An Expose on Nicole Taffer’s Marriage to Jon, Her Kids and Her Sources Of Income

If you have come across the reality TV show, Bar Rescue, a show about a team traveling across the United States using their wit and ingenuity to revitalize failing bars and nightclubs, then you are most likely familiar with Jon Taffer. He is the founder of the show as well as the leader of the team, having been in the business of bar management for over 40 years. Alongside him during half of that 40-year journey is his wife, Nicole Taffer, whom he has been married to since the year 2000.

Nicole Taffer does not share her husband’s backlog of experience and know-how in bar management, nor does she have multiple patents to her name like Jon, but she has remained a supportive wife, helping her husband to maintain his status as a renowned American figure while also building a fan base of her own.

Nicole Taffer Before She Married Jon

Jon Taffer’s loving and supportive wife, Nicole was born on the 16th of February, 1973 in Ingleside, Illinois. Other than her relationship with Jon Taffer, very little is known about her. That’s because she comes from a humble background and had no celeb status prior to marrying the famous entrepreneur. This is coupled with the fact that Nicole has persistently placed a lid on her past as she never talks about it to third parties.

However, we have been able to dig up a few facts about whom she was prior to her marriage with the Bar Rescue reality star. It is reported that she grew up with one of her elder sisters somewhere in Illinois some 860 miles away from Great Neck, New York where her future husband had been born some 19 years before she was.

It is also public knowledge that she attended an undisclosed high school in Illinois before studying Business Management at Columbia University in Chicago. After her graduation, Nicole Taffer worked as a manager at a construction company in Chicago.

Achieving Fame on Bar Rescue

Once Nicole got married, she began to work as a professional market recon specialist (what the street would refer to as a mystery shopper) in the interest of her husband Jon Taffer’s TV show. In this position, she was the one who would disguise and visit the bar being billed for the Bar Rescue show to determine if it would be worth their while. But once many people could recognize her off-screen, she could no longer fill that position.

She made her first appearance on the show in 2011 and continued to appear on the show all the way up to 2013, in an accumulated total of 11 episodes.

It appears that her professional background may have been one of the reasons top on Jon Taffer’s mind when he decided to marry Nicole. Her experience in management would have come in very handy during her market researches.

Nicole’s role on the show as a market recon specialist was well received by fans of the show, resulting in a bit of drama when she stopped appearing on the show in 2013.

Her popularity on the show is further evident on her social media page where she has a considerable number of followers on Twitter and less on Instagram. On social media, she keeps her fans and followers abreast of her activities and that of her husband.

More than just being a celebrity spouse, Nicole Taffer is also a kindhearted woman who has chosen to use her platform to support the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. She is a member of the KeepMemoryAlive organization.

How Jon Taffer’s Wife Earns Her Living

Nicole as part of her husband’s show, was no doubt earning from it. While achieving fame meant she could no longer spy on bars for the show, Nicole has not stopped working with her husband. She now works as his manager. She does this under the appellation of a consulting firm she floated (known as Taffer Dynamics). Thus, Nicole earns from managing her husband.

Bar Rescue has brought her into the limelight and she has cleverly used the exposure to a career advantage by becoming a fast-rising social media influencer with over 23,000 followers on Twitter.

She has become more like the social media face for her husband, his reality show Bar Rescue, and their charity outfit Keep Memory Alive as she consistently represents these on her social media page.

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Nicole Taffer’s Relationship With Jon

Nicole Taffer
Nicole Taffer and her husband, Jon Taffer: Image source

While Nicole Taffer has mostly remained behind the scenes, her husband, Jon has been front and center of the revolution of the American Bar industry. He has two patents to his name and he is also a published author of the book – Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions. His contribution to the industry has earned him a place in the Nightclub Hall of Fame for which Nicole is ever proud of him.

The couple has such a wonderful relationship that makes them look like a match made in Heaven. Their co-operation professionally reveals what a bond exists between them. In fact, this level of the bond (in spite of Jon Taffer’s anger issues which he admits and which is also obvious onset) may have conferred on Jon the status of a marriage counselor as he has started a spin-off of Bar Rescue known as Marriage Rescue which is themed on reviving ailing marriages. It premiered in June 2019.

How Nicole Taffer and Jon Taffer met is unknown but a revealing post on Twitter by Jon Taffer shows that they met in 1996, and have maintained a romantic relationship ever since. They got married in April 2000, and it has been happy trails for the couple since then.

Does Nicole Taffer Have Any Kid?

Nicole Taffer became the wife of Jon Taffer in the year 2000. There and then, she became the first woman ever to be publicly identified as the wife of the reality TV star. However, her husband, Jon Taffer had previously had an affair with a woman whose identity remains hidden. There are rumors saying that their daughter Samantha is actually the biological daughter of Jon’s former mystery partner.

Nicole Taffer’s daughter (possibly foster daughter) Samantha has grown old enough that she is also a married woman, married to a man named, Cody Hanley. Nicole and her husband haven’t been made grandparents yet but one can expect that to happen in the near future.

If actually the rumors are right that Samantha is not the biological daughter to Nicole, then, it means she is yet to have kids of her own.

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