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Latest statistics indicate Brad Pitt’s net worth to be $240 million. He has earned this money over a long acting career that spans over two decades. His main sources of income are television and film where he is a constant figure playing the roles of acting, directing as well as producing. In addition to being one of the wealthiest actors, Brad Pitt is also among the most influential personalities in the world of entertainment. He regularly features in documentaries, Red Carpet events, magazines, talk shows and other events where he offers advice to young and upcoming actors. Thanks to his good looks, Brad has severally been nominated and topped the list of the most handsome gentlemen in not only Hollywood but world over.

Brad Pitt Net Worth: Early Days

William Bradley Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on December 18, 1963. His father, William Alvin Pitt operated a trucking company while his mother, Jane Etta, was a school counselor. Brad as he is popularly known is the oldest child in the family. He is followed by Doug who was born in 1966 and Julie Neal born in 1969. Together with his family, Brad Pitt spent the better part of his young life in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The family later relocated to Springfield, Missouri where he attended Kickapoo High School. He actively took part in musicals, school debates, swimming, golf as well as table tennis. In 1982, he joined the University of Missouri and pursued a course in Journalism.

Brad Pitt Net Worth

Brad Pitt Net Worth: The Foundation

His strong desire to make it in the film industry saw him leaving Missouri two weeks prior to him earning his degree. According to him, Missouri wasn’t well-developed in terms of acting and film production. His best shot was Los Angeles where he moved to and worked odd jobs in order to support his acting classes. Like many other aspiring actors, Pitt went through the usual struggles of finding a good role. Coach Roy London played a vital role in Brad’s early acting career. His first shot at the big screen came in 1987 where he played unaccredited roles in; No Man’s Land, No Way Out, and Less Than Zero. At this time, he was just like any other struggling actor and few knew about him.

He made his first television debut on May 1987 where he played a role in “Another World,” A TV soap opera broadcasted by NBC. On November 1987, Brad Pitt made a guest appearance in the sitcom “Growing Pains” that was broadcasted by ABC. 1987 was certainly a good year for Pitt’s career as he also managed to feature in four episodes of Dallas, a primetime series broadcasted by CBS. At the time, Dallas was among the most watched TV programmes and featuring in it was a big career boost. One notable role he played was that of “Randy,” Charlie Wade’s boyfriend. Brad also appeared in the 1988 episode of a police drama series by Fox, 21 Jump Street which also featured Johnny Depp.

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Brad Pitt Net Worth


Brad Pitt Net Worth: Breakthrough

Like any other beginner, Brad Pitt’s Net Worth wasn’t impressive to begin with. Also, he was yet to cause ripples in the film and acting world. However, it wasn’t long before his patience and persistence paid off. In 1991, Brad Pitt was the star of the hit movie, “Thelma & Louse” where he played the role of a wickedly charming and conniving drifter who seduces a pretty lady, Geena Davis and ends up robbing her.

Hollywood and the acting world finally took notice of his acting prowess. Brad starred in many movies and was regarded as one of the best actors in addition to being one of the sexiest men alive. He featured in the 2009 hit movie, “Inglorious Bastards” that earned $320 million at the box office. Brad’s voice was also used in “Megamind,” an animation film by DreamWorks.

Brad Pitt Net Worth: Plan B

Besides acting, Bradley William is also actively involved in movie production. His Production Company, Plan B is behind some top films that include Eat Pray Love, Kick-Ass, and the most recently “12 Years a Slave.” He has worked with top actors who have been nominated and won various awards.

Brad has also been nominated and won many awards which include; a Golden Globe Award, Academy Award for best producer (Plan B) and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Endorsements from companies such as Cadillac( $3 million), Chanel No. 5( $7 million) and the sale of a Malibu home($13.75 million) have also contributed to Brad Pitt’s $240 million net worth.

Together with his wife, Angelina Jolie, they are known for their philanthropic acts and support to many charities worldwide. They lead campaigns against poverty and AIDS, and have adopted several children from different countries.

The internet went ballistic when Angelina filled for divorce from Brad in 2016.


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