Ethan Klein Net Worth: How Much is The YouTube Comedian Really Worth?

Ethan Klein has his Youtube career to thank for his wealth. He has an estimated net worth of $20 million, most of which came from his channels: H3H3 Productions, Ethan and Hila, H3 Podcast, and H3 Podcast Highlights; all of which boast of 12.39 million subscribers with 2.70 billion views. Thus far, he has raked in over $9 million through these YouTube channels which he manages with his wife Hila Klein.

Besides his exploit on YouTube, the controversial American YouTuber is a philanthropist and real estate investor with real estate acquisitions worth over $12 million. His humanitarian deeds include raising over $200,000 for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, and gifting a total of $100,000 over 100 days to 200 people on Twitter as COVID-19 relief.

Ethan Klein Has Made Over $9 Million from YouTube

Following Ethan Klein’s graduation from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature in 2009, he relocated to Israel and kicked off his professional career as a marketing executive. There, he met his wife Hila Klein and they created a YouTube channel, H3H3 Productions, on April 29th, 2011. Most of the content on the channel comprises of sketch comedy and reaction videos which incorporate Klein’s criticisms and commentary. The channel became a hit in 2016 when it attracted over 1 million subscribers.

In addition to H3H3 Productions, the couple created more YouTube channels – Ethan and Hila, H3 Podcast, and H3 Podcast Highlights. In total, their YouTube channels have over 700 videos with over 2.7 billion views, grossing over $9 million in revenue.

Currently, H3H3 Productions has over 6.5 million subscribers and over 300 videos. Its most popular video, VAPE NATION, has over 27 million views and has raked in over $100K. Other popular videos on the channel include These Glasses Cured Our Color Blindness Ft. iDubbbztv (over 21 million views), Kissing Pranks (over 15 million views), Feeding the Homeless (over 14 million views), and Buzzfeed Hates Men (over 13 million views).

The content creator created the H3H3: Ball Rider video game in 2018. This has undoubtedly added to his wealth.

How Much Money Does He Make From H3 Podcast?

Ethan Klein has fetched a substantial amount of money through his H3 Podcast, thus, adding to his net worth. It was created on April 8th, 2017, and airs thrice a week. The podcasts are uploaded on its YouTube channel after streaming live on Klein’s channel. Ethan’s H3 Podcast has been graced by several famous personalities from all walks of life including PewDiePie, Post Malone, DJ Khaled, Dr. DisRespect, Belle Delphine, Bella Thorne, and Trisha Paytas.

More so, the H3 Podcast YouTube channel and its highlights channel has over 3.6 million combined subscribers with over 260 videos. Its most popular videos include Shane Dawson (11 million views), Post Malone & Joji (9 million views), Post Malone (7.1 million views), Talking about Jake Paul (7.1 million views), and Steve-O (6.7 million views). According to Social Blade, H3 Podcast which has 2.19 subscribers, 261 videos, and over 350 million views, generates between $3,500 to $55,800 monthly and anything from $41,800 to $669,200.

Ethan Klein’s Most Watched YouTube Videos and What they’ve Earned

  • Vape Nation – 27 million views (over $100,000)
  • These Glasses Cured Our Color Blindness – 21 million views (over $60,000)
  • Kissing Pranks – 15 million views (over $45,000)
  • Feeding The Homeless – 14 million views (over $45,000)
  • Buzzfeed Hates Men – 13 million views (over $40,000)
  • Warm It Up Exe That’s a 10! – 13 million views (over $40,000)

The YouTube Star and His Wife Own a Clothing Line Called Teddy Fresh

In October 2017, Ethan Klein’s wife founded a clothing company called Teddy Fresh. It is a self-design brand that produces color-blocked sweaters, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, and socks. Even though the fashion line is a separate business entity from their H3H3 shop, its apparel is being advertised on their H3H3 YouTube channel and equally on their other channels.

Following Teddy Fresh’s collaborations with clothing brands, Rip’n’Dip and SpongeBob Squarepants, Zumiez, an American multinational specialty clothing store began to stock their products across its 600 US stores. Teddy Fresh sell their products through its online store. Inc Fact estimates the clothing line’s annual revenue between $10 and $50 million.

Sources of the Content Creator’s $20 Million Net Worth

  • H3H3 Production YouTube Channel – over $1 million
  • H3 Podcast – over $1 million
  • H3H3: Ball Rider Video Game – N/A
  • Teddy Fresh Clothing Line – between $10 million and $50 million
  • Ethan and Hila YouTube Channel – N/A

Ethan Klein Spends His Money on Real Estate and Philanthropic Deeds

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Ethan and his wife purchased their first Los Angeles property, a home in Woodland Hills, California for $780,000 in 2017. The following year, they acquired a contemporary Encino house for $2.3 million.

Then in 2019, the YouTube power couple shelled out $9 million for a luxury 7,563 square feet mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Overall, the worth of his real estate acquisitions is estimated at over $12 million. Ethan Klein is one of the YouTubers who love to give back to society in their little way.

He Raised Over $200k for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017

During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Greater Houston, Texas, Ethan and Hila launched fundraising on Twitch’s live stream to support the relief effort of the victims. The couple collaborated with Alex Hirsch, Justin Roiland, Joey Salads, and Dana Terrace. They raised over $100,000 within 24 hours and over $200,000 in one week.

Ethan, his wife Hila Klein, and their guests received a congratulatory message from Twitch on hitting their target of $100K. The money was donated to Direct Relief for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Ethan and Hila Klein Gave $100k as COVID-19 Relief

The coronavirus pandemic affected several economies of the world with the United States recording over 15 million people who filed for unemployment between March and April 2020. To cushion the effect of the pandemic, Ethan announced on his Twitter handle on April 14th that he would be gifting $100,000 over 100 days to those struggling to pay their bills at the time.

The talented content creator tagged the initiative ‘Hila & Ethan’s Lazy Philanthropy’ (H.E.L.P.). Each day within the stipulated 100 days, two winners won a cash prize of $500 through a raffle draw. Following the freewill donation of $50,000 from PLAYERUNKNOWN in support of the initiative, Klein increased the number of the daily winners to 3.

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