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Leslie Knipfing is a younger sister to the Primetime Emmy nominee, Kevin James of CBS’ Kevin Can Wait fame. You probably already love Kevin a lot but prepare to love him even more alongside his beautiful sister as you get to know her and the good work her big brother has been doing with her.

As she’s a relative of a popular figure, it is hardly a surprise that a lot of people are interested in knowing more about Leslie. If you are one of those, the following are the facts of her life that are worth knowing.

Leslie Knipfing’s Biography

The blonde beauty was born an American citizen right inside New York City on the 17th day of November in 1974. However, not long after her birth, Leslie’s family moved to reside in another part of the New York State, precisely Stony Brook in Long Island. So, that is where she was raised.

We do not have details of Leslie Knipfing’s educational background. But, she probably attended a special kid’s school as a result of a genetic disorder (retinitis pigmentosa) she was born with which affected the proper functioning of her sense of sight. Anyway, we are still digging for specific details regarding Leslie’s educational background including the exact schools she attended and when; whether she went to college, which college, and what course of study she pursued.

Coming to her ancestry, the information available to us reveals that Leslie has German roots. As for her ethnicity, she is Caucasian.

Leslie Knipfing’s adverse genetic condition certainly militated against the joy of her childhood and possibly, against the success of her education and career. Learn more facts about her below.

6 Interesting Facts About Leslie Knipfing

She Comes From A Prominent Family

Leslie is a daughter to Joseph Valentine Knipfing who founded and ran a successful insurance firm. Her mom Janet worked as a chiropractor. She has two older brothers who have gone ahead to make big names as comedic actors and comedians. Kevin is her direct older brother and he is 9 years older than her. Kevin, in turn, has an older brother named Gary Joseph Knipfing; he has equally achieved considerable fame as a comedian and actor. The two of them had a beautiful collaboration in CBS’ sitcom, The King of Queens which aired between September 1998 to May 2007.

She Has Turned Her Disadvantage Into Positive Impacts

Leslie Knipfing charity
Leslie Knipfing inspires her friends: Image source

Actually, that’s why we are here talking about her. As already mentioned, Leslie was born with a major genetic ailment that affected her education, life, and career negatively. From the above, one can deduce that entertainment runs in the family from their own generation, at least. And, actually, Leslie Knipfing desired and tried to be an actress but she failed as a result of her poor health condition. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she decided to use the opportunity to run a campaign and create awareness about the condition she suffers from and to encourage others like her to lead a positive lifestyle.

Leslie Knipfing Manages Kevin’s Charitable Causes

It seems that Kevin is the nerve center of the family. A master at collaborations, Kevin has done a number of on-screen collaborations with his older brother. Then, with his younger sister Leslie Knipfing, Kevin has been doing a different kind of collaboration altogether. He lets Leslie take care of his charitable events which have also given her a great sense of belonging.

Her Religious Inclination

Leslie Knipfing comes from a Catholic family. Not only are they Christians but they are ardent ones. In a certain interview with CBN, Leslie’s brother Kevin revealed the faith background to his charitable endeavors with Leslie, saying it has to do with their faith as Christians.

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Leslie’s Height 

Leslie Knipfing is someone many people would consider beautiful. With her height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm), her flowing blonde hair, and her meek and kind attitude, Leslie is an example of someone who’s beautiful both within and without.

What Is Leslie Knipfing’s Net Worth?

By working officially for Kevin Knipfing’s charitable events, Leslie Knipfing has not only fulfilled a spiritual yearning as earlier mentioned but has also achieved in other angles such as fame and fortune. She is reported to have an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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