Barack Obama is the former Senator from Illinois, the 44th President of the United States of America and the country’s first black president.

Early Life and Education

Obama was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii (he is the first Hawaii-born US president). He started school at the age of six. He was first enrolled at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, a local Indonesian School known in the local tongue as Sekolah Katolik Santo Fransiskus Asisi. 

He attended Columbia University and Harvard Law school where he received a law degree.

While still an undergraduate, Obama became the first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review.

President Barack received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, making him the 4th US President to receive the coveted award and the 3rd to receive it while in office.

Barack Obama’s Net Worth and Salary

Barrack Obama’s net worth is estimated at $70 million as at 2020. What constitutes his net worth comes majorly from his salaries and sales of his books.

While studying at Harvard, Obama worked as a community organizer for low-income residents in Roseland and Altgeld Gardens. After law school, he taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago (1992-2004) and worked as a civil rights activist.

From 1997-2004, Obama served three terms as the US Senator from Illinois representing the 13th district, receiving an annual salary of $174,000.

He was subsequently elected the 44th President of the United States in November 2008, after emerging as the Democratic nominee beating Hilary Clinton and winning the US presidential election against Republican nominee John McCain. He ran again in 2012 and won, beating Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Barack Obama

As president of the United States, Obama was paid a basic salary of $400,000 per year, plus a $150,000 expense account, a tax-free travel account of $100,000 and an entertainment budget of $20,000.

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Income From Book Sales

Obama’s salaries from his various elected positions are quite substantial but it is the money from the sales of his books that contributed more to his net worth. His first book “Dreams of my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” written in 1995 increased in sales after he gained popularity in 2004 for his speech at the DNC. It saw his income rise from $200,000 to almost $2 million in 2005. When the book was republished in 2005, he received an advance of over $800,000 and royalties of over $370,000.

His second book “The Audacity of Hope” (2006) sold millions of copies netting $4.2 million. Obama has also received acclaim for his writings. Time magazine named his first book among the top 100 non-fiction books. The audio version of the first book also won him a Grammy for the best-spoken word album. Barack continues to receive $3.75 for every hardcover copy sold and $1.12 for every paperback sold. He received a total of $258,000 in 2012 and $104,000 in 2013 from book royalties.

Barack Obama Net Worth

In addition, President Obama makes negligible amounts of money from stocks, dividends, and bonds. He has assets in 3 financial funds, each worth between $50,000 and $400,000. He is also under a mouthwatering paid speech delivery contract with Crown Publishing.

His Height and Body Stats

Obama was born on August 4, 1961. If height is of any importance in winning a leadership position, then Obama’s 1.85cm (6ft 2in) sure brought him the advantage of winning the presidential election in 2008.

According to political observers, the taller of two major-party candidates tend to prevail, arguing that this is due to the public’s preference for taller candidates.

Things To Know About His Mother and Siblings

Barack Obama comes from quite an extended family made of people from Kenyan and the English ancestry. But his nuclear family includes wife Michelle and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

The former First Family was the first of African-American descent the United States has ever had. He is not the only child of his mother, Ann Dunham. According to records, Obama also has brothers and sisters from both his father and mother’s side – including stepmothers and half-sisters and half-brothers.

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Barack Obama was mostly raised by his mother, Ann Dunham, and maternal grandparents and only had few short encounters with his father, Obama Sr who later died in a car crash in 1982.

Ann Dunham, mother of the 44th President of the United States was quite an accomplished woman before her demise in 1995 after battling ovarian and uterine cancer.

She spent most of her adult life in Hawaii and Indonesia, studying and working respectively, specializing in economic anthropology and rural development.

Obama’s mother earned her PhD degree from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa – where she met and married Obama Sr, and worked with the United States Agency for International Development, the Ford Foundation, and Women’s World Banking, to promote the use of microcredit in order to combat global poverty.

To honor her professional achievements, Ann Dunham Soetoro Endowment in the Anthropology Department at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa and the Ann Dunham Soetoro Graduate Fellowships at the East–West Center (EWC) in Honolulu, Hawaii, are named after her. Hence, the former President Barack Obama credited his success to her quoting, “The Values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.”

Profile Summary 
First Name:Barack
Last Name: Obama
Also Known As:
Barack Hussein Obama II
Politician, lawyer, and author
Famous For:being the first African-American president of the United States
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Occidental College (later transferred)
Columbia University
Harvard Law School
Educational Qualifications:
Degree in political science
Magna cum laude from Harvard Law
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
4 August 1961 (age 58)
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Birth Place:
Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women & Children, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
African American
Country of Residence:
The United States of America
Physical Attributes
185 cm
6 ft 2 in
81 kg
179 lb
Eye Colour:
Dark brown
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Waist size
86 cm (33.5 in)
Shoe size
12 US
Marital Status:
Michelle Obama (m. 1992)
Family and Relatives
Barack Obama Sr.
Mother: Ann Dunham
Malia Ann Obama
Sasha Obama
Siblings:Malik Obama (brother)
Maya Soetoro-Ng (sister)
Auma Obama (sister)
George Obama (brother)
Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo (brother)
Bernard Obama (brother)
Abo Obama (brother)
David Ndesandjo (brother)

Other Relatives:
Aunts: Zeituni Onyango, Hawa Auma Hussein, Sarah Obama
Grandparents: Habiba Akumu Obama, Hussein Onyango Obama
Madelyn Dunham, Stanley Armour Dunham
Net Worth
Estimated Net Worth:
‎$70 Million
Salary:‎$400 Thousand
Source of Wealth:
Salary, annual pension, royalties for books, public speaking, investment income
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