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Ever since YouTube became a legitimate platform for creative minds to showcase their talent, while earning a lot of money in the process, there has been no shortage of talented men and women who have taken to the platform to enrich themselves. What was merely a hobby for many, like Tanner Fox, has become the means through which they pay their bills, buy expensive houses and cars, as well as live the lavish lifestyle.

It is one of the quintessential attributes of a modern life ruled by technology, and Tanner Fox is one of the people whose existence has been improved and made famous through their work on YouTube. Fox is an internet personality who is also a professional scooter rider. Since he began uploading his videos on YouTube, he has garnered millions of followers across several social media channels, with more than 9.9 million subscribers on YouTube alone. But what exactly does he do on the platform, and how did it take off?

Tanner Fox Before YouTube Fame

The advent of technology and the ubiquitous nature of social media has made the upbringing of late-stage millennials, and particularly, Generation Z people, very different from what the rest of the world experienced. Tanner Fox, who was born on the 22nd of December in 1999, belongs to the class of Generation Z adults whose world view is heavily influenced by their relationship with technology. His birthplace is recorded as San Diego, California.

As such, the youngster’s life has always been influenced by technology, and he’s among the few people who tapped into the potentials and made a career out of it. Fox is a good example of making your hobby your career as he was always drawn to making random videos and posting them online while growing.

Having taken up an interest in skateboarding at the age of 2, he has had to change schools, eventually settling for homeschooling when his stunt riding and video-making habits got him expelled from his school. Notably, that obsession got him expelled from a Catholic school after he uploaded a video he filmed while class was going on. From just ridding his scooter and filming the act for fun, Tanner is now a professional scooter rider, which he combined with his YouTube blogger career to become an online sensation.

Tanner Fox’s parents, one of whom is Ronda Fox gave birth to two children, which means Tanner Fox has a sister named Lindsay Fox. Just like Tanner, Lindsay is also a YouTuber. She is a star on the platform and is also known to be popular on Instagram. With almost a combined 900 thousand followers on both YouTube and Instagram, Lindsay takes full advantage of her popularity by selling merchandise.

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What Exactly Does Tanner Fox Do On YouTube?

They say your environment plays a critical part in your success, and Tanner Fox, who was born in San Diego, California, benefits from being raised in an environment that provided a chance for him to develop his interest. Of course, it hasn’t been all that smooth sailing for the YouTube star, but his passion for what he does thrives hard.

He launched his YouTube channel named MT Films on September 4th in 2011 and was ready to start uploading videos in no time. His first YouTube video was published on the 9th of September 2011, and since then, he has shared over a thousand videos, securing millions of YouTube subscribers in the process. All his videos combined currently have over 1.9 billion views as of May 2020, with his most popular video having over 23 million videos.

His most popular video, which is of him doing hoverboard tricks at a skatepark, defines the person Tanner Fox is. Having fallen in love with stunt scooter riding at a very young age, he has been performing stunts with various riding tools, such as skates, hoverboards, and scooters. He is currently considered a professional stunt scooter rider. His talent as a stunt rider combined with his passion for making videos, which like his stunt riding interest, was developed at a very young age, has been the catalyst for his success.

As a YouTuber, Tanner Fox has worked with several other famous names like Jake Paul, Casey Neistat, and Justin Stuart. He also notably works with his best friend, Jake Angeles to create his videos.

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Tanner Fox

What is His Net Worth?

For Tanner Fox, his relationship with technology has helped him become one of the notable personalities on the internet from such a young age. As part of a growing modern economy of internet influencers, he is not left out in securing the bag in different ways and is now estimated to be worth $7 million.

While his major source of income is his YouTube channel, he has equally leveraged on his popularity to make money from ad revenue and merchandise sales. His influence and success have also made him an attractive figure for brands like Root Industries, Lucky Scooters, and Grind Shop, and all of these engagements translate to money in the bag.

His merchandise sales are mostly done on his website – tfoxbrand.com. Some of the items he has sold include the Special Edition 500K Subscriber shirt, TFOX Dad Hats, as well as 8 Sticker Packs. He bought himself a Nissan GT-R, his dream car, worth close to $100K. Fox got the car when he was 16.

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Who is His Girlfriend?

Success breeds attraction and Tanner Fox has had his share of it. Being a notable internet personality, his relationship status has been courted the interest of his many fans, and for a long while, there were rumors of him being involved with a high school friend named Anna, a rumor that eventually died down when he tweeted in April 2017 that he had eyes for someone else.

Shortly afterward, Tanner Fox confirmed to the world that he was dating Taylor Alesia. Their relationship, however, did not last. Tanner was believed to be single until in 2019 when it emerged that he was in a relationship with Avalon Nadfalusi. It is currently presumed that they are still together.

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