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While it is still difficult to explain how one could receive information that is not necessarily through the known five senses. For Amy Allan, it is not important if you believe on the true existence of paranormal. As a paranormal investigator, Allan understands this feeling and has dedicated herself towards helping people like her understand it.

Amy Allan is an American reality TV star, a physical medium, paranormal researcher,  healer, and Open-Minded Skeptic best known for her role in the sci-fi reality TV series The Dead Files, which aired on the Travel Channel. The Psychic medium became popular after her lead role in the investigative TV show that dealt with the paranormal.

Who is Amy Allan?

Allan is a Colorado native, she was born in the western U.S. state capital, Denver, on 31 May 1973. Allan was also raised in the state capital until she was 12 years when she moved with her parents to Long Island, New York. From the age of 4, Amy was already communicating with the spirit world and having imaginary friends  – a trait she inherited from her parents and maternal grandfather. As a physical medium, she sees and hears from the dead just as she does to the living people. Amy also has psychometry which means she could hold an object and receive information from it. Her dominant ability, however, is physical mediumship.

Amy’s father is a physical medium but her mom appears to have more telepathy and more mental mediumship skills. By this, it means her mother could easily collect information from a person or thing without any physical interaction or the use of any known human sensory channels. Mental telepathy is the ability for people to communicate via the mind.  Some people refer to it as thought transference. Mediumship, on the other hand, involves cooperative communication between a human and one or more discarnate, spirit personalities. It is the ability to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed over, along with spirit guides and angels.

As per her education, Amy attended high school in New York where her parents later moved to. Unfortunately, she was not quite accepted by her peers which although affected her social life, it made her pay more attention to her supernatural abilities. While at school, Amy talks about having imaginary friends and being visited by “shadow people”. To know more about her abilities, Amy went to the University of Arizona where she studied psychology with para-psychologist William Roll being her mentor. She also studied sleep and sleep disorders, sociology and various religious belief systems. Her knowledge about acupuncture, Asian medicine, Zen Shiatsu and Western massage has been useful to her use of powers to heal people as well as helping them overcome their physical and emotional ailments.

Although Amy has managed to keep information about herself quite secret, news about her grew after her breakthrough with the TV show The Dead Files. She also appeared as a host of the paranormal investigative show known as Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans. Amy Allan worked with TLC, Discovery, and many other networks as on-air talent and as a consultant. She has been most useful in detective works as she tries to make the detectives understand their own intuitions.

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What Led To Their Divorce?

Allan is married to Matt Anderson, a co-star of hers in The Dead Files. Although there was no information as to when and where the two were wedded, it is believed that their marriage was quite intimate and they lived together until 2013 when they officially separated with their divorce papers citing ideological differences.

Anderson grew up in Quezon City in Philipines and attended Tucson High Magnet School before moving to The University of Arizona where he learned the Japanese language but majored in painting. Like Allan, Anderson had his breakthrough with the investigative series, The Dead Files which he appeared in over a hundred episode before quitting the show in 2016.

Amy Allan family, ex-husband, Matt Amderson, who is her new boyfriend?
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Anderson and Allan share no children together before their eventual separation. Amy Allan has maintained a very private life since then. However, she recently confirmed a growing rumour about her dating Rob Traegler, a movie director who is also involved in the production of The Dead Files. Rob has been active in the entertainment industry since 2005 and appeared in shows like The Dr Phil Show.

Amy Allan is very active on social media, she has over twenty-four thousand followers on Instagram and over 129k followers on Facebook. Her followers on Twitter is also about 3.3k.

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