Things To Know About Owen Neistat – Candice Pool’s Husband

Witty and very smart, Owen Neistat is an American businessman and YouTube star who rose to the top of the game and became one of the most popular persons on the video-sharing platform. Over the years, he has garnered several million subscribers and has had more than 2 billion views altogether, cementing his place as one of the most influential YouTubers in contemporary times.

Apart from his work on YouTube, Owen Neistat has had a series of successes in different business fields. Starting out as a YouTuber, he has branched off to writing, directing, and even vlogging. He has even been the co-founder of a company that gained the attention of top media powerhouses like CNN. Today, he is one of the most talked-about American social media influencers.

How Old is He?

Owen Neistat was born on the 5th day of March in the year 1981. He was born in Gales Ferry, a village in the town of Ledyard, Connecticut, USA. Even though he is apparently an American man, it is noteworthy that he has Jewish roots. According to sources, he was born into a Jewish family in Gales Ferry. Even though everyone now calls him Owen Neistat, the man’s full birth name is actually Casey Owen Neistat.

Growing up, Owen studied for a while at high school. It is on record that he was very ambitious and had a mind of his own and although many saw him as stubborn or rebellious, he was able to forge out his own path and achieve success in a spectacular way.

Who is His Mom

Owen Neistat’s mom has been identified as Amy Neistat. Owen is quite fond of the woman. His father’s name has been revealed to be Barry Neistat. Owen has three siblings; two brothers and one sister. His brothers have been identified as Dean Neistat and Van Neistat and his sister’s name has been revealed to be Jordan Neistat.

Apart from the fact that he has successfully built his YouTube channel into one of the biggest and most popular channels on the platform, there are some other interesting facts about Owen Neistat. We bring you some of them.

He dropped out of school

Owen Neistat did not finish high school. He started but dropped out soon after. He was only 17 years when he dropped out of high school and it was during his sophomore year. After dropping out, Owen never went back to school. Instead, he went chasing after other things that made him happier.

He had it rough as a youngster

Owen did not stay with his parents for too long as a youngster. He left home soon after turning 17 and dropping out of school, going off to live on his own. But he had it really rough. At the time, he was living inside a trailer park and also worked to make ends meet as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant. He combined his dish-washing job with another job as a bike messenger in New York City.

Owen had a son at just 17 years old

The man was just 17 years old when he had his first son whom he also named Owen. At the time, Owen was dating a girl called Robin Harris. He got her pregnant and Robbin gave birth to their son. Together, they faced a difficult time. Robbin lived with Owen inside their trailer park and endured the dark days when he worked as a dishwasher in Connecticut.

He has worked on short films and TV series

After facing hard times in Connecticut, Owen left for New York to seek for greener pastures and soon found himself making films. In 2001, Owen and his brother, Van Neistat teamed up with Tom Sachs, an American artist, to make short films. About two years later in 2003, Owen gained public attention when he made a three-minute film titled iPod’s Dirty Secret in which he heavily slammed tech giants, Apple, for not having a suitable battery replacement program for their device. The film got many people talking to the point that it even came to Apple’s note. Owen has also produced a film series which he titled Science Experiments.

With their popularity growing, Owen and his brother went on to produce a TV series called The Neistat Brothers. The series was later purchased by HBO in 2008 after its 8th episode.

His marriage to Candice Pool and kids

Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat and his wife, Candice Pool

Owen Neistat is a married man. He is married to Candice Pool, a jewelry designer. Their relationship has been full of drama. The couple first got married in 2005 but the union was annulled just a month later. However, they later reconciled and started dating once more. They got engaged again in February 2013 and got married a second time in December 2013. This marriage held in Cape Town, South Africa.

The couple now has two children together; two girls named Francine and Georgie. With the inclusion of the son he had with Robbin Harris, Owen now has three kids.

He co-founded Beme

Neistat has always been a businessman at heart. In 2015, he and his friend, Matt Hackett worked together and developed a video-sharing app called Beme. The iOS version was released in 2015 and the Android version was released in May 2016. In November 2016, it was announced that CNN would purchase the app for $25 million but in January 2017, it was revealed that the app had shut down.

Owen is a motivational speaker

Today, Owen Neistat has turned a motivational speaker and often gets invited to speak about his life and career at conferences and other places. He has spoken at the Museum of Modern Art of New York City and even at TEDx Parker School, Chicago as well as in so many other places.

He has won awards for his works

Owen Neistat has won several awards for his work overtime. He won the ‘YouTuber of the Year’ award at the Shorty Awards event in 2016. He has also won other awards including the ‘John Cassavetes Award’ presented by the Independent Spirit Awards in 2010. He has also been honored with the ‘New Media Star award’ at the GQ Men of the Year award event.

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