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Sherrie Swafford is one of the many celebrities who found their way to the top through an intimate relationship with a celebrated star. When Sherrie’s relationship with Steve Perry went public, they were the people’s ideal couple and a role model to many of their fans. Steve is a famous rock singer and songwriter best known as the vocal powerhouse of the rock band Journey.

Sherrie Swafford and Steve may no longer be together but the love they shared decades ago is still the reason why many would want to know more about them. Here are more facts about Sherrie you would love to know.

Sherrie Swafford Biography

Sherrie Swafford has neither revealed nor said a thing about her private life and as a result, information about her birth, as well as her family background cannot be given but we know for sure that she is American by nationality. Also not available is Sherrie’s educational background or what professional career she pursued. Apparently, her life in the spotlight began when she met the American vocalist, Steve Perry.

Details of Sherrie Swafford’s Relationship with Steve Perry

Sherrie and her singer boyfriend were crazily in love with each other and this caught the public eye. Although there is no detail of Sherrie and Perry’s first meeting, they did date for years. Steve even wrote a number of songs including “Oh Sherrie,” and “Missing You” which talks about their love. Both Steve and Sherrie confirmed they were crazily in love with each other but as time went on, they realized that love wasn’t all they needed to remain together. Pressure on Steve’s music career was apparently the main reason for their breakup. They quarreled about almost everything – from the singer’s hectic tours with his band, to every other activity that kept them apart continuously.

The singer-songwriter Stephen Ray Perry is a Californian native, born as the only child of his Portuguese parents. His interest in music started from childhood as he grew up watching Raymond (Pereira) Perry sing. Apparently, his father was a vocalist and a co-owner of a radio station. With encouragement from his mother, Steve began his musical career first with a band he created with Scott Mathews. He also founded a progressive rock band called Pieces before joining the Alien Project in his mid-20s. When Steve joined the Journey group in the mid-1970s, he gave the band a new face with his pop style of music. He was also a lead vocalist for the rock band’s nine albums, including Departure, Evolution, Dream, After Dream and Infinity.

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Steve’s excelling music career obviously made it difficult for Sherrie to keep up. It apparently made her wary of having to manage their love life in the face of the rough storms of fame. Hence, their breakup happened in 1985. Years after their separation, the duo confirmed that though they’ve been separated for long, they are hopeful that they rejuvenate their love all over again, especially as the legendary singer has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Where Is Sherrie Swafford Now?

The ultra-private blonde beauty has always led a very quiet life and after she broke up with the legendary singer, she tried to keep herself away from all public appearances. Interestingly, Sherrie Swafford never married, neither does she have a child of her own since her separation from Steve. However, she has engaged in several relationships over the years.

Apparently, She still resides somewhere in America where she is an esthetician and yoga teacher. It appears as if raising a family isn’t part of her dreams as she dedicates her time to raising a bunch of pets she loves so much. She also plants and nurtures beautiful flowers. Following her profession as an esthetician, the beautiful blonde performs cosmetic skin treatments and engages in all kinds of beauty procedures that can help one to achieve a radiant appearance.

Sherrie’s profession has earned her a huge income, enough to take care of her private but luxurious lifestyle. Swafford’s annual income is estimated at $40,000 while her net worth is believed to fall around  $100,000. Her former boyfriend reportedly has his net worth at $45 million. While her exact height and body measurements are not available, Sherrie, from her pictures, stands at a decent height and her figure is beautified with a striking pair of blue eyes.

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