10 Female Celebrities Who Slept Their Way To The Top

Climbing to the top is not an easy task and it requires a long and strong ladder. So many celebrities today, out of desperation have had to go the extra mile just to get on top of their game. From doing dirty jobs to hanging around other celebrities and sleeping with the people who matter in the industry. There is always a prize to pay for something, especially something as good and intoxicating as fame and the glitz and glamour that comes with it, and these women are not to be totally blamed for their actions. The list of female celebs who gave up a little more of their body for fame is quite unending, but here are the top 10 of such women.

10. Rita Ora


According to her one-time boyfriend, Rob Kardashian, American singer Rita Ora supposedly slept with 20 guys to help her career kick-off. The angry ex-lover of the poison singer, after their break up in 2012, unleashed his anger on Twitter about how he had been cheated on all because of a dream. He tweeted: “She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together. I wonder how many she will sleep with now we’re apart.“

9. Tyra Banks


Top model Tyra Banks is not a darling when it comes to doing what she has to do to get her career to the top. Although no one ever said anything about that until Actress and video vixen, Karrine Steffans, who released a book entitled Confessions of a Video Vixen, was stepped on. Tyra Banks turned her nose up at the book, which talks about all the famous men Steffans slept with over the years. As a way of retaliation, Steffans aired what she called the hard truth in an interview with Aalbc.com.

She said, “There are people like Tyra who are hypocrites. Women especially, who have slept their way through their whole careers. And it’s not a secret within the Hollywood circle”. She continued, “Now she has her own talk show where she’s well-groomed, all made up, and has on a $5,000 wig. Don’t get me wrong, Tyra’s done well for herself. You have to applaud her for all that she’s achieved, coming from that model world, and expanding, which is wonderful. But let’s not pretend that you haven’t done some of the people and things that I’ve done”.

8. Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey is best known for her sultry appeal and bright red lips but she also gave herself a name as the woman who slept her way through the industry. Her second album, Ultra-violence, features a track called “F***ed My Way Up To The Top” and when she was questioned by the press about the lyrics, she admitted it was a “commentary” on her own life. She told Complex magazine, “You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying”. Lana’s hard work paid off eventually when her debut album Born To Die was the fifth best-selling album of 2012 in the U.S.

7. Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden got married to 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, when she was only 16-years-old, but that didn’t stop her from appearing in this list. Courtney’s marriage was more like a contract. She had a mutual agreement with her husband; he would help her become famous and she would be his wife. The sassy model whose husband is also her manager has achieved everything she has today by taking a silly-wise decision many years ago.

6. Kendra Wilkinson


Kendra Wilkinson made her way to the top by sleeping with the 81-year-old American magazine publisher and playboy, Hugh Hefner. Kendra caught the attention of Hugh when she posed as a naked, painted lady at one of his parties. On the show British presenter Melanie Sykes, she told one of the contestants that she wasn’t obliged to but she did it anyway. She lived in his playboy mansion as one of his full-time girlfriends, and through his assistance, she has had two reality television shows, Girls Next Door and Kendra On Top and she is currently an estimated $6 million.

5. Lil’ Kim


Lil’ Kim started out her career by sleeping with the late rapper, Notorious BIG and was caught red-handed by his wife, Faith Evans. The gist was even taken up to The Wendy Williams Show by faith as she spoke bitterly about the incidence as the one that ended her marriage in 1997.

4. Farrah Abraham


In 2013, there were big rumours online that Farrah starred in a sex tape and released it herself. Initially, she denied that the leak came from her but then backtracked and admitted that she had hired adult star, James Deen, to make the tape titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. That tape landed her a $1.5 million deal from Vivid Entertainment to secure the rights and that’s where she got most of the money she used for surgery.

3. Chelsea Handler


Handler was dating the CEO of E! Entertainment Television, Ted Harbert, between 2006 and 2010. She landed her own show Chelsea Lately during this time. She told Marie Claire magazine that the reason they split up was because they struggled to separate work from pleasure. She said, “I would come home from work, and Ted would be like, ‘Do you want to watch your show?’ and I’d be like, ‘No, I just came from my show. That’s the last thing I’d want to do. That was the reason it didn’t work out, ultimately”.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow


In the “Harvey Weinstein Club,” Harvey uses his position to promote young women and land them lead roles in exchange for something. Gwyneth Paltrow landed the lead role in ‘Shakespeare In Love’, and was carefully groomed by Weinstein to get to the A-List circles. Recently, Weinstein was questioned by the NYPD over an accusation that he sexually assaulted a 22-year-old model. Other girls under similar situations will have to testify against their boss if the case gets to court. But then, would Gwyneth bite the same hands that feed her to stardom?

1. Kim Kardashian


You probably have been waiting on Kim Kardashian to show up as it would be unfair if she misses out on this list. The American television and social media personality, actress, socialite, and model, no doubt crept into several beds to get to where she is today. In the legal light, she has been married thrice to top richest Americans: Damon Thomas (2000–2004), Kris Humphries (2011–2013) and now Kanye West (2014 – till date). And all of them except the current one went kind of bankrupt after their separation.

Aside that, Kim Kardashian made her big break Just like Paris Hilton from sex tapes that took her from nobody to everybody’s choice. The now Mrs West and mother of baby North, once released several videos of herself and her ex-boyfriend Ray J doing it hot. They were snapped up by Vivid entertainment and they bought the rights for an estimated $1 million. Now who says these ladies are to be blamed?

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