Inside Bill Gates’ Home: 16 Rare Photos From His Mansion

Bill Gates has been the world’s richest man for many years now, but he is a modest spender and would live in a not so extravagantly expensive house, unlike so many other people who are not as rich as he is. The billionaire is a thrift spender and a huge fan of charity. But that doesn’t mean his home wouldn’t offer as much comfort as we expect a billionaire’s home to.

Here are Some Interesting Key Takeaways:

  • Bill Gates Medina mansion has 7 bedrooms and 18.75 bathrooms.
  • As you would normally expect, the mansion is a technological masterpiece that contains many features which will indeed grab your attention; everything from tech gadgetry to eco-friendly design.
  • The Bill Gates’ house, also known as Xanadu 2.0, is spread across 66,000 square feet and contains a collection of rare manuscripts, one of which is written by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • There are only 7 bedrooms, but it also comes with 6 kitchens and 24 bathrooms, 10 of which contain bathtubs.
  • The reception hall can accommodate up to 200 guests.
  • The Swimming pool has an underwater sound system to listen to your favourite pieces of music while swimming.
  • There is an underground garage that can take up to 10 cars, this part of the house is not open to the public, only a few people have seen it.
  • The house is environmentally friendly, with tall trees that are planted around it to safeguard it against heat loss and help it regulate temperature more efficiently.

The founder of Microsoft decided to spend a little freely and extravagantly for once. He didn’t mind the cost this time, making sure his home offered sheer pleasure and peace. The “moneyed” American’s home is estimated to cost a whopping $150 million, the highest on record for an American residence. Located in Medina, Washington, this stunning home is sure to please.

Here are 12 rare photos from inside the extremely stunning Bill Gates’ home.

Living Room:

Bill Gates' Home
Image Source

The first thing that comes to almost everybody’s mind when they see titles as ‘have a sneak peek into the house of the richest man in the world’ is a home packed with modern technology and the latest gadgets. Well, as expected, the billionaire’s home has its own fair share of modern technology! Speaking of technology, the billionaire wanted a spectacular, relaxing and peaceful space but did not make his home too technological. In the photo above, the magnificent living room offers gorgeous views and features a modest television that serves as the private theatre with an overhead projection screen

There is a networked system that regulates the temperature, music, and lighting based on microchips guests put on, which tells the house’s computers their position in the house. In each room they enter, the temperature is adjusted to their preference.

Bill Gates' Home
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Also, there is a central media server that allows any person occupying each room to choose from a big library of movies, music, and art to be shown on high-definition monitors in most of the rooms in the house. Speakers hidden in the walls allow music to automatically follow guests from room to room. Guests can begin watching a movie in their bedroom and resume the film seamlessly after they walk to the mansion’s private movie theatre.

Dust Room:

Bill Gates' Home
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Just off the porch, there is a room called the dust room, which looks like one of the messiest rooms in any home. But this dust room stands out in the rule. With exposed wood beam ceilings and a unique stone grey fireplace, this sensational enclosure is one of those kinds of rooms that offer thrilling and amazing feelings when basking in it even on the rainiest of days. The room is enjoyable, and the wood table and natural colour palette are no doubt lovable.

Bill Gates' Home

Just like the interior of Gates’ home, the outside is out of this world. Located just off the shores of Lake Washington, the property’s setting is an astonishing reminder of the wondrous beauty of nature. Apparently built into the hilly landscape, the house and its exterior improvements are nestled into surrounding evergreens. From the boat ramp to the upper parking area, everything about the residence is stunning. The house provides incredible views of Seattle.


Bill Gates' Home
Image Source

Inside Gates home, there is a huge aquarium that has a living-room fashion setting. The aquarium provides breathtaking views of remarkable and rare marine animals. No, it’s not just fish and water; the aquarium houses such species as dolphins, whales, sea creatures and sharks. The billionaire ensured the inhabitants would not cause harm to one another.

Glass Walls

Bill Gates' HomeGlass walls clearly go well for many rooms here, given the awe-inspiring views of Lake Washington and Seattle. This area provides a moat-like water feature and intimate blue lighting inset into a stone ceiling. The inside features simple slate floors and numerous light to lite up space. Gates sure knows what a truly relaxing home entails.

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Bill Gates' Home

The blend of technology and nature undeniably adds elegance to Gates’ home. The gorgeous furniture in his residence screams wealth and splendour. The streamlined staircase is made of sparkling wooden steps with stainless steel bolts, glass panelling and a wooden railing; it sure doesn’t get prettier than this. Also, the place features dark hardwood floors which weigh up against brick and concrete walls that are further improved by rare ceiling angles. The Gates home incorporates luxurious wealth.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Bill Gates' Home

The use of glass and blue lighting appears to be the customary features in the whole of the Gates’ home. Like other parts of the house, the bedroom and bathroom feature blue lightning too. There is an impressive arrangement of textures and colours in the bathroom design, from the tiled wall and sinks to the column itself. The bathroom also has a massive white square tub covered by a moat of pebbles that add calmness to the beautiful design. A GPS system in the billionaire’s car alerts his networked bathtub to start filling itself with hot water as Gates drives home from work or any other place.

Bill Gates' Home

Inside the master bedroom, Melinda Gates has a walk-in closet with a 40-foot long moving conveyor rack for clothing storage. With the white plush carpet that would make you think you’re walking on a cloud, the white linens, a huge bed, and the stone fireplace mantle that holds a modest television, the bedroom focuses on offering absolute tranquillity and relaxation.

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Swimming Pool

Bill Gates' Home

The pool is clean and cool. It is completely transparent, pure, and filled with unpolluted water. The pool is surrounded by brilliant stunning wood decking, and furniture/décor is beautifully simple to bring more emphasis on the views of Lake Washington and the city of Seattle beyond it.


Bill Gates' Home
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The sinks pictured here can be found in the billionaire’s master bathroom. Clearly, the sinks are rare and most probably can’t be seen anywhere else except in the billionaire’s home. Some fascinating fixtures mounted on the wall extend to an oval ring which distributes the water in a funnel-shape. The appealing copper tile adds to the stone sink and stainless faucets. The house contains 24 bathrooms, including ten baths. That’s how relaxing it can get!

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Roof Top Seating

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I personally think this spot is the best of all parts of the billionaire’s home. This area hidden in the corner offers views from the top floor of the house. In this place, a traditional covered patio opens to a blue-infinity pool lighted up by blue lights and providing breathtaking views of Lake Washington and Seattle. The 60-foot heated swimming pool has an underwater music system.

Reception Hall

Bill Gates' Home
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Here is the reception hall in the billionaire’s mansion. It was built mostly below ground, under the estate’s hillside. The hall can cater to 200 guests for cocktail parties. The space features an entire wall made of high-definition video screens; a full restaurant-grade kitchen sits just off the hall to make food and drink available during parties. The banquet hall itself is more than 2,300 square feet. Also, the house has a 2,500 sq. ft. gym, a 1,000 sq. ft. dining room, and a large private library with a dome roof and an oculus. Driveways and walkways on the estate are also heated as well as all floors in the mansion itself.

Part Of The Kitchen

Bill Gates' Home
Image Source

This spacious area is designed so that it appears so simple, and it features a full-glass wall that provides landscaped views. It also has natural wooden floors, a refrigerator, a wine holder as well as a bar area on each side of the centre aisle. This part of the massive kitchen was created for receiving and hosting guests.

Roof Top Seating 2

Bill Gates' Home

The mansion has an extensive security system. Almost all the areas in the house can be viewed by cameras concealed in the walls, the ceilings, and in trees and stones outside. Sensors in the floors can track individuals in the house to an accuracy of six inches. The house’s security system is also able to be monitored remotely by the Microsoft security team at the Redmond campus.

Bill Gates' Home
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There is also a pivoting bookcase that shows a secret entrance to a bar located deep inside the mansion’s library. The mansion has many parking garages that take up to 23 cars. One of the garages changes into an indoor basketball court at the push of a button.

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