Ninja Net Worth: How Much Money Does The Social Media Personality Make?

For gamers, Ninja’s net worth has been a subject of interest for many who desire a career as a professional gamer. Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja has proven to be one of the success stories of a medium that was once considered the mainstay of poor, lazy and irresponsible men.

With over 14 million followers on, he is arguably the most popular gamer in the world with similar figures across another major streaming platform, YouTube. In this article, we explore everything you need to know about Ninja’s net worth as well as details about how the social media personality makes his money. Read on.

Ninja’s Biography

Before he was simply known as Ninja, he was NinjasHyper and before then, he was Richard Tyler Blevins. He was born on the 4th of June, 1991 in Detroit, Michigan to American parents who have Welsh origins. He was raised in Chicago after his parents moved there when he was one year old.

In Chicago, he began his life with video games as well as physical sports. Before he committed to a career as a professional gamer, Ninja explored the possibility of a career as a soccer player, eventually choosing the former after he graduated high school.

Ninja’s journey to a large net worth began after he left high school, when he began to enroll himself into tournaments, live streaming his games and joined professional organizations. He started with Halo 3 as his first professional game in 2009, playing under different organizations like Renegades, Team Liquid and Cloud9. He currently plays under Luminosity Gaming.

Ninja’s gaming career has seen him record several feats, including a viewing record of over 667 thousand live viewers in April 2018. He also owns the Twitch record for a single individual stream which he set in March 2018 while playing the popular game, Fortnite. He set the record by hosting a game with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster.

He currently has over 14.5 million followers on Twitch and has over 22 million subscribers on YouTube. On Twitter, his videos have been watched over 473 million times while he has over 1.88 billion views on YouTube.

With such an extensive audience, it is no wonder that Ninja has amassed an estimated net worth of $15 million.

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Ninja Net Worth: How Does He Make His Money?

Ninja net worth
Ninja at the New York Eve party in Times Square

With Ninja boasting of such an admirable personal net worth at a young age, how does he make his money? Well, primarily he makes money through his large audience. He is believed to make as much as $500,000 per month from streaming Fortnite and according to SocialBlade, the YouTube analysis website, he makes an average of $6,500 to $103,000 per month from his videos.

His $500,000 per month earnings from streaming Fortnite comes via over 200k paid Twitch subscribers. His free followers leave tips and donations, and he once famously got a $40,000 donation.

Aside from his earnings from streaming, his popularity and talent as a pro gamer have earned him some sponsorship deals with brands like Red Bull, Uber Eats, Samsung and NZXT.

The exact monetary value of his sponsorship deals and their contribution to Ninja’s net worth is unknown but his deal with Uber Eat is known to give him special discounts while his deal with Red Bull came with the energy drink company building a state-of-the-art streaming studio for him in his basement. The company also installed broadcast equipment worth $20,000 which has undoubtedly improved and helped him maintain his status as the number one gamer in the world.

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Having established himself as the most sought-after gamer in the world, streaming platforms go out of their way to get him on their platforms and in August 2019, lost out on the battle to Mixer, the Microsoft streaming service. The company reportedly paid $10 million for him to join the service. Despite his signing to Mixer, he is still expected to continue to stream on Twitch, which will undoubtedly expand his earning capacity.

Ninja’s net worth also got a significant boost in 2019 when he was paid $1 million by Electronic Arts to promote Apex Legends by streaming the game on his Twitch and Twitter account.

Other sources of income for the gamer includes his clothing line, an electronic music album he released in December 2018 and a published book, Get Book which he released on the 20th of August, 2019.

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