Mind-blowing Facts That Set Anjali Pichai Apart From The Crowd of Celebrity Wives

If you’re part of the internet community in the 21st century, there is a strong chance that you have used Google or one of its myriad of products and services before. Take that a notch further; if you’re a tech geek, you probably know Google beyond the search engine that it is. That’s because Google as a company has become a part of our everyday life. Its CEO, Sundar Pichai, is the man maintaining and expanding the influence of the company on modern life today.

A brisk look at his life will reveal his beautiful partner who has stood with him and helped him attain his present status. She is none other than his amiable wife, Anjali Pichai. Anjali has been married to Sundar Pichai for several years. Theirs is a love story that would pass for a brilliant romantic comedy. In this article, we share that story and other important details about the wife of the Google CEO.

Who is Anjali Pichai?

Anjali Pichai was born on Nov 5, 1972, in Rajasthan, Western India to the family of Olaram Haryani, a former academic. Although her mother is now late, we know she has a step-mother by the name Madhuri Sharma. Anjali spent the early part of her life in India where she grew up with her brother, Amit. Amit is now a professional engineer and lives in New Jersey with his wife, Shubra Bhatnagar.

Following her high school education, Anjali proceeded to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 1993. By then, she had met Sundar and their relationship has started to blossom.

What We Know About Her Career Endeavors

Although not much is known about her professional journey, what’s no secret, however, is that she kicked off her career in the late 1990s working as a Business Analyst at the multinational firm, Accenture, before relocating to the United States. Her entire career journey in the US remains largely undocumented. But she is believed to be the current Business Operations Manager at Intuit.

Her husband, Sundar Pichai, on the other hand, has a well-documented professional journey that began with a semiconductor company and led to working for one of the biggest tech companies in the world. He joined Google in 2004 and rose through the ranks, working as a significant contributor to some of the company’s signature services such as Google Chrome, and its email service, Gmail. He became the CEO about a decade later on the 10th of August, 2015.

Her Love Journey With Sundar Pichai

Anjali Pichai
Anjali and Sundar Pichai

Anjali met her husband, Sundar Pichai, back in college when he wasn’t yet the head of a multinational company. At the time, things were a lot simpler. Their casual first meet was at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. As first-year students, they began and maintained a strong friendship for a while before the growing affection between them resulted in a romantic relationship. Sundar Pichai proposed to Anjali during their last year in college; 1993.

However, like every true love story, the journey has never been void of ups and downs. For Anjali and Sundar, the major bane of their relationship was communication. With the lack of mobile phones or messaging applications back then, Anjali Pichai and Sundar were unable to maintain regular communication. This continued until after college when Sundar relocated to the United States to further his education.

With Anjali in India and Sundar in the United States, the young love birds could not afford the financial burden of regular international calls. And so that meant going for months on end without speaking to each other. Despite this, their affection for each other remained. In a stroke of fate, Anjali also secured a job in the United States and the couple had cause to reunited and eventually got married. It is not clear what year they got married but they have been together ever since.

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Do They Have Kids Together?

Since getting married, Anjali and Sundar have been blessed with two lovely children –  Kavya and Kiran. Today, the couple is leading a blissful life in their California home; a luxurious penthouse villa situated in Los Altos Hills. According to sources, the house is reportedly worth $2.9 million and was designed by Robert Swatt from the SwattMiers architectural group. Amidst their immense wealth and influence, the down-to-earth couple have kept things normal and maintained a moderate lifestyle akin to conservative millionaires of Indian descent.

How Much is the Celebrity Wife Worth?

As aforementioned, Anjali Pichai works as a Business Operations Manager at Intuit. Asides a few sources which estimated her net worth at $22 million, there are hardly any other details about her financial standing. If marriage is to be considered, then Anjali surely shares an estimated net worth of $610 million with her husband. As CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Sundar Pichai receives $242 million. That figure includes basic salaries of $20 million and $24 million in annual shares. However, out of the $242 million, $120 million will be received quarterly.

All these have been possible, thanks to the kind support of Anjali who advised her husband to stay with Google when other tech giants such as Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo brought in offers along the way.

What’s More To Know About Her?

Anjali Pichai
Anjali Pichai’s dog, Jeffree.

If you are not familiar with her name, that’s because Anjali Pichai does a great job at staying out of the press. Other than appearing along with her husband, Sundar, in public events, you are less likely to find her name in the press for one thing or the other.

This preference to remain behind the scenes means there are limited details available about the wife of the Google CEO. But having a celebrity husband can leak out a few details about you once in a while, no matter how low key you are.

In that vein, we know that Anjali is fascinated by dogs. Yes, the furry canine creatures have caught her fancy too. Asides being man’s best friend, dogs are loyal to the core and they make happy playmates. She currently keeps a pet dog by the name Jeffree.


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