David Irving Net Worth, Career Earnings and Achievements of The NFL Star

David Irving is one fellow who passionately pursues whatever he believes in and this trait has helped him acquire a $1 million net worth. As a defensive tackle in the NFL, Irving has suffered several injury setbacks. He has also been involved in several disciplinary issues as well. This would of course dampen the morale of any player but Irving isn’t giving up.

Beyond the game of football, David is also passionate about the use and legalization of marijuana, thanks to the numerous health benefits that have been attributed to it. Even though this has landed him in hot soup on several occasions, in the form of suspensions by the league, the defensive tackle has stuck to his guns and has even set up some cannabis businesses.

David Irving Acquired Most of His $1 Million Net Worth from His NFL Career

He Has Earned about $4 Million in Salaries Since Joining the NFL 

The primary source of David Irving’s net worth is the salaries he has earned as a professional NFL player. Even though he has faced a lot of setbacks, he has been able to land several contracts that have helped him grow his wealth.

David Irving
Irving in action for the Dallas Cowboys: Image Source

According to Spotrac estimates, he earned $3.8 during his first four years in the league: $3.581 from the Cowboys and $29,800 from the Kansas City Chiefs. After he returned from an indefinite suspension, his earning power dropped; he earned an extra $76,000 from his present employers, the Las Vegas Raiders.

The NFL Star Stands to Make Millions from Cannabis Business

According to the defensive tackle, he started taking cannabis as a teen but didn’t pay much heed to its medicinal benefits. He later discovered that it could be quite useful in recovering from injuries and so continued taking it. David Irving would continue in this pattern all through college, though he only took it during holidays to avoid getting caught in NCAA drug restrictions.

On getting into the league, Irving discovered that the NFL forbade it and so stopped using it. He was however forced to restart after an injury in his first season. The wrist injury simply refused to heal despite all manner of treatments and medications. It was only when Irving tried marijuana that he was able to get back to his regular self. This fact made the California native start using cannabis regularly. He subsequently failed several drug tests and was giving four-game suspensions on each occasion.

When Irving failed yet another drug test, he was given an indefinite suspension. Shortly after the suspension, he revealed that he would rather quit the NFL than give up using marijuana and proceeded to do so in March 2019. This should have marked the end of Irving’s football career but luckily for him, the league decided to change its stance on marijuana use. He thus applied for reinstatement in July 2020 and it was granted in October 2020. Irving now plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.

He has founded a CBD-related enterprise and one of their initial ventures is an advocacy magazine known as Cannabis passport. The magazine will feature 100 hemp papers with soy filter tips which one can now fill with their own filters. It also features advocacy information as well. It is still early days for Irving’s marijuana business but he stands to make a lot as the use of marijuana is getting legalized in more and more places.

Sources of David Irving’s Wealth

  • NFL Salaries – $4 million
  • Cannabis Business – N/A

How NFL Salaries Helped Him Grow His Net Worth Over the Years

As a young man growing up in San Jacinto, California, David Irving most likely did not have much to his name and this situation did not improve even after he got into the collegiate division. This is due to the longstanding policy of the NCAA, that students are not to get remunerated for their time on the field of play. Irving would only get his financial breakthrough after he joined the practice squad of Kansas City Chiefs. He earned about $29,000 during the short period he spent with them.

The defensive tackle would then move on to the Dallas Cowboys who gave him his first playing contract, a two-year contract worth $960,000, in 2015. Under the terms of the deal, he earned $480,000 each year and this helped him to build up a net worth running into six figures at the least. David Irving’s net worth subsequently increased after the Cowboys offered him multiple one-year-contracts for the next two years. The 2017 contract paid him $615,000 while the 2018 contract saw him take home $2.9 million. This ensured his net worth enter the seven-figure region for the first time.

David Irving remains a millionaire but he would have to work hard to retain that position as his suspensions affected his value. His current deal is a one-year contract with the Las Vegas Raiders worth $72,000 but he stands to make more if he impresses on the field.

David Irving Was the NFC Defensive Player of Week 6 in October 2016

Most people who make it into the NFL come through the school ranks and this is also the case with Irving. The California native got his first taste of organized football as a student at San Jacinto High School. There, he played as a defensive tackle and tight end and recorded 76 tackles, 7 sacks, 5 forced fumbles, and 4 fumble recoveries in his senior year.

This feat ensured that David was able to gain an athletic scholarship to college and he decided to play for Iowa State University. In his first two years of college, Irving was mostly a substitute and never started a game. Things improved in the remaining two years and he went on to prove the stuff he was made of by boosting his college totals to 44 tackles, 3 sacks, 8 passes defended, one forced fumble, and 3 blocked kicks.

Despite these decent stats, David Irving went undrafted in the 2015 NFL draft. He managed to make it into the practice squad of Kansas City Chiefs but was cut from the roster after a short period. Following that dismissal, Irving started looking for a new home and got a breakthrough when the Dallas Cowboys decided to take a chance on him. They initially put him in the practice squad but when they saw what he was made of, they immediately upgraded him to the regular team.

David Irving would spend a total of four years with the Cowboys during which he featured in 37 games and compiled 12 sacks. He became a notable part of the Cowboys’ defense and received acclaim for an October 2016 win over the Green Bay Packers. In that match, he forced three fumbles, recovered one, had a sack, batted down a pass, and played 19 snaps. This earned him the accolade for NFC defensive player of the week.


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