Jamie Foxx is an American actor, comedian, singer and song writer with an estimated net worth of $100 million.

 Jamie Foxx Net Worth: Brief History

Jamie Foxx was born Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13, 1967 in Terrell, Texas. Foxx’s talents for which he is popular for began to manifest during his childhood. His love for music as well as his sense of humor were evident at the early age of 5 when he began playing the piano. During his teen years, he played the piano at his local church. His comic side was revealed in school. Foxx was so loved by his classmates that their teacher would ask him to tell the class a joke as a reward for their good behavior. He was already a star before he became famous.

However, Jamie’s academic performances were unaffected by his jovial and fun-loving side. He graduated from high school with top grades despite also being very active in sports (basketball and football) as well as signing with the Leather and Lace band. Foxx had the highest pass (1,000 yards) in the history of his school’s football team. He even aspired to go pro and play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Thanks to his scholarship, Foxx proceeded to college to study music and composition.

Jamie Foxx Net Worth

Jamie Foxx Net Worth: Comedy/Movies

As funny as it sounds, Foxx in 1989 began doing stand-up comedy after accepting a dare from his girlfriend. Fast forward to 1991, he was cast in comedy sketch show “In Living Color”. Foxx began his eponymous show- The Jamie Foxx Show in 1996. The sitcom enjoyed moderate success and aired for 5 seasons ending in 2001.

He went on to make his film debut in Toys (1992). He then landed his first dramatic role in the film Any Given Sunday (1999). Ever since, Foxx has continued to land major roles in blockbuster movies. Some of his most prominent movies include; Ray (2004), Miami Vice (2006), Horrible Bosses (2011), Django Unchained (2012), White House Down (2013), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) among others. Jamie Foxx has BAFTA, Academy, MTVMA, Golden Globe among other awards to show for his success in Hollywood.

Jamie Foxx Net Worth

Jamie Foxx Net Worth: Music Career

In between movies, Foxx also pursed a music career. He released his debut studio album “Peep This” in 1994 but it failed to find success due to low album sales.

Foxx revived his music career in the early 2000’s beginning with collaborations with artists like Kanye West and Twista. Some of the collaborations peaked on the charts and were massive hits. Foxx’s musical breakthrough came with his sophomore album album Unpredictable (2005). The album topped the charts selling over 800,000 copies in two weeks. It later sold about 2 million in the US alone and was certified double platinum by the RIAA. Foxx has gone on to release several other albums which have all done well on the charts.

The Grammy-winning singer has collaborated with top acts like T-Pain, Ludacris, Ne-Yo, T.I and more. Some of his hit songs include; Gold Digger, Blame It, Just Like Me, and Fall For Your Type.

Foxx, an avid supporter of EPL side Arsenal has two daughters.