What Happened To Fergie Olver? His Net Worth And Sexual Assault Scandal

Fergie Olver is a Canadian ex-sportscaster and game show host widely known for co-anchoring the popular children’s game show called Just Like Mom along with Catherine Swing, his wife. He is also renowned for the years he spent serving as a dugout reporter and broadcaster for Toronto Blue Jays. His daughter is also a broadcaster for The Weather Network and a number of shopping channels where she appears regularly.

The former sportscaster was born in Moose Jaw, Canada. He began his career reporting and playing in baseball minor leagues as an outfielder. Soon enough, he was the face of Major League Baseball in the country, and after his illustrious sports career ended, Fergie naturally gravitated towards broadcasting, joining Montreal-based CFCF-TV before relocating to Toronto to work for CFTO-TV.

In 1980, Fergie joined the popular Canadian show, Just Like Mom as a co-host in the second season. It went on to air for three more years. He later went on to serve as commentator and sports reporter for the Toronto Blue Jays team. He gained renewed popularity there and was able to cover high profile sports events for several networks in Canada.

Fergie married his wife and co-anchor, Catherine Swing in the early 1980s. Their union was blessed with two beautiful children, daughters named Emily and Allison. The girls were frequently featured on the show. Fergie and Catherine’s love story was not one for the ages as their marriage arrived at its end just a few years after they exchanged vows.

The sportsman moved on from his divorce quickly. He met and exchanged vows with Susan Wheeler shortly after his divorce was finalized. They had a daughter named Carrie Oliver. She followed in her father’s footsteps and made a career for herself in broadcasting. Fergie Olver went on to cover games or report for other channels such as CTV, BBS, and TSN. He appeared as a journalist in the 1971 movie Face-Off. Fergie was nominated for a Ford C. Frick Award in 2004.

Since his career ground to a halt, not a lot has been heard about the former broadcaster, and he has rarely been photographed by paparazzi or other members of the press. Despite his mainstream absence, Fergie is still very much alive and going about his affairs like he’s supposed to.

The Sexual Assault Scandal That Followed His Show

A lot of unusual and unsavory things have happened on game shows, from bad haircuts to ridiculous wardrobes, and a handful of other weird things; Fergie’s game show Just Like Mom was one of the worst offending culprits. The show featured children and their mothers as contestants. They had to answer questions and mothers had to eat some subpar bake-off pastries and guess which one was made by their kids. Both mother and child had to put up with Fergie’s depraved and disgusting antics.

Although there were some complaints about his behavior while the show was running, public disavowal for his actions fully took off a few years after the show was taken off air and clips began to surface on YouTube. The videos showed how cringeworthy Fergie was, especially his peculiar habit of kissing the little girls who appeared on the show. He would ask them to kiss him, and even after they refused, would go ahead to kiss them anyway. This was an adult making out with girls aged 6-12, who wasn’t concerned with the fact that they clearly didn’t want him touching them that way.

Fergie kissing one of the girls on his show: Image Source

A lot of people began calling him a pedophile for blatantly harassing young girls live on television, and it became a full-blown scandal.

How Much Is He Worth

Fergie was at the top of his career during the 1980s through 90s, and he made a decent amount of money working as a media personality and journalist, although his career suffered a setback following his sexual harassment scandal. However, the broadcaster was estimated to have a net worth of $1.4 million, most of which came from his television show job.

What Happened To Him Afterward?

Fergie Olver went from being a prominent sportscaster and television personality to being virtually unknown. He practically disappeared from the media during the late 1980s. He doesn’t appear to be active on any social media platforms and hasn’t been featured or given a job in the media in recent times.  It’s assumed that he is back living out the rest of his days in private and away from the scrutiny of public gaze and opinions.

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