Yvonne Payne – Everything You Should Know About Charles Payne’s Wife

There are many pointers that suggest that Yvonne Payne is not one to court media attention, but being the wife of one of television’s most recognized personalities takes away your choice when it comes to media attention. Her husband, Charles Payne is a familiar face on Fox Business Network, where he shares his wealth of knowledge with the audience.

Yvonne Payne has been married to Charles since 2004 and during that time, they have shared a life together and this includes two children. Although their marriage has often stayed out of the limelight, a recent accusation of sexual misconduct brought their union to public attention. You can learn all about Yvonne Payne and her life with Charles as you read on.

Yvonne Payne – Biography

Yvonne Payne is known to many as the wife of Charles Payne, American businessman, financial analyst and contributor on the Fox Business Network. She was born on the 24th of April, 1958, somewhere in the United States where she is believed to have been raised by American parents who named her Yvonne Ammirati upon her birth.

Much is unknown about her childhood, including the identity of her parents or the existence of siblings. A closer look at her basic education or higher education history also shows nothing, with zero public information revealed about the wife of the Fox expert.

The dearth of information about Yvonne Payne’s background further extends to her professional life where she has zero known footprints in any profession, at least publicly. So far, she has managed to keep her own life separate from the information available about her husband who is a public figure.

Yvonne Payne is two years older than her husband who was born in 1960, and having completed his education at Minot State University, he has gone on to have a career across various roles in the financial industry, including working for a stock brokerage company, E.F Hutton.

Charles’ ambitious nature has also made him the owner of a financial advisory firm, Wall Street Strategies, where he made enough name for himself in the industry to later become a regular face on one of the national business news programs, Fox Business Network. Charles Payne has an estimated net worth of $10 million while his wife’s net worth is unknown.

Husband And Children

When Yvonne Payne met Charles Payne, some many years ago, the promise of a romance that will last for ages was in the air. When their paths crossed, Charles Payne was gathering experience in the financial and business market as a financial analyst in his own company, Wall Street Strategies.

Charles Payne is a confident, successful man and it came as no surprise that Yvonne was drawn to him after they met. Their relationship metamorphized through the first date all the way to a marriage that began in 2004 after their wedding.

However, long before they got to share their vows with each other, Yvonne Payne and Charles Payne had been living as a family, not just by themselves, but with two children – Charles Jr and Cherie, a son and a daughter who were born in 1996 and 1985 respectively.

Yvonne Payne
Yvonne Payne, Charles Payne and their son in London during a holiday

The long-lasting relationship between the two hasn’t been without its own share of problems, particularly from Charles Payne, who has been the subject of a couple of sexual misconduct allegations.

The allegations which started in 2015 got him suspended from his role as a contributor on the Fox Business Network for two years. He was later reinstated following the completion of an investigation. Through this trying period, Yvonne Payne has remained solidly by her husband, defying the expectations of a divorce.

The couple continues to live together in their home in New Jersey, where they play host to their children and their grandchildren.

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Health Problems

One of the issues that have threatened the union between Charles Payne and Yvonne Payne is her health problems, specifically a chronic heart ailment which she suffered in 2012. The ailment is medically described as ventricular tachycardia.

Yvonne Payne had to undergo a delicate heart transplant surgery in order to get rid of the disease, having had a heart donated by one of the family’s close friend who recently lost her daughter.


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