What is MrBeast’s Net Worth and How Much Money Does He Make on YouTube? 

For creators, YouTube is as much as a means of creative expression as it is a means to make money, and for Jimmy Donaldson, who goes by Mr Beast on YouTube and other social media platforms, it has been a successful endeavor. Mr Beast has grown a considerable net worth through his YouTube career, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars through Google’s Adsense and sponsorship deals.

In this article, we examine just exactly how much Mr Beast is worth, and how much of his net worth comes from his YouTube channel. Read below to learn all you need to know.

What is Mr Beast’s Net Worth?

For a man who goes by the name Mr. Beast on YouTube, one would have expected content in line with the graphic nature of his name, but instead, he has amassed a significant net worth of $6 million through wholesome viral philanthropic videos that have earned him the reputation of YouTube’s biggest philanthropist.

He has earned his net worth by building a channel with more than 24 million subscribers and over 3.5 billion video views. While he made a considerable percentage of his net worth from the ad revenue of his YouTube channel, he has made a notable fraction through sponsorship from companies like Quid and Honey.

How Much Does He Make From YouTube?

According to the YouTube analytics website, SocialBlade, Mr. Beast’s net worth of $6 million comes from making an average of $39,000 to $627,000 per month, with an estimated $470,000 to $7.5 million per year.

His high monthly earnings come from an average of 10 million views on each of his videos. Combined with the fact that his videos do not go against YouTube content rules, especially for monetization, he is well placed to be one of the highest earners from the video-sharing platform.

Mr Beast’s journey to earning millions from YouTube per year and amassing a considerable net worth began in 2012 when he joined the social media platform at the age of 13. At the time, he went by the handle, MrBeast6000 and his original content comprised of videos of him estimating the wealth of other YouTubers as well as Let’s Plays videos.

For five years after he signed up to YouTube, he was an unpopular figure on YouTube’s vast network of creators until 2017 when he released a video of himself counting down to 100,000, which surprisingly drew the attention of tens of thousands of YouTube viewers.

With his growing popularity came a change in content direction to attention-grabbing stunts, such as a follow up to the 100,000 video by another of himself counting up to 200,000. He also published a video of himself trying to break a piece of glass using a hundred megaphones and another of himself watching paint dry for an hour.

As he increased in popularity, he expanded the limits of his attention-grabbing stunt videos, until he stumbled upon the idea of recording himself while performing extreme acts of charity. The concept proved to be a mega success, and so far, he has expanded his acts of charity to various organizations and individuals, including his family members.

Through videos of himself donating thousands of dollars to individuals and organizations, Mr. Beast increased his subscriber base on YouTube, which in turn, has contributed to his $6 million net worth.

How Much Money Has He Given Away?

So far, Mr Beast has given away more than $1 million since he began his YouTube philanthropy. He gave away $10,000 in his first significant philanthropy video, and it has gotten progressively bigger ever since.

In December 2018, he donated $100,000 worth of goods to homeless shelters. He has also donated $32,000 to Veterans Army Wounded Warrior Program, $10,00 to an animal shelter, as well as $70,000 to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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While a majority of the earnings that have contributed to Mr Beast’s net worth have gone to philanthropic acts, some have gone to personal interests like spending more than $20,000 on billboards and radio advertisements to help a fellow YouTuber, PewDiePie, become the most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

Mr Beast's net worth
Mr Beast (middle) at the Super Bowl in support of PewDiePie

As for where the money comes from, they come primarily from brand sponsorships. Quid sponsored Mr Beast’s first major giveaway video, and other brands have since joined the fray. As his channel got bigger with each video, the income from brand sponsors got more significant, and so did the amount he gave away, in a never-ending cycle that has not only earned Mr. Beast his reputation as the internet’s biggest philanthropist but also given him a massive net worth.


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