A Break Down Of RiceGum’s Net Worth And His Relationship Timeline

Asian-American vlogger Bryan Le is undoubtedly one big shot in the internet business. Best known as RiceGum, Le is also a fast-rising rapper with a number of chart-making songs to his credit. He made it onto the Billboard Emerging Artists chart in 2017. As a rapper, RiceGum enjoys churning out feud, diss and roast tracks. Most popular among his music is his roast video titled These Kids Must Be Stopped.

Alongside the fame his career has earned him, RiceGum has garnered impressive wealth through the internet business, building for himself a net worth that is really worth mentioning.

A Detailed Look At How RiceGum Built His Net Worth Over the Years

Born as Bryan Quang Le on 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada, RiceGum grew up alongside his two younger siblings under the custody of their immigrant parents, Quang Ly Lely, a Chinese and Luat Quang Le, a Vietnamese.

Growing up in Vegas, RiceGum attended the Sierra Vista High School during which he launched his internet career. Upon graduating from high school, he moved on to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His passion for the internet business, however, drove him to drop out in January 2016 after his freshman year in pursuit of a full-time career in the field. Since then, the rising star has never looked back but continued to soar in all dimensions of his career, earning massive fame and wealth for himself.

As of 2020, RiceGum’s net worth stands at an estimated $8 million. Let’s have a closer look at how he made all that cash!

YouTube Career And Music

RiceGum created his YouTube channel, RiceGum in September 2012. He started off by streaming various kinds of video games, with his first being Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Alongside streaming video games, RiceGum began to Facetime models. He usually asked the ladies awkward questions from his chat while playing games in the background with the promise of paying them back with social media promotions.

After about three years of streaming games, RiceGum shifted his attention to comedy. Starting from 2015, he posted various funny skits. Armed with rapping skills, he also made music videos, usually diss tracks where he rapped about fellow social media influencers. He eventually hit his big break after uploading a video titled These Kids Must Be Stopped on December 8, 2015.

The video had some embarrassing clips of aspiring web stars like Hunter Rowland, Jacob Sartorius, and Loren Beech. He criticized the teenage stars for making and posting music videos that had sexual connotations. The video which earned him much popularity racked over 13 million views with varying reactions from fans around the world.

In June 2017, RiceGum made and uploaded a music video titled “It’s EveryNight Sis”. The video which is a sort of a parody of Jake Paul’s “It’s EveryDay Bro” featured Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet. In the video, RiceGum had Paul roasted as much as possible. The video which has so far accumulated almost 200 million views was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

RiceGum soon followed this up with another single titled “God Church”. The song which he released in July 2017 peaked at #1 on the Comedy Digital Track Sales chart. Other notable singles that the internet star has released so far include “Frick da Police”, “DaAdult”, and “My Ex”. The songs were mostly dissing tracks which sparked controversies and in turn, bred more fame for RiceGum.

As of mid-2020, RiceGum’s YouTube channel has 10.6 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. With these, RiceGum’s channel is entitled to an average of 250,000 views per day. With YouTubers earning between $2-$10 dollars per 1000 monetized views, the channel earns him between $500 and $2,500 in a day.

In addition to his original channel, RiceGum created another YouTube channel called RiceGumExtra in April 2016. So far, the channel has garnered 1.45 million subscribers and over 57 million views. It has also been able to reach an average of around 20,000 daily views which should generate from $40 to $200 ad income per day. Aside from ads, the YouTuber also earns from sponsored contents on his channel.

Other Ventures

In addition to his activities on YouTube, RiceGum earns some money from his clothing line, RYCE which he created in 2017. He displays the merchandise which comprises T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, windbreakers, backpacks and other accessories on Shopify. The prices of RYCE t-shirts range from $25 to $45.

RiceGum also earns significantly from his other social media accounts, especially Instagram where he boasts a massive following of 4.2 million. The social media star has also launched a SoundCloud account which is speedily amassing thousands of followers.

The YouTuber has, moreover, landed a number of endorsement deals and partnerships. In 2018, he featured in a Super Bowl commercial for the Monster brand. The commercial wherein he played young Noel Lee, the founder of the company, did not only earn him a huge exposure but also increased his financial earnings.

Who and Who Has The YouTuber Dated?

Rice with his ex, Abby Image Source

From his online dispositions, one needs not to be told that RiceGum is a straight guy. Being heterosexual, the 6’2″ tall YouTuber who loves baring his romantic affairs online has since hooked up with a few women. While some of them are mere rumours, others are real. Sometime in 2017, rumours emerged that RiceGum is dating Instagram fitness model, Sommer Ray. The latter, however, debunked the claims, stating that she is just friends with the YouTuber.

Late in 2018, RiceGum began dating famous TikTok star and Clubhouse co-founder, Abby Rao. He made things official through a January 11 video which he uploaded on his channel. The duo kept their relationship open to the world through media platforms, appearing in numerous of each other’s videos and social media feeds.

The lovebirds, however, parted ways in November 2019, citing a conflict of interests.

The Real Reason Behind Their Breakup And The Ensuing Feud

RiceGum at some point of their relationship had started engaging in unwholesome live-streamed Twitch conversations with girls which Rao did not quite like. This caused a rift between the two as RiceGum took her nonacceptance of his actions as her not being supportive.

The breakup was not in the least amicable as RiceGum and Abby have since engaged each other in bitter internet feuds. The beef which mainly escalates from RiceGum’s side continued to get even more offensive with the YouTuber making very nasty comments about Abby, including claiming that he owns a percentage of her. This because of a contract he claims Abby had signed while they were dating which entitles him to a percentage of her earnings. Rao has also continued to receive trolls and hate comments from RiceGum’s die-hard fans, with many of them claiming that it was the YouTube star that made Abby famous.

Following his split from Abby Rao, RiceGum is yet to come open with a new girlfriend.

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