What To Know About Ellen Muth’s Biography, Family Details, And Where She Is Now

Ellen Muth is an American actress who is known for her adaptability and flexibility behind the camera. She is renowned for being able to interpret very different roles perfectly well, and fans have hailed her versatility. Ellen’s fans admire her for her bright personality and infectious smile which she carries everywhere she goes.

As an actress, Ellen Muth is now best known for her role on Dead Like Me, a drama series in which she portrayed Georgia ‘George’ Lass. She has also appeared in other TV shows and movies, notable among them in Hannibal which was developed by Bryan Fuller who also created Dead Like Me.

Exploring Ellen Muth’s Early Life & Family Background

Ellen Muth was born on the 6th of March 1981 in Milford, Connecticut, in the United States. Even though everyone knows her as Ellen Muth, her birth name is Ellen Anna Muth.

Her father has been identified as Erich Muth and her mother’s name has been given as Rachel Muth. Her father is recognized as a world-renowned Optician who has an entire museum named after him. Not only has he previously nabbed the National Optician Of The Year Award, but he has also written several books in his field, Optics, and donates the profits from the book sales to The Erich Muth Scholarship.

While her father certainly has an impressive résumé, her mother is not to be forgotten. Ellen’s mother, Rachel, played a crucial part in her becoming an actress by taking her to all her auditions until she turned 18. The actress also has an older brother named Karl.

Growing up, Ellen Muth was a very lively child who was interested in sports. It is reported that she attended the Skip Barber Racing School which happens to be one of the largest racing schools in the world.

Apart from sports, Ellen also had an interest in modeling and acting and did well to develop her talent by attending the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute which is located in New York City.

Here’s How She Got Her Acting Career Started

Ellen started out in the entertainment industry as a model in the early ’90s. She modeled briefly with Ford Models, a popular Modeling agency before she branched off to acting. Apparently, Ellen found out she was not as comfortable modeling as much as she was comfortable with acting.

The actress then kick-started her acting career in 1995 when she was cast in Dolores Claiborne, a psychological thriller drama movie in which she portrayed a young Selena St. George. Ellen won a lot of praise for her role in the movie and was nominated for the Tokyo International Film Festival Award for Best Supporting Actress. She eventually co-won the award with another actress.

In 1997, Ellen starred in Law & Order, a police procedural and legal drama series. The next year, she appeared in Only Love, another TV series before landing a role in The Young Girl and the Monsoon, a comedy-drama in 1999. Her role in the 1999 movie fetched her another award, this time the AFI Award for Best Actress. Ellen was already setting the pace and becoming very prominent as an actress.

She scored roles in 5 TV shows in the year 2000. The TV shows include The Beat in which she portrayed Jacqueline Hutchinson, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in which she acted as Elaine Harrington, The Truth About Jane in which she played the role of Jane, Normal, Ohio where she portrayed Dana Le Tour and Cora Unashamed where she played Jessie at 18.

In 2001, Ellen appeared as Jenny in Rain, a romance drama film before landing roles in two TV shows in 2002 – Superfire and Two Against Time. The same year, she portrayed Mollie Kilduff in A Gentleman’s Game, a sports-drama movie.

Dead Like Me TV Series starring Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Cynthia Stevenson, Mandy Patinkin, Britt McKillip, Christine Willes, Laura Harris and Rebecca Gayheart
Ellen Muth (Middle) with Dead Like Me cast members

Ellen got her big break on TV in 2003 when she was cast in Dead Like Me, a comedy-drama series in which she played the role of Georgia “George” Lass. The TV series became very popular and launched her to wide acclaim as an actress of repute and won her lots of fans who came to appreciate her work.

After her groundbreaking work on Dead Like Me, Ellen has since gone on to star in other top shows like Are We There Yet? in 2012 and Hannibal in 2013. She has also starred in independent movies like Dead Like Me: Life After Death in 2009 and Margarine Wars in 2012.

Elle Muth’s Total Net Worth May Surprise You

Having begun her acting career since the mid-90s and having won awards for her stunning performances on screen, it is expected that Ellen Muth has made a considerable amount of wealth for herself over time.

The actress has starred in topnotch TV shows and independent movies which have apparently fetched her some money over the years. At the moment, Ellen Muth’s net worth has been pegged at $3 million by multiple sources.

The main source of her fortune is her career as an actress. Her present endeavors are not known, hence, it is not clear if she has other means through which she makes money.

Has She Been Married Before?

Ellen Muth is not a married woman at the moment. It is noteworthy that even though the actress is quite popular around the United States for her incredible work on screen, not much is known about her private life.

It is, however, known that she used to be in a relationship with Jeffery Donovan, an American actor who is known for his performances in movies such as Believe in Me and Hitch. The couple dated briefly in 2004 and then went their separate ways soon after.

In 2015, she revealed in an interview that she was single and she was looking for a husband. She also pointed out that since she was not doing a regular job, it was rather hard for her to find someone.

Although years have passed with nothing heard from her, it is assumed that she is still not married though it is unknown if she now has a man in her life.

Facts About Her Body Measurements

Ellen Muth is not the tallest woman by any means; in fact, she is below the average in terms of height. She stands at 5 ft 3 inches or 1.6m in height, in addition to this, she has a body that weighs about 51 kg or 112.4lbs. Her body measurement has been given as 35-24-34 inches.

While details about her fitness regimen and diet plans are unavailable, it is apparent she is someone who takes care of her body.

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Find Out What Ellen Muth Is Up To Now

Being many years away from her golden years, one would expect that the actress would be at the peak of her career at the moment, or at the very least, be already heading there. However, she has since been away from the acting scene. More so, there has been very little heard about her since 2013.

It is known, however, that Ellen Muth continues to live and work in the United States. She has kept quite a low profile recently and has not been involved in any form of controversy during her acting career. Fans admire her for this with many referring to her as the ‘drama-free actress’.

The Dead Like Me actress has also not been very active on social media of late. Her last post on Twitter was in June 2013 after more than a year of absence.

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