How Did Casey Neistat Achieve A Net Worth of $12 Million?

YouTube stars or bloggers are known to not just be popular and influential figures on the internet but also rich people who rake in a lot of money for their work which is often viewed by millions of people from around the world. For this reason, fans are often interested in knowing how much money these bloggers make from their creative effort, some of which appear to be effortlessly done. YouTube viewers have often asked what Casey Neistat’s net worth is, especially because of the man’s incredible rise through the ranks to become one of the highly sought after figures on the video-sharing platform.

Over the years, Casey Neistat has stunned people with his business-savvy moves and his resilience to achieve success despite several obstacles he faced. He has raked in a lot of money for himself and has become a truly influential person on the internet. Today, Neistat has raked in about $12 million – some reports have even pegged his worth at $16 million – but how exactly did he make all this money? How did Casey Neistat’s net worth come to be? Let’s take a look at his life.

Casey Neistat’s Early Life

Casey Neistat is highly admired for his rags-to-riches story. This is because even though he was not born into wealth, he managed to steer his way from poverty to wealth, winning over lots of fans who have come to admire his resilience and creativity.

Neistat whose full name is actually Casey Owen Neistat was given birth to on the 25th of March 1981 in Gales Ferry, Connecticut and, even though he is clearly an American man, he is reported to have Jewish roots. Growing up, he studied in high school only for a while before he dropped out in his sophomore year. He never went back to school but decided to chase after other things that were bound to fetch him money.

Casey Neistat left home when he was about 17 years old so he could live on his own. During this time of his life, he had it really rough. At 17, he had a son called Owen with his girlfriend at the time, Robin Harris. They led a difficult life and even lived inside a trailer for some time. During this time, Neistat had to get a job as a dishwasher in Connecticut to survive.

After some time, he decided to move to New York in order to seek greener pastures and gain financial independence.

How Did Casey Neistat Achieve a Net Worth of $12 Million?

Today, despite his very poor background, Casey Neistat’s net worth has been pegged at about $12 million, with other reports claiming he is worth $16 million. It is clear that Neistat is a wealthy man at the moment, but how did he make all this money? How did he overcome poverty?

When Neistat came to New York, he came with his brother Van Neistat. Together, they started making video clips. They later teamed up with Tom Sachs, a popular American artist to make films. He finally found popularity in 2003 when he created a short film titled iPod’s Dirty Secret which gained a lot of attention, raking in millions of views. At this time, he had begun to gain some popularity on YouTube as well.

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Casey Neistat's net worth

Neistat and his brother, Van later developed their own film series called Science Experiments. The short films which lasted for 15 minutes each gave them even more exposure. As their fame continued to grow, the brothers proceeded to produce a TV series titled The Neistat Brothers. The series was later purchased by HBO in 2008 for an undisclosed sum. At this point, Neistat was already raking in money for himself.

Casey Neistat, who was very hungry for more money and achievement, collaborated with his friend Matt Hackett to create a video-sharing app called Beme. In 2016, the app had become very popular that it caught the attention of CNN which purchased it for $25 million. Apparently, this was a huge payday for Casey Neistat.

Neistat now has more than 11 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has raked in more than 2 billion views altogether. He makes a lot of money from advertisements on his YouTube channel. The YouTube star is also a motivational speaker and he makes a lot of money through his public speaking engagements. This has apparently helped to boost Casey Neistat’s net worth over the years.

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