We Bet You Didn’t Know These Things About Noah Ritter ‘The Apparently Kid’

At first glance, it becomes very clear that some people are born to be on TV and wow others with their enormous on-screen talents. One of such people is Noah Ritter. Sharp, witty and confident, Noah Ritter is a young boy who has become an internet sensation after a video of him being interviewed on TV emerged. In the video, Noah responded to the interviewer’s questions in a very adorable and witty manner which caught the attention of many people around the world and instantly became a sensation on the internet. Fans started calling him the ‘Apparently Kid’ because of the way he used the word ‘apparently’ several times in the video.

Noah has since become a highly sought after internet figure whose videos are now variously searched and viewed by loads of people who find him very interesting. Even though he is just a child, he has drawn attention to himself because of his adorable manner of speaking and his witty demeanor on camera.

Who is Noah Ritter?

Noah Ritter was born on the 19th day of November 2008 in Philadelphia. However, he now lives with his mother in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. There are reports that the young chap had always been a lively kid and always spoke out when among his friends.

There are no details about what school Noah Ritter attends. It is believed, though, that he is attending one of the good schools in Pennsylvania considering how well he speaks and how sharp he is.

Who are His Parents and Family Members?

Noah Ritter’s mother has been identified as Meggin Borowski and his father’s name has been given as Matthew Ritter. However, the young boy’s parents do not live together, and very little is known about them. Noah lives with his mother.

The internet star is very close to his grandparents who have been identified as John and Kathy Borowski. According to some reports, he used to live with his grandparents at some point in Pennsylvania. His grandfather often took him out to events where he watched dance and song renditions. It was at one of such events that he granted the interview which made him famous.

How Noah Ritter Became Famous

In August 2014, when he was just about 5 years old, Noah Ritter and his grandfather attended the Wayne County Annual Fair in Honesdale, Pennsylvania to have a great time together and see the sights there. While there, Noah saw people displaying their skills in horse riding and talents in singing. He also took part in amusement rides and had some good food to eat. He was really excited.

As the fair progressed, Noah was approached by Sofia Ojeda, a reporter working with Newswatch 16 who asked him what he thought about the amusement rides at the fair. When Noah began to give his answer into the microphone stretched out to his lips, he won the heart of everyone. He talked about not watching the news because he was just a little boy never having been on live television before. He also talked about his grandfather and the Powerball. While at it, he kept using the word ‘apparently’ several times. This was both very amusing and adorable.

When the video of his interview with Sofia Ojeda was aired on TV and emerged online, Noah Ritter instantly became famous. Everyone who watched the video became fascinated by it, mainly because of the way Noah spoke and the confidence with which he made his points. Because of the way he used ‘apparently’ so many times, many people started referring to him as the ‘Apparently Kid’ and the nickname stuck. Noah Ritter’s fame kept growing and in a matter of weeks, the video of his interview garnered millions of views on YouTube.

As his fame kept increasing, he started getting invited to appear on popular TV shows. He was invited to the Good Morning America show where he warmed the hearts of viewers with his puerile but very exciting mannerism and speeches. He has also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a very popular TV show that has featured the biggest names in politics and entertainment. Noah Ritter appeared on The Ellen show many times, gaining lots of attention around America and the rest of the world.

Noah Ritter
Noah Ritter with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Apart from these shows, he has appeared on the Today Show and ABC Nightly News. Noah has featured in commercials for brands like Visa and even Liberty Mutual Insurance. He also did an internet commercial for Fresh Pet Food Company. Noah Ritter has even co-hosted a show for ABC’s The Year show called the Viral Video segment in 2014 with NFL star Michael Strahan.

Over the years, he has become a well-known face in America and has many followers on social media. He has his YouTube page where he posts his videos and has thousands of subscribers who come to view him.

What About His Net Worth?

Having enjoyed an awesome exposure to the public after becoming famous for his interview video and having featured in commercials over time, Noah Ritter is expected to have made some money for himself. His YouTube page has thousands of subscribers and he is also expected to be making some money from there as well. However, at the moment, his exact net worth is not known. Some sources have pegged his net worth at $12,000 but this has not been verified.

Other Facts About Noah Ritter

He Loves Dinosaurs

Noah Ritter is a great lover of dinosaurs. He has professed his love for the extinct creatures many times. In fact, Ellen DeGeneres who knows about his love for dinosaurs has once given him the VIP tickets to Walking With Dinosaurs, a TV miniseries.

He wants to be a Paleontologist

Even though Noah Ritter definitely has all it takes to succeed on TV, he is not seeing himself as a TV star, host or presenter in the future. Instead, he has asserted that he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up. For the record, a paleontologist is a scientist who engages in the studies of fossils. Apparently, Noah may have been motivated to want to study fossils so as to know more about dinosaurs.


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