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If you have come across the reality TV show, Bar Rescue, a show about a team traveling across the United States using their wit and ingenuity to revitalize failing bars and nightclubs, then you are most likely familiar with Jon Taffer. He is the leader of the team and has been in the business of bar management for over 40 years. Alongside him during half of that 40-year journey is his wife, Nicole Taffer, whom he has been married to for over 18 years.

Nicole Taffer does not share her husband’s ingenuity for bar management, nor does she have multiple patents to her name like her husband, but she has remained a supportive wife and has helped her husband become a renowned American figure. Here is a closer look at who she is and her relationship with her husband.

Nicole Taffer – Biography & Age

Jon Taffer’s loving and supportive wife, Nicole Taffer was born on the 16th of February, 1973 in Ingleside, Illinois. Information such as the identity of her parents or the existence of siblings is currently unknown. Other than her relationship with Jon Taffer, very little is known about her. Included in the dearth of information about the celebrity wife of the famous entrepreneur is her education history.

Following her marriage to Jon Taffer, Nicole Taffer began to draw the attention of the media spotlight and this was further solidified when she began to appearances on her husband’s show, Bar Rescue. She made her first appearance on the show in 2011 and continued to appear on the show all the way up to 2013, in an accumulated total of 11 episodes.

On the show, Nicole Taffer featured as a spy for her husband, helping him determine if a bar was worth rescuing. Her role on the show as a market recon specialist was well received by fans of the show, resulting in a bit of drama when she stopped appearing on the show in 2013.

Her popularity on the show is further evident on her social media page where she has a considerable number of followers on the photo-sharing platform, Instagram where she keeps her fans and followers abreast of her activities and that of her husband.

More than just being a celebrity spouse, Nicole Taffer is also a kindhearted woman who has chosen to use her platform to support the fight to cure Alzheimer’s disease. She is a member of the KeepMemoryAlive organization.

While Nicole Taffer has mostly remained behind the scenes, her husband, Jon has been front and center of the revolution of the American Bar industry. He has two patents to his name and he is also a published author of the book – Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions. His contribution to the industry has earned him a place on the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

Nicole Taffer’s Family: Kids & Husband – Jon Taffer

Nicole Taffer
Nicole Taffer and her husband, Jon Taffer

Nicole Taffer became the wife of Jon Taffer in the year 2000, but at that moment, she was the second woman to be called the wife of the reality TV personality. Her husband, Jon Taffer had been previously married to a woman’s whose identity remains hidden, a fact that has created the illusion of Nicole Taffer being his only wife.

How Nicole Taffer and Jon Taffer met is unknown but a revealing post on Twitter by Jon Taffer shows that they met in 1996, and have maintained a romantic relationship ever since. They got married in 2000, and it has been happy trails for the couple, nurturing their only child, a daughter named Samantha whose age suggests she was given birth to before her parents got married.

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Nicole Taffer’s daughter, Samantha has grown old enough that she is also a married woman, married to a man named, Cody Hanley. Nicole and her husband haven’t been made grandparents yet but one can expect that to happen in the near future.

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