Dissecting The Highs Of Charles Payne’s Fox News Career, Net Worth and Marital Issues

Charles Payne is a very popular American television personality who is widely considered to have reached the pinnacle of success in the world of journalism. He works as a contributor on the Fox Business Network and serves as the host of Fox’s Making Money with Charles Payne.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, Payne is considered a veteran who has pushed his way to the very top after launching his career on Wall Street. He has equally become one of the most recognizable faces on TV in America through his appearances on multiple Fox News and Fox Business Network programs such as Fox and Friends, The Fox News Specialists, and America’s Newsroom.

Charles Payne Was Raised By a Single Mother

Charles Payne was born on the 15th of November, 1960. Although the identity of his parents has not been established, we do know that he was raised by a single mother in New York after she parted ways with his father when he was still a child. Payne has two brothers and they all lived with their mother after their parents broke up.

Detailed information about how Charles Payne grew up is not readily available, however, we know that he did not start out with the intention to be a journalist. When he was just 17 years old, he joined the United States Air Force and was posted to serve as a security police officer at the Minot Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota. It was while in active service that he went to school and earned a degree. It is on record that he attended Minot State College as well as the Central Texas College.

Payne Began His Professional Career as a Financial Analyst

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After leaving the Air Force, Charles Payne took a job at a mini shop in Harlem where he worked the register and equally served as the security guard. Having harbored a strong interest in the stock market and financial management, he kick-started his professional career on Wall Street.

Payne began as an analyst at E.F. Hutton, an American stock brokerage firm he joined in 1985. His experience at the firm fueled his passion and drive to succeed in the financial market. He ended up spending six years in the firm before establishing his own stock market business and then later becoming a member of the staff of Fox Business Network.

His Work On Fox Brought Him Fame and Recognition

In 2007, Charles Payne ventured into television and joined Fox Business Network as a contributor when it was launched in October 2007. He has since grown through the ranks to become one of the network’s most recognizable faces.

Payne has served as the host of his very own TV program, Making Money with Charles Payne, since 2014. He additionally anchors a syndicated talk show titled The Payne Nation, which is aired daily by Sun Broadcast Group. He has further guest-appeared on many FBN shows like Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, Bulls & Bears, Hannity, and Money with Melissa Francis.

Beyond his hosting roles on Fox Business Network, Charles Payne is also a contributor to FOX News Channel, often making appearances on shows such as Fox & Friends, Outnumbered, and Your World with Neil Cavuto.

The Famed TV Personality is The Founder of Wall Street Strategies

Beyond his works on television, Payne is an accomplished entrepreneur who took the bold step of establishing Wall Street Strategies. The independent stock market and equity research company are well-known for providing practical equity research advice to individual investors, portfolio managers, brokers, and financial institutions. Currently, he is the chief executive officer and principal analyst at Wall Street Strategies which he groomed and grew into one of the most renowned names in the stock market business.

Furthermore, Payne is very passionate about the stock market and has even published books on the subject. They include “Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich: Your Game Plan for Getting It Right in the Stock Market” (2007), and ”Unstoppable Prosperity” (2019). He is also a public speaker who has graced several seminars and has equally been consulted by notable organizations for his market and political opinions.

How Much is Charles Payne Worth?

As someone who has years of experience and patronage in the stock exchange market, Charles Payne has accrued quite a substantial amount of wealth for himself. He has also written a few books that are believed to have added to his income stream.

The TV personality signed a remunerative multi-year contract with Fox Business Network in the year 2017 as Making Money emerged as one of the network’s top-rated shows. As a result, Payne is believed to take home about $5 million annually from his work with FOX according to Celebrity Net Worth. Add that to what he makes from his other dealings and you can see why his net worth has been pegged at $10 million.

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Charles Payne Has Been With His Wife For More Than Three Decades

Charles Payne
Charles Payne and his wife, Yvonne

Charles Payne is a happily married man. While he only just got married to his wife Yvonne Payne in March 2004, the pair have been together since the 80s. They have been a couple for more than three decades with two children (a son and a daughter) who were born prior to them solemnizing the union.

Their daughter Cherie was born in 1985 while their son Charles Jr. was born in 1996. Payne and his lovely wife became grandparents in October 2012.

Also in the same month, his wife Yvonne had a second chance at life as she nearly succumbed to a heart disease known as ventricular tachycardia. Thankfully, Shelly and Lulu Kane Kraft, parents of the late child actress Sammi Kane Kraft who passed away from an auto crash on October 9, 2012, at the age of 20, offered to donate their daughter’s heart to Yvonne. Payne’s wife eventually had a heart transplant at the Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on October 13th, 2012.

Why Their Union Almost Ended in 2017

It is noteworthy that even though the cute couple has generally lived a happy life together, marital life has not been easy for them. In July 2017, they were faced with a very difficult time after Payne was accused of rape by Scottie Nell Hughes, one of his former network guests.

Payne vehemently denied the allegation of rape but admitted that he had an extra-marital affair with the woman for three years. He went on to apologize to his family and his wife for cheating on her.

Charles Payne and Scottie Nell Hughes (Image Source)

It was reported that Charles Payne’s wife first observed a connection between her husband and Hughes at his 2015 birthday celebration which took place at their home. As such, she made complaints to former Fox executive Bill Shine about her husband working together with Scottie Nell Hughes. This reportedly led to Hughes being dropped from her role on Fox.

Many critics thought the couple would divorce following the rape allegation, but Charles and Yvonne were able to sort things out and they remained as husband and wife.

Although FOX network reacted to the allegations by suspending Charles, he was reinstated to his role after about two months on September 8, 2017. At the moment, the couple continues to live together in Teaneck, New Jersey.

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