What is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth and How Does He Make His Money?

He is not known for a career in any of the major aspects of the entertainment industry. He is neither a professional actor nor a singer but he has achieved national and international fame regardless, through a lavish lifestyle he shares with the world via social media. The lavish lifestyle has prompted interest in Dan Bilzerian’s net worth, with many wondering how he affords his luxurious cars and vacations.

Dan Bilzerian, who is an Armenian-American has developed a reputation for being the internet’s bad boy, one that has landed him on the pages of major magazines and media outlets. We took a look at his net worth, as well as details regarding how he makes his money. Check it out below.

Details of Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth

Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth
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A lot of flashy lifestyles shown on social media can be fake, and many have been exposed to be, but certainly not in the case of Dan Bilzerian. Every expensive car, mansion and the parties full of women have been backed by a personal net worth of $200 million according to the popular website, Celebrity Net Worth.

Dan Bilzerian is a member of the Florida Bilzerian family, with the patriarch, Paul Bilzerian, who is known as a corporate takeover specialist. He has a brother, Adam Bilzerian, who is a known Poker player.

Before he became known for flooding social media timelines with pictures and videos of luxurious lifestyles most of his followers can only dream of, he entered the Navy SEAL training program, repeatedly failing to graduate before he gave up on the program and pursued a degree in Business and Criminology at the University of Florida.

How He Makes His Money

Perhaps if Dan Bilzerian succeeded in his quest to become a Navy SEAL, he might not hold the reputation he currently holds as an internet celebrity but he certainly would still be a rich man.

As mentioned earlier, his father is a known corporate raider who set up trust funds for him and his brother. Through the trust fund, Dan Bilzerian got his first major start in building his significant net worth. Armed with it, Dan fashioned a career as a major poker player, playing it professionally at the World Series of Poker Main Event and casually with several rich partners across the music and film industry.

According to Dan Bilzerian, he once won $10.8 million from a night of poker and in 2014, he claimed to have earned $50 million in poker earnings throughout the year. His reported gambling earnings also include a $385,000 win against Tom Goldstein over a car race.

Dan Bilzerian has also made his money as a producer and a stunt double. He helped produce the show, Blitz’s Real Hollywood Stories, and he was the stunt double for Gerard Butler in the film, Olympus has Fallen. One of his film investments, Lone Survivor, which he invested $1 million in, fetched him $1.5 million in returns.

Through his funding and role as a producer in several films, he has featured as an actor in films like Extraction, War Gods, Lone Survivor, Cat Run 2 and a few more others.

Also, due to his experience with the Navy SEAL, he is believed to be a major investor in the security company, Aragon Security Services.

A Look at How He Spends His Money

Dan Bilzerian net worth
Dan Bilzerian during one of his many vacations in Italy

Dan Bilzerian’s net worth has allowed him to spend on some of the most luxurious things and fund his playboy lifestyle.

As shown by his Instagram page, @danbilzerian, where he has over 28 million followers, he spends his money hosting a lot of high-class parties, spending on luxurious cars, private jet trips, and guns. He has lived in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in America, in Hollywood Hills, Bel Air and Las Vegas. Dan reportedly once bought a house for $4.1 million Summerlin South, which he later sold for $5.1 million. He is believed to be spending $50,000 in rent for his residence in Bel Air.

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Aside from his luxurious expenses, Dan Bilzerian has been known to court a lot of legal controversies and he has spent considerably on them. He was once fined $17 thousand by a court for a misdemeanor charge. He is also believed to have paid $1 million in a settlement after he was sued by a model, Vanessa Castano for kicking her during a brawl in a night club. Dan was also once sued by a pornographic actress, Janice Griffith for $85,000.

Considering his extended list of legal issues, it is believed that at least, over $2 million of Dan Bilzerian’s net worth has been spent on legal battles.

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