I know you might be wondering if this watch costs this much for only telling time or maybe if it does unimaginable things that other watches don’t. Of course anyone would find themself thinking similar thoughts, but this watch is not just any watch. It is a downright tasteful diamond watch. The type that will permit a harmless “your watch is nice” escape people’s lips at one glance. Exactly the compliment that normally gets the watch wearer smiling.

And who made this one-of-a-kind timepiece possible? Jacob & Co made it a reality. The company just released a watch that most people can not afford through out their lifetime. Even many who can afford it might prefer buying fleets of expensive cars ranging from brand new Bugatti Veyrons to Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Coupe or have their monies poured into real estate investments rather than spending such a big an amount on a single wrist watch that will just be on their wrists.

Definitely not how Billionaire and Formula One personality Flavio Briatore, the owner of the new art specifically made for him thinks . Oh yea, that’s just not how a lavish Italians think. They are joyous spenders who love to spend. No wonder Italy is home to leading designer brands, think of Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Fendi, Valentino and Versace.

Well, the billionaire who is the owner of the wrist watch played a role in the designing process and made sure it came out just as awesome as he wanted it to be. The billionaire made sure he sends a clear message to people that he had worked hard, and he is keen to show others how well it paid off.

The name of the watch is “Billionaire” but it was not named so because of it’s affiliation to its owner, whose clothline Billionaire sells jeans at $1,000 and swim suits at $500. Now, can top celebrities save up for this watch? Knowing that they are keen on spending lavishly. Okay you too can save up for it if you think you can have it. And also those who have disposable income, and feel the psychological need to show it off can as well own this wrist watch.

Anyway, glance below to see the images of the wrist watch that is worth more than fleets of expensive cars.

The Diamond stones are used in designing the wrist watch.







Jacob-and -Co-Billionaire-Watch-5




Though this watch might look like women’s watch in pictures, it is not small. The case is 47.5mm wide and 58mm tall. Plus somewhere in, there is a real case for a watch movement and dial. The rectangular element is produced from 18k white gold and houses an exclusive to Jacob & Co. mechanical movement.

You will agree with me that this watch looks absolutely amazing and extravagant. I can’t stop wondering what was on the minds of Flavio Briatore and Jacob & Co. when they set out to create a watch that was gem-set and extremely opulent. Anyway the overall shape and design came out well and perfect.

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