Inside Of the $607 million Flying Mansion (Boeing 747) Belonging to a Mystery Billionaire

The inside of an unknown billionaire’s Boeing 747 was recently disclosed and as expected it shows nothing short of absolute extravagance. To whoever the billionaire is, what is good about life without finding sheer comfort? His inner flying mansion exudes luxury, filled with the finer things in life, that brings pleasures so freely and easily that one could say without a hint of sarcasm that the mystery billionaire is the kind that views living without luxury as enduring a day without sunshine. The billionaire made out time to endow his jet with wealth and luxury giving the jet a sense of exoticism, wonder, and magic.

With these extraordinary images showing how an enormous jumbo jet has been converted into a luxury home for a mystery billionaire – complete with bedrooms, multiple lounges, and an onboard restaurant, you will agree with me that the owner has a stylish personality devoted to luxury and pleasure.

The custom-built Boeing 747 is said to have cost its super-wealthy owner £400 million after it was converted to a luxury home to fit his specifications exactly more than a three-year period.

Normally, the jumbo jet would take as many as 600 passengers but this particular version was built for just a single wealthy somebody. Though he will be able to dine with dozens of guests in his huge dining room where meals cooked in an adjoining kitchen room with a lounge and ‘state room’ at the back of the plane are served if he so wishes.

More sleeping space is provided in the ‘aeroloft’ on the top deck of the vessel, with eight full beds for passengers who prefer to get some shut-eye on flights.

See the Incredible Photos Below:

This is how the jet looks like when viewed from the outside. It is a Boeing 747-8 and can carry up to 600 passengers. So the luxury interior you are about to see has been built inside a Boeing 747-8 similar to this one.



For passengers who prefer to sleep out their eyes, more sleeping space is made available in the ‘aeroloft’ on the top deck of the vessel, with eight full beds. The master bedroom of the £400million plane has a big bed as well as an armchair and sofa for when the owner needs to relax his nerves.


The conference room of the plane could be just the right space for business meetings taking place high up in the sky with its long table in the centre. Exotic right? Yea, I know.


This is just where the owner can take his chill pill. The lounge decor is exactly like a luxury hotel, but having its true location inside a plane similar to those used by commercial airlines.


 This executive room, can be mistaken for an office or a guest bedroom, but its porthole-style windows reveal its real location.


Okay, I know you thought this is a room in a top hotel…..wrong! This is still a room in the jet…. thanks to its extravagant decorations


You may chalk this up as a restaurant in one of the world’s most expensive hotels, but this is a restaurant in the plane. The central portion of the plane has a dining room which is linked to a kitchen, allowing the owner to make use of the services of a private chef.


Admit it, you haven’t seen anything like this before. Anyway, the jumbo jet is one of the most extravagant private planes ever constructed, with the price tag believed to have cost its owner a total of £400million.


This jumbo jet also not only caters for its owner but also took its guests into consideration. Wondering how? Parts of the plane are set aside for guests to bask while watching television, as the vessel can carry several dozen passengers.


Plush: Another artist’s impression of the main state-room, which also contains a desk so the owner can switch between work and relaxation


Welcoming: Images of the lounge show a space quite different to the normal aeroplane cabin, with the traditional rows of seats completely discarded in favour of a hotel-like ambience


Just accept it, the interior of this jet seems far more attractive than first class on commercial flights.


Image source: Craters News Agency

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