David Dobrik Net Worth: How He Makes and Spends His Money

Not many vloggers can boast of having more than 13 million subscribers on their YouTube channels, but David Dobrik can. The Slovakian-American content creator is, without doubt, one of the most famous and successful YouTubers in the world. He is an award-winning social media personality who has leveraged the internet’s power of connectivity to build an empire for himself. Thanks to his many accomplishments in the digital space and beyond, David Dobrik’s net worth has reached staggering amounts.

How David Dobrik Became Famous

His journey to global fame began on Vine, from where he transitioned to YouTube in 2015. Between then and now, Dobrik has become one of the most beloved vloggers active on the content sharing platform. He consistently posts three videos every week on a wide range of topics and each one of them manages to amass millions of views within a short period.

Dobrik has collaborated with several other celebrities such as John Stamos, Kendall Jenner, Courtney Cox, Miranda Cosgrove, and Jennifer Lopez. In addition, he has worked with several Vine and YouTube stars including Liza Koshy, Jason Nash, Casmon Kasper, Bren Lunn, Jake Webber, Gabrielle Hanna, Brandon Calvillo, and Alex Ernst.

YouTube isn’t where Dobrik’s charms end, he has also accumulated over two million followers on Twitter and more than six million on Instagram.

David Dobrik was born on the 23rd of July 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. His family immigrated to the United States when he was only 6 years old, so he ended up growing up in Chicago, Illinois. He has three siblings named Sara, Ester, and Toby. His family is a tight-knit bunch and he often teases his parents and siblings on his social media pages.

The YouTuber attended and graduated from Vernon Hills Excessive College. However, after high school he was unsure whether he wanted to go to college, so his parents gave him an ultimatum: pursue a higher education or move out. Dobrik chose the latter.

Like most people who have found fame online, Dobrik started his career at an early age. He was only 16 when he posted his first video on Vine in April 2013. Within a short period of time, he gained over 1 million followers. Inspired by his growing popularity, he decided to branch out to YouTube and created his self-titled channel in December 2014.

He shared his first video titled Drove Cross Country for In-N-Out on the platform in February 2015. From that point on, Dobrik began attracting subscribers by their thousands. He also has a second channel (David Dobrik Too) which he created in 2016. Although it is lesser known than his main one, the channel has earned an impressive 3 million following.

Most of Dobrik’s videos rack up millions of views within a matter of weeks. So far, his most popular videos include Trying Japanese Candy, Prank Made Liza Cry, Surprising My Girlfriend With a New Tesla, He Got His Eyeballs Tattooed, Tarantula Would Not Get Off My Girlfriend, and He Snuck Into My House. Dobrik has been named the Shorty Award Vlogger of the Year in honor of the amazing and entertaining content he shares on his platform.

David Dobrik’s Net Worth

David Dobrik’s net worth currently stands at about $7 million. The social media star has made most of his money from his YouTube channels, where he regularly rakes in millions of views which ultimately add up to a lot of money for him based on the ads that run on his videos. His estimated annual earnings are believed to be between $600,000 and $1 million.

In addition to the foregoing, Dobrik’s net worth has been helped by the sales from his merchandise. Some of his most popular items are the Dobrik hoodie which sells for $40, CLICKBAIT blanket that costs $56, VLOG SQUAD hoodie that sells for $25, as well as branded mugs and notebooks with $12 dollar price tags.

Another way the vlogger has been able to make bank is through his appearances on film and television projects like FML, Airplane Mode, An Interrogation, The Honest Show, Prank U, and The Pain of Painting.

How He Spends His Money

David surprises best friends with new cars
David surprises best friends with new cars: Image Source

With great wealth comes the responsibility of spending it and David Dobrik seems to have a handle on that. According to reports, he lives in a mansion in Los Angeles that costs $2.5 million. He also loves cars and has spent some of his money in acquiring a decent collection of them including a Tesla and Ferrari. He also buys expensive gifts like cars for his friends and family members.


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