Aircraft designers have been at the top their game lately. Barely a year ago, Etihad’s Residence came to take luxury commercial flying to a whole new level and this time in the private sector, Skyacht One is the new luxury jet that has already got billionaires drooling and for the fair price of $83 million, it can be theirs.

Skyacht One is basically the result of the combination of Embraer’s Flagship Lineage 1000E aircraft and the grandiosity of a luxury superyacht. Inspired by a custom yacht made in 1939, the design is the brainchild of Eddie Sotto of SottoStudios.

The world’s most luxurious private jet comes with 10,000 cubic ft cabin, measures 85 ft long and has a range of 4,500 nautical miles. With all that space, it touts five cabins including a chartroom with plush decors which opens to a galley, a conference room, main cabin with a fine dining area and a master suite which comes complete with a shower.

Skyacht One chartroom 1

The Chartroom entry which offers a first look into the luxurious interior is infused with designs that will whet your “eyeppetie”. First, your feet are welcomed by the Fornasetti rug while your eyes are greeted by a planetary clock embedded in a gorgeous marquetry mural, a design inspired by a 15th century Ducal Palace’s Studiolo of Italy. In tune with the yachting theme, the galley features planked and pegged woods. Running throughout the entire jet is a nautical-themed SkyPort with an intelligent lighting system that automatically changes color to suit the time of the day.

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skyacht one conference room

Next up is the conference room, where its billionaire owners can hold private meetings in the sky. Like every other cabin in the jet, it is designed to give a luxury feel to the sight and touch- rich mahogany runs through the panels in between brass lined windows while the control buttons come bejeweled with brass, platinum, silver and gold, making them easy to locate and recognize in the dark. The conference room also comes with an adjustable vintage styled leather shades.

Skyacht One main cabin 1

The brass lined windows and mahogany paneling continues to the extensive main cabin which features a large Chesterfield sofa found opposite a large TV for entertainment and a Cocktail bar. There is also a fine dining area with its tabletops and valences lined with shagreen “Stingray” skins which are in turn graced by astrolabe-theme China plates and cutlery.

Skyacht One master suite

Further down is the master suite which is indeed a sight to behold and probably the most opulent room there is in the skies. The suite lined with padded suede Macassar walls and paneled ceiling features a Queen-sized bed with a 23-inch flat screen TV hanging opposite, and a mini library on the side. For Skyacht one, detailing is everything- its secret sliding door is imprinted with armillary sphere while the silk Cellarius carpet is inspired by 14th Century star maps.

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Skyacht one bathroom

The bathroom screams elegance and splendor, brass fittings firmly holds the matte teak and mahogany walls.

Skyacht One faucet

Again for details, the faucet with a temperature control gauge is designed to resemble a throttle. It sits on a gold and walnut sink while the edge lit mirror further magnifies the beauty of the entire bathroom.

Skyacht One 1

Even the exterior of the Skyacht One isn’t left out in the detailing, the renders are done with a paint scheme that gives it a mahogany wood-like appearance, therefore making it look more like a yacht. We can only wish it could also move on water!