This Teenage Boy Has Earned More Money Than You and Yours From His Paintings

Kieron Williamson also known as Mini Monet is a watercolourist who began his painting career at the age of 5 during a family holiday and it wasn’t long until he became popular as a prodigy.

Less than a decade into the business of painting, Kieron Williamson has already amassed a whopping £2.5 million- $3.2 million in career earnings and with the pace at which he’s honing his brush skills, Williamson, born on August 2002 could amass double those figures even before he attains the first official adult age. One’s future couldn’t be brighter, could it?

Kieron Williamson

An Inside Look at Kieron Williamson Earnings

Kieron’s paintings, 19 of them, made their first public appearance in August 2009 and collectively sold about $18 in a sealed bid auction. Soon after little publicity, the paintings garnered much appeal from the UK masses. At his second exhibition held three months later, 16 of his paintings sold out in 14 minutes grossing £18,200. And that was when Kieron became an overnight global phenomenon.

The ensuing exhibition held in his hometown of Holt on July 2010 was even better with all paintings selling out within 30 minutes grossing £150,000.

Kieron Williamson earnings

In November 2011, Kieron sold 33 paintings in 10 minutes for the total price of £100,000. Among the 33 paintings was an impression of Istanbuls’ Suleymaniye Mosque which had a price tag of £15,595.

Two years later in July 2013, Kieron at the age of 10 had made an estimated £1.5 million from the sales of his paintings. In the same year, his success inspired the BBC Story titled “Art prodigy poses ‘ethical nightmare’ for parents“.

Kieron’s total career earnings leapt from £1.5 million to £2.5 million at the start of his latest exhibition held in Picturecraft gallery in Holt, Norfolk from 8 July to 20 July, 2016. However, before the exhibition began, Kieron sold 27 paintings for a combined  $311,512 while the remaining 19 worth another £300,000 were sold at the exhibition to buyers from all around the globe including Europe, U.S. Asia, Canada, Australia, Azerbaijan and New Zealand.

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Kieron Williamson earnings

Kieron’s most expensive single painting sold at £42,500, it is a painting of a horse being shoed (pictured) and measures about 40 inches by 30 inches.

But make no mistake, even after making more than his parents, football-loving Kieron still acts like every normal teenager and allows his parents sort out his millions. In a statement he said; “I leave the money for mum and dad to sort out. I am not really worried about it. I am just happy doing what I am doing.”

Kieron Williamson earnings

Kieron grew up normal and his love for painting didn’t affect his studies as he kept scoring high grades. In his story narrated on his official website, Kieron recalls his love for the mud and sandpit plays and speaks of how his parents though not half as talented as he is, would draw dinosaurs for him to paint.

Kieron Williamson 6

His first painting inspiration was drawn from boats in a nearby Bay at Gillan which he closely observed while on holidays with his family at Cornwall, England in May 2008. He immediately asked his parents for a sketching board and began painting the landscape. To help focus more on his paintings, his parents decided to get him alongside his younger sister home-schooled.

Kieron Williamson 9

Kieron developed his skills by asking questions such as; The difference between oils and watercolours, and how to put a picture together. Thanks to his parents who although lacking the first knowledge about paintings helped to find him answers from locals- their hobby of buying paintings contributed hugely to making their research easier as they were already acquainted with a few established painters.

Kieron Williamson 8

Kieron’s early paintings were merely outdoor landscapes, but the prodigy in recent times have learned the art of incorporating humans to his pieces and have even confessed that “People are the most difficult thing to paint. It has been a challenge” However, he has since overcome that challenge as his recent works with humans scream maturity well beyond his age.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call Kieron Williamson 21st century’s very own Picasso.

According to his 43-year-old mother, Michelle Williamson, all of Kieron’s earnings are paid into his own limited company for future investment purposes, especially to enable him buy works of other famous artists. In 2010, his parents bought a home at Ludham, east of Norwich in his name from the proceeds of his sales.

More of Kieron’s works….

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Kieron Williamson 11

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Kieron Williamson 13

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