spa, helipad, a submarine, squash pad, and every other thing you would find in a city. Its interiors designed by Platinum Yachts has all it takes to cater for 115 guests.

6. Motor Yacht A


Price Tag – $440 Million

Owner – Andrey Melnichenko

Net Worth – $14.9 Billion

This spectacularly unique yacht was designed by Martin Francis and Philippe Stark and constructed by Germany’s Blohm + Voss. Named after the initials of its Russian billionaire owner, A has 1 private suite and 6 other suites that carry up to 14 guests. Dubbed by experts as “most loved and loathed ship on the sea” A’s interior is groomed with contemporary designs and has every modern facility ready. Superyacht A employs the services of 37 crew members.

5. Topaz


Price Tag – $525 Million

Owner – Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan

Net Worth – $14 Billion

This 147-meter long motor luxury yacht belongs to Mansour bin Zayed – the deputy prime minister of UAE. Topaz has 7 decks and is equipped with a jacuzzi, large conference room, tender garage, a pool with a platform, a gym, movie theatre, 2 helipads and more. It was built by Lurssen and designed by Tim Heywood (exterior) and Terence Disdale (interior).

4. Azzam


Price Tag – $600 Million

Owner – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan

Net Worth – $18 Billion

At 180 meters long, Azzam holds the title of the world’s 2nd longest private luxury yachts. Launched in April 2013, this 50-suite superyacht took Lurssen a record of 3 years to construct. Azzam features the most sophisticated facilities which include its own missile defence system, a bulletproof suite for its owner, a mini-submarine, two pools, two helipads, a cinema, and surveillance cameras. With all that to accommodate, Azzam can still navigate at a top speed of 30 knots. Its owner Khalifa bin Zayed is the president of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

3. Streets of Monaco

20 Most Expensive Yacht And Their Owners
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Price Tag: $1.1 Billion

Owner: Undisclosed

Net Worth: Undisclosed

This exquisite yacht is designed to depict the landmarks of the city of Monaco like the popular Monte Carlo Casino, alongside Hotel de Paris and Ca Rascasse. The yacht’s luxury suite covers 3 floors and there is a private elevator to help for easy movement while onboard. There is also an office space, cosy living rooms, balconies and jacuzzies which are sundeck. However, the most spectacular aspect of the luxurious yacht is the inbuilt café which has a great underwater view.

The Streets of Monaco is quite a massive masterpiece as it is 500 feet long. Its creators include Opulent Yacht who worked on the exteriors while Filthy Rich Boaters are credited for its interior designs.

2. Eclipse

Eclipse 1

Price Tag – $1.5 billion

Owner – Roman Abramovich

Net Worth – $12.1 Billion

Eclipse underwent modifications that shot up the price tag to its current value in 2020. Measuring 163.5 m, Eclipse is the second-largest private superyacht in the world and what exactly does the world’s second most expensive yacht contain? – a missile defence system, intruder detector, (safety is guaranteed) anti-paparazzi system (yeah! no illegal photo-snapping allowed), 2 swimming pools, a mini-submarine, 2 helipads, gym, sauna, dance hall, cinema, beauty saloon, playroom, conference hall, the list could go on forever. Eclipse has not less than 30 suites with a private bulletproof suite for its owner, Roman Abramovich. It was built for the Russian business mogul by Germany’s Blohm + Voss.

1. History Supreme

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Price Tag – $ 4.8 Billion

Owner – Robert Kuok

Net Worth – $ 10.5 Billion

At the top of the list of superyachts in the world is no other than the magnificent, History Supreme. This beauty which was built with the finest of gold and platinum is a 100-foot long and weighs 10,000 kg. Its master bedroom is adorned with an original Tyrannosaurus Rex bone statue and the walls of the room are made of meteorite rocks. The master suite also contains an Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium made of 24-carat gold! It took its designer, Stuart Huges, 3 years to put this flawless creation together. History Supreme is owned by the Malaysian’s billionaire, Robert Kuok.

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 most expensive yachts in the world!

  1. History Supreme – $4.8 Billion
  2. Eclipse – $1.5 Billion
  3. Streets of Monaco – $1.1 Billion
  4. Azzam – $600 Million
  5. Topaz – $525 Million
  6. Motor Yacht A – $440 Million
  7. Dubai – $400 Million
  8. Radiant – $320 Million
  9. Al Said – $300 Million
  10. Serene – $330 Million
  11. Pelorus – $300 Million
  12. Dilbar – $256 Million
  13. Al Mirqab – $250 Million
  14. Lady Moura – $210 Million
  15. Octopus – $200 Million
  16. The Rising Sun – $200 Million
  17. Exstasea – $200 Million
  18. Solandge – $180 Million
  19. Aviva – $150 Million
  20. Lionheart – $150 Million


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