Ben Mallah Net Worth and All The Ways He Made His Money

Ben Mallah’s YouTube channel describes him as the man who combines the personality of Larry David with the presence of Don Corleone and the mouth of Donald Trump. While this assertion is debatable, we daresay that it is this combination of qualities that have enabled the fellow to become a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $250 million to his name. One of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories you would ever hear, Mallah grew up in absolute poverty in New York City. He however promised himself that one day he would become a big shot.

Mallah did not stop at just words but followed it up with action and today, he ranks amongst the most prosperous real estate dealers in the Florida area. Specializing in buying distressed houses and then renovating and flipping them for a profit, Mallah’s real estate empire is now worth tens of millions of dollars and encompasses numerous hotels, apartments, restaurants, and shopping centers. He is not letting his feet off the gas though and is already grooming the next generation of the family to take over from him in the nearest future.

Ben Mallah’s Real Estate Company Has Concluded Millions of Dollars’ Worth of Deals Over the Years

The lion’s share of Ben Mallah’s net worth comes from the real estate business and the foundation for that business was laid while he was still a child. As earlier stated, the New York native grew up in poverty and by the age of 12 dropped out of school to do a series of odd jobs. By 17, he had made his way into the U.S. Army and would spend the next five years there. In 1987, a 22-year-old Ben Mallah was stationed in Oakland, California, for service. He rented a cheap place and got a rent reduction by picking garbage around the building.

Mallah’s work ethic pleased the owner of the building and so he made him a superintendent. The fellow equally made him the superintendent of his other buildings and taught him the secret to the real estate business i.e. to buy disreputable buildings at a cheap price, renovate, and then sell them for a profit. Armed with this knowledge, Ben Mallah used his savings to buy a former crack house at the price of $27,500. He fixed it up and sold it for $100,000; making a profit of $72,500.

Such success motivated him to go into real estate full-time and he has concluded lots of lucrative real estate deals over the years. They include a 145-key hotel in Fort Lauderdale sold for $18.3 million, and a 183-key Boca Raton hotel which he bought for $9.25 million and subsequently sold for $14 million. There is also a 200-unit multifamily building that Mallah bought for $9 million and sold for $12 million, making a profit of $3 million in the process.

He Owns Several Hotels, Retail Outlets, and Residential Homes

Ben Mallah is not just content with flipping houses but has made lucrative long-term investments in the sector. The New York native has his own property portfolio which is said to be worth $200 million. It comprises not less than six residential properties, two commercial buildings, and at least seven hotels. All these properties are managed by Mallah’s company, known as Equity Management Partners, which employs about 500 people.

Some of Mallah’s properties include the Sheraton Suites Tampa Airport Westshore, and a 94-unit villa in Cove Crossing (worth $10 million). Others are Sheraton Suites Fort Lauderdale Cypress Creek, a 100-unit apartment building named Blume Coral Gables, and the 240-unit Sunrise Villas I and II in Vero Beach, Florida ($15.5 million). It is now estimated that Ben Mallah has about $75 million investments in hotels, $73 million in apartments, $12 million in retail, and $8 million in restaurants.

The Real Estate Mogul Also Has a Knack for Flipping Cars

Another unlikely source through which Ben Mallah’s net worth is growing is cars. The fellow boasts of an amazing car collection which he uses in living the good life. Beyond that, he also uses them as a form of investment and has made good money from sales in times past. Some of the impressive vehicles that Mallah owns include a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe ($350,000), Bentley Continental GT ($150,000), Rolls Royce Phantom 4-Door Sedan ($250,000), and a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S ($125,000).

Ben Mallah’s car collection previously featured a 1989-1992 era batmobile which Michael Keaton reportedly utilized in the 1992 movie Batman Returns. He (Mallah) bought the vehicle for $225,000 and later sold it off to a Hollywood celebrity for $315,000, making for a profit of about $90,000 on the sale.

He Has a Popular YouTube Channel and Will Soon Be Appearing on TV

If there is one thing that most people universally agree on when it comes to Ben Mallah, it is that he has a colorful personality. On the one hand, he is the suited-up businessman who regularly deals with government officials and clients alike. On the other hand, he is also a crude, chain-smoking brute who has no hesitation about cussing out people he deems to be wasting his time. Such a fascinating combination means that Mallah is prime TV material and he is not letting this opportunity waste.

The real estate mogul has set up a budding YouTube account that chronicles his wheelings, dealings, property scouting, yacht parties, cuss words, and pro wrestler friends. The YouTube channel also showcases Mallah’s rough exterior and soft side as well as his crude and brutish antics as he goes about his life. Such captivating content has attracted hundreds of thousands of views and Mallah and his filming partner, Danny Jones, are now shopping for a TV production deal to show off the real estate mogul who is “a spectacle worth broadcasting to the world.”

Highlights of His Income Sources

  • Real Estate Company Worth Millions of Dollars
  • Owns Several Hotels, Retail Outlets, and Residential Homes
  • Car Collector
  • YouTube Channel with 272K Subscribers

A Look at How Ben Mallah Spends His Money

So, what does Ben Mallah spend his $250 million on? Well, asides from his enviable car collection, another thing that the real estate mogul splashes out the big bucks for is houses. Since he has made it his life’s work to provide others with accommodation, it is proper that he would equally provide some cool digs for his wife and three children. Mallah and his family previously resided in a palatial Clearwater home overlooking an intercostal waterway. The house measured 11,319 square feet and had seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Other amenities include two kitchens, two laundry rooms, a music studio, a wine cellar, a five-car garage, and a staircase made of four-inch-thick crushed art glass.

Mallah and his family lived in the Clearwater mansion for several years before he sold it off for $4.8 million in 2019. That same year, he and his wife paid for their new home which was a gulf-front mansion in Belleair Shore. The $16.5 million price was the largest paid out for a residential area in Tampa Bay history as at that time and the house formerly belonged to an NFL star named Ryan Howard. The new home is 19,578 square feet and boasts eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Other amenities include castle-like balconies and patios, a six-car garage, a two-story paneled library, a bowling alley, a large wine cellar, a trophy room, and a meandering swimming pool.

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